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Journal of Astrology Newsletter August 2010

Your Karma may visit you one day, in another life!

The consequences of an action that takes a few seconds to complete could impact you after a thousand years. Hard to swallow! But the mechanism of  human action is such that the results could remain suspended for years and may manifest themselves after a millennium. Hence, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, think before you act. This debate on the moral consequences of our actions surely will lead us to a better understanding of our own self and of natural and karmic justice. 

The reaction of an action like pressing a nuclear trigger, could be lasting. But so could the consequence of a seemingly innocuous action, like kicking a dog.  Think how many times you have asked yourself, "Why has this happened to me but not to others?" Be prepared for an explanation that cites retribution or reward for deeds in past lives that visit you today. Did you know that a seemingly spontaneous action also involves a long drawn process that may stretch to another birth! This letter debates the philosophy and the science of an action. You will be surprised to find how elaborate the process can be that culminates into a simple action and how complex the process can be that ensures every action gets justifiably rewarded-or punished.

Is it your stars or your wit that will bring you the millions?
This letter also takes you to the realm of working of the human psyche that prompts you to act. We now look at how the psyche is constructed and how it is structured. How to judge whether the psyche is blessed with more freedom or less? Or whether our thoughts surge towards being positive, negative, constructive, destructive, creative, aesthetic, morose, lethal or mostly happy ? This and much more can be traced to the 5th house.

The raw-material for construction of your psyche are your karmas and karmas alone. This is the reason why the psyche has that subtle difference of shade at the individual level. The insightful and interpretative analysis of the 5th house that holds the key to the current  life’s destiny and of many more lives that are still to come can be explained in absolute terms.

This letter revolves around Sun, the 5th lord of the natural zodiac representing the soul.The 5th house, also known as the house of Sanchit Karmas, is meant to keep a record of all actions and deeds in perhaps a disk of sorts that the soul carries with it after death to another life. This house has your record from perhaps the times of the big bang. The destiny of yet another life is carved from that record kept by the 5th house with debits and credits to it on a daily basis.  The 5th house is the house of karma and the 11th of its reward. The equation of 5th and 11th carries on for thousands and thousands of years. Each house represents fructification for the other.

Is Karma more than tossing coins to a pauper?
An action that becomes a karma of consequence could be in just a gesture, a spoken word showing some amount of decisiveness or simply a routine act from motivational forces that tune the psyche. The psyche is constructed both from the karmas of earlier births which the soul records along with the actions of the current birth. Your conscience too has developed from such karmas of yours . Be it a tendency to shower snide remarks, self-praise , ridicule or to criticize others.

In fact, for every idea that comes to your mind and for every action , there is a reason and logic that lurks behind. The samskaras (psyhco mental tendencies) imbibed from actions (karmas) of past and current births get built in your psyche. How much of tamasic, rajasik or satwik elements (gunas) are there in your psyche and your conscience can be assessed from an analysis of the 5th house of your horoscope as the 9 planets and the 12 rashis are classified as Tamasic (laziness, irresponsibility, cheating  maliciousness), Rajasik are the undecided qualities between Tamasic and Satwik. Satwik Guna or innate quality would mean fearlessness, pure heartedness, charity, self-restraint, austerity, non-violence, truthfulness, modesty and the like. A domination of Satwik planets in the trinity of 1-5-9 houses, therefore makes you a Satwik, concentration of Rajasik makes you a Rajasik and so forth.

Processing the Human Action
The 5th house prompts, the 9th filters and the first house acts. A process that takes a fraction of a second in some of your actions still follows this route. Your reaction to unwanted situations that you are forced into also goes through the same process. Therefore don’t judge people by… how they disappoint you but judge them … by their reaction when you disappoint them.

Every action is not a Karma. An action of consequence only goes to the account and not the routine ones.If this screening and elimination was not there the account perhaps would become unmanageable. Sanchita Karmas are the accumulated karmas
of past lives. Prarabdha: that portion of the accumulated karma which is allotted for the present birth Kriyamana are the karma we do in the present life. Aagami are the karmas that reflect in our future births.

Akarma and Vikarma:The Good(Akarma) and the Bad (Vikarma) .
Vikarma are a)Anti-parental karma b) Anti-family karma and c)Anti-society karma.

Results of these Karmas:
a) Akarma leads to salvation.
b) Vikarma leads to divine punishment and bondage

Every Psyche is peculiar.
The reward of the same Karma will differ based on age, desh , kaal and paatra considerations. Marrying 2-3 times in the permissive west will not amount to a serious anti society Karma as it would be in India. Not caring for parents will be lesser evil in the developed west, where children have not seen their parents respect their grandparents, than in India where the society trains you to look after your parents. And culturally and morally it is considered a duty.

Could History be different if free will was exercised judiciously? Are we puppets in the hand of destiny?
History has in its record many major upheavals caused from routine reactions out of mistaken perceptions of those in power. Were these pre-willed by the destiny of the earth, nations and the individuals or did free will play a role in these actions. Can free will, postpone, minimize or maximize. This will remain an eternal debate. Bhagavad Gita answers it eighty percent. Lord Krishna tried his best to avert the Mahabharat. It was both the destiny of the nation as well the karmas of the high and mighty who did not agree to budge that led to the Mahabharat.

The action inspired by the beauty of Helen of Troy led to the sinking of a thousand ships and the destruction of the great Roman empire. The insult of Draupadi, by a spoken word led to the Mahabharat war and as a consequence  the eternal Gita was created. A line drawn by an Englishman on a map dividing India and Pakistan led to killing and uprooting of millions.

Spot the reason for being in a tight situation. Do not miss the bus every time.That the Almighty God has given us ample opportunities to improve is quite clear. One is thrown into a typical situation and tested time and again. A challenging situation may be an opportunity to liquidate your bad karmas.

Vedic Astrology can Read your Psyche from the 5th house: The 5th house controls that crucial channel that connects Heart- Brain-Soul.The 4th house governs the heart as Moon is the lord of the 4th house of the natural zodiac. The lordship of the 5th house of the natural zodiac is of Sun, the significator of the soul. The planets in the 4th and 5th house and their lords indicate the promptings that go for every action and it is finally the culturally moulded mind- set that processes and gives command .The Sun and Moon are planets of royalty. The 4th represents the simhasan (throne) and the fifth royalty and sovereign. In our research on 15 Indian prime ministers we have found a dominating role of the 4th and the 5th house at the time when they became prime ministers.

Sun as the lord of 5th house of Kaal Purusha represents a person with power, kings, prime ministers, government heads of state, big commercial firms and new undertakings, cabinet, ministers, of state and perhaps holding high political power, person in authority, important person in society including influential businessman, honour , fame , big name and reputation. This is well accepted in astrological circles.

As per Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra amulets, sacred spells, learning, knowledge, sons , royalty (or authority), fall of position, house of sanchit karmas. The 5th house governs higher learning (education ) in the 1st phase, children in the 2nd and spirituality in the 3rd phase As per Mantreshwara’s Phaldeepika the fifth house deals with he mark of the sovereign , taxes, soul, intelligence, knowledge of the future, life, progeny, belly. Vedic knowledge and other religious scriptures. Vyankatesh Sharma’s Sarvarth Chintamani suggests son, intelligence, ministers, mantra, eating,father, heart, belly, power of discrimination as the matters.

What to see from the 5th in Mundane Astrology: Children, birth rate, educational facilities in arts. All forms of national pleasures, enjoyment entertainment, theatre, cinema hall, casinos, community parks actors and actresses, artistic activity of the nation, sports, public parks, speculation,  stock exchange, morals, immorality, scandals , crimes related immorality, elite society and functions, upper house of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, House of Lords , schools and places of education, ambassadors and diplomats from foreign countries, danger to rule as it 8th from the 10th, mentality of rulers even crime according to Mr.B.V.Raman.

The 5th an intellectually stimulating house. Mantra-Tantra –Yantra is seen from here. No other house has been given such an esoteric character.The society today is changing at a rapid pace and we must be in tune with the realities. We need to work in tandem both with esoteric and the practical.

Divine Intervention
is also seen from the 5th house. All about the past and the future lives is also seen from the 5th house. Past life regression is seen from the 5th house.

The Amazing Brighu Reading : Mr.K.N.Rao often narrates the case of a doctor who had gone for a Brighu reading. In the reading it came out that in his previous birth he was a vaidya (doctor) and he had aborted a girl who cursed him. It was mentioned in the reading that she would be born as his wife in the next birth. Most surprisingly this doctor came to Mr.Rao and gave him a first hand account of his current life. He, as a successful doctor in this life had made millions. His wife and brother- in- law conspired against him to get him framed and take away all his wealth. He is now on the run and is not likely to escape imprisonment. There are many instances of rebirths found, the account of which can be had from the book Karma and Rebirth by Mr.K.N. Rao.

Hidden Talent is seen from the 5th house and the 8th house.
The 5th house and 8th house connection is found in deeply intuitive people. Acharya Rajneesh, Amitabh Bacchan and Nostradamus have these links in their horoscopes. The 5th is the house for intuition the 8th for hidden talent and 11th for fulfillment and the 2nd wealth generation name fame and also for the mission in life. Therefore the quadrant of 5-8-11-2 houses of a horoscope complement each other.These famous men with the quadrant link could get name, fame and wealth from their innate talent.

Film making and creative writing is also seen from the 5th house: The 5th house reveals your mindset, a domination of artistic planets like Venus and Mercury indiate artistic talent.

Do you have the intuitive power that could see events happening or is the tendency to give self-fulfilling prophecies. The power to dicriminate, the supernatural and the power to see beyond the ordinary is also assessed from the 5th house.

Speculation is also seen from 5th house:Do you have the urge to gamble?  Do you have the midas touch. Whether you can make money in speculation. All this can be assessed from the 5th house.

The aesthetic sense is also seen from the 5th house. The power to create and innovate is also seen from the 5th house. How much is from your ealier births and how much you have acquired in this life through learning is though difficult to assess but certanly possible to read from the 5th house.

Is it possible to control yourself and balance. Is maintaining the equilibrium the answer. How much do you know about yourself.
The 5th house is the house of education and high learning. The knowledge acquired by activation of the 5th house could last for a millenium in form of Samskaras. Our parampara ( Indian tradition) to cultivate Rajgurus (advisors to rulers), yogis, preachers, thinkers through yogic practices and meditation to reach a high spiritual level is well known. It was a good policy for the Satya and Treta Yugas but not for Kaliyaga.The invaders of Kaliyuga compelled us to review this policy of diverting the strong minds to spirtuality at the cost of our defence. Which school of thought do you subscribe to? How cynical about everybody including the government you are? Are you proactive in your statements and deed. Do you pass the buck? Is cynicism in you so entrenched that youe believe in none. The 5th house can describe your mentality.

How does one let go past the Brain- Suicides, Mercy killings, Murders and other crimes.If you are running a bad dasha period the 5th house creates a stir in you that could lead you to suicide and other crimes. Do human values emerge only when the going gets tough Does your source of inspiration to do the right dwindle and is shadowed by the evil forces. If you have come with a criminal mind-set and your current life's karmas are also evil, the planets then drive you to a natural and karmic justice. Your karmas can change your conscience. The feeling of guilt and the factors that drive one to suicide or to other evil deeds can be controlled. An honest counselling at the appropriate time is crucial.

Is a jolt needed to become a whistle- blower. Patriotism, nationalism and humanism is also seen from the 5th house What drives you to blow the whistle can also be seen from the 5th house. Across India Many RTI activists have been killed for asking inconvenient questions while police usually looked the other way. The bill to protect whistle blowers is on the way.

The 5th house governs children. Those impressionable and fragile ones. They are our future, rather they are we as we going to be born as them . They need be nurtured collectively for a better environment and a happy life for our own sake. Mother is not a medical condition but a promise. Our attitudes need overhauling for our own sake. Human values need to be changed especially when it comes to the mother and the child The thinking spare the rod and spoil the child need revision. What are we doing for the spastics, for the hypersensitive for children with short attention spans and  pent up feelings  Quote from Planets and Children by Mr.K.N.Rao.

Categories of Children.
The ancient thinking about the types of children, a woman can have, has always been both liberal and progressive. It is only now when the western societies have started  legalizing children born out of wedlock or accepting them in the society without any stigma attached to them that once again the attention of many Indians have been drawn to the problem of what are called illegitimate children. A famous Indian journalist, who had earned a high reputation both for his sense of style in English and relatively higher moral standards in the disturbed post-independence era of Indian journalism, was the late S.Mulgaonkar. All his life, he had one big remorse- that he was an illegitimate son and did not know who his father was. Perhaps in the Victorian England, the expression bar-sinister conveyed social rejection of a child born out of wedlock. What happens in modern India is no different. We have a long list of children abandoned in the hospital and maternity-homes.

Ancient India was much more progressive in these matters and not merely recognized the problem but adopted a very sympathetic attitude towards such children. In the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata, Bhishma explains to Yudhisthira  that there could be as many as twenty type of sons. But of these twenty, six are from Pratiloma marriages (marriage below one’s status in the caste-hierarchy), six from Anuloma marriages( in which the status of the husband is higher than that of the wife).

All these 20 types of children recognised in the Mahabharata were looked after by the society which put spiritual value far above the petty fogging attitude of a dogmatic and unrelenting society.

Today along with earlier disparity we have the children of upper class mixed with the children from economically weaker section, giving them complexes. We have the problem of APHD Syndrome (Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder), less attention span and problems caused by easy access to the perverse on internet and TV which is difficult to absorb by the fragile and impressionable young minds. In addition to this the problem of the physically and mentally challenged remains. We have to collectively take the challenge upfront for our own benefit. All this and more on children is proposed in a book where a group research undertaken in 2009 will be presented on issues relating to the 5th house.

According to Mr.Shanker Hegde, an astrologer from Bangalore" the negative factors related to the 5th house can be seen, now a days, in the horoscopes of software engineers related to child birth or some problems related to children as natural malefics influencing 5th house/lord like Mars, Saturn and Ketu make them engineers as far as education is concerned but their children suffer. Doctors simply advice them to take rest but astrology has a different answer. Of-course the other factors like condition of Jupiter, D-7, 5th from the 5th the 9th house should also be seen. Similarly,doctors suffer from the lack of happiness of mother or some times, many of them behave like partially insane as the famous theory of Sh. KNR "The drugged Moon" explains it. 

Since the 5th house is the 8th house from the 10th house and the 10th house from 8th house, it is capable of revealing the sudden down fall as well as the sudden favours.

Many south Indian astrologers, mainly the Kerala astrologers ,call it as "Panchamaarishta" or evil of the 5th house if malefics occupy the 5th house  Mainly if Sun is in the 5th they predict problems/down fall for the father. But according to my experience it is true to a good percentage,but the navamsha and the dwadashamsha must be analyzed carefully".

News Digest

Will dominance of Rahu in the Indian Independence and Republican chart  continue to smother us under corruption. Is there a ray of hope?

Commonwealth Games:-A question that grips the aam Delhiwalah (Delhi’s common man) on his way to his workplace and back. Will the flight to fancy remain in maps and on TV or will he be able to see his city change for the better on the ground, on the roads? Will it change from the chaos of construction to a promised paradise

An opportunity to face-lift Delhi and execute the complete redevelopment plan of the walled city, the Jama Masjid area in particular was perhaps missed, courtesy dominating corrupt practices. As a face saving exercise perhaps, we are told that 74 projects listed by the Government as CWG projects have been completed.

Amidst the enthusiasm and display of achievements, one of them being the membrane roof, free from perpendicular support within the stadium and the150 meter underground tunnel for opening and closing ceremonies in the freshly renovated Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, came the news of scandals with the entry of Mars in Virgo, where Saturn was already there, around 20th July, 2010.The news hungry television channels flipped from the positives to the negatives of the Games.

The scandal involving the dubious firm in London AM international came to the fore. Fall of standards. Misuse. Murky affairs became the key words for media referrals Courtesy Rahu we have Fortified Corrupt establishments. Who is  responsible MCD and DDA engineers-Darbari-Kalmadi- Gill-Manmohan Singh or the system. Someone has to be hauled. The Sun dasha promises hauling of the guilty and justice. Someone has to take the responsibility for the rampant corruption. How valid is the statement that Need of the hour is to take the game to its conclusion and not to rake corruption issues? Is it because we have no replacements for the corrupt and the guilty."We have crossed all limits of corrupt practices.

Though we are hosting Commonwealth Games, we have broken Olympics record in corruption", CPI general secretary A B Bardhan said sarcastically at a press meet recently. Criticising the style of functioning of CWG Organising Committee Secretary General Suresh Kalmadi, Bardhan said "If Kalmadi is now distancing himself from corruption, then who else is responsible for it.

"If they do not quit on their own, Government should intervene and sack them", said the veteran leader who hails from the city.

Was India corrupt before? No! India’s prosperity, its talents and the state of its high moral society can be best understood by what Thomas Babington Macaulay stated in his speech of February 02, 1835, in the British Parliament.
"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such high caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation."

It was a relief to hear that the Cabinet Secretary will oversee the games and prime minister talk about the games from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Many medals are waiting for India. It is the Mars transit with Saturn that has marred the games temporairily till 5th September. Clearly, withJupiter's transit  in the 11th of Indian Independence Horoscope the games, will conclude successfully with many medals for India.

Our Monsoon Predictions hits the bull eye: News of over 1500 killed in worst flood in 80 years in Pakistan and of heavy rains and flash floods in the north and  of drought in Bihar and Jharkhand.Bihar Chief Minister declaring all the districts as drought- hit. Rainfall covering the deficit after July, 23 and deficient rainfall in the South and south east of Ujjain.These were the precise predictions made in our June and July Newsletters as also in the May-June issue of IOA's Journal of Astrology. The forecast by Mr. K.N. Rao, which appeared in the popular Hindi paper Shukravar was that east would receive less rainfall. Here is an interesting story from the Telegraph.

Sunday , August 15 , 2010
Excess rain in drought deviation
Patna, Aug. 14: The confusion over actual rainfall in districts of "drought-hit" Bihar is deepening. Reason: the wide variation in data being supplied from the field by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and that of the state government’s rain gauge equipment fitted in the blocks. The confusion over data relating to Munger and Darbhanga districts was reported by The Telegraph on August 13. Top sources in the government said today that rainfall figures of Purnia, Kishanganj and Saharsa districts showed wide variation as far as deviation from normal rainfall is concerned. IMD figures show that Purnia received 55 per cent excess rainfall than the normal till August 12. But government data collected by the district magistrate says that the district has received 47 per cent less rainfall than the normal. In case of Kishanganj, IMD data say that the district, till August 12, received 28 per cent more than normal rainfall. The report of the district magistrate says that Kishanganj received 22 per cent less than normal rainfall. The story is the same for Saharsa district where IMD figures suggest one per cent above normal rainfall till August 1, and the DM’s report claims that the district had received 69 per cent less than the normal rainfall.
"Such contrasting figures are creating confusion and we have asked the DMs concerned to re-check the rainfall figures before submitting the final report to us," disaster management department principal secretary Vyasji told The Telegraph today. Patna met office director Animesh Chanda too appeared clueless when his attention was drawn towards the huge difference in figures.
"As far as the IMD is concerned, rainfall data is calculated on the basis of a fixed model. Inputs received from the field are fed into the computer which gives us the results," he said. All states, he added, depend on the figures provided by the IMD. Chanda, however, accepted that the IMD network in Bihar had shortcomings in data collection. The Patna met office gets rainfall data from just 89 places in the state, he said. If one takes the total number of blocks into account, which is 534 in the case of Bihar, one can easily make out that actual rainfall data of major parts of the state is not supplied to the local met office. This in turn may not allow the office to furnish the correct or near correct figures of rainfall. The met director said given the vast differences in data of some districts, the IMD would take up the matter with the government to find out the reason behind it. The crisis management group (CMG), headed by chief secretary Anup Mukherjee, today took stock of the condition in 10 districts which have not been declared drought hit. The group held a video conference with DMs of the 10 districts. The CMG, which has heads of all departments concerned as its members, has to send its recommendations to the calamity relief fund (CRF) committee, also headed by the chief secretary. The panel will have to declare whether other districts too have been hit by drought or not. Though notification regarding drought-hit districts is issued after cabinet approval, as was done on August 3 when the list of 28 was announced, the cabinet has authorised the CRF committee to take any decision regarding the 10 remaining districts. "Reports given by the DMs are not very encouraging. In most of these there is a threat to standing crop due to lack of rainfall in August," principal secretary Vyasji said. He, however, refused to share the exact number of districts which fitted the bill for being declared drought hit. "The crisis management group will send its recommendations to the CRF committee, which will take a final call on these 10 districts," Vyasji said.

Considering the trends our predictions on economy are also coming out to be correct: India has more rich people than poor now. For the first time ever, the number of high-income households in India have exceeded the number of low-income, as per an estimate by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) India is manouevring between keeping the growth going and reining in the runaway inflation.

The Indian economy will certainly see the projected growth and the stock markets would go up.They would escalate when the American economy starts improving in April,2011.Our Predictions on violent events in the south-east of India have also come true.

Remedial Measures
We should seize  situations and see them  as an opportunity to improve our account of Sanchit Karma.There is an atma(soul) in all. If you worship a  pratima(idol) and ignore the needy who begs you of mercy, your worship is bound to go waste. If one keeps exploiting the weak for self-gains, the worship of the idol has no value rather it results in vikarma and a lost opportunity to improve the account. Both the needy and exploited have the type of atma which you have and have that equal portion of the energy bestowed by God in all living beings. In a way, the Almighty God resides in all.The more you are gripped by your indriyas (senses also known as the seven deadly sins) the more disillusioned and grief stricken and away from reality you become, making it difficult to capitalize the opportunities given by God. Give way to Bhakti and Compassion. Shed Greed and Avarice. 

Bhakti takes you towards a greater purity of the heart mind and soul.  Remember, that the mind that takes you the impure state is the same mind that can take you towards purity. Bhakti can change from tamasic to rajasik to satawik. It can generate love and compassion that keeps you healthy and alive . The more you give to others, the more it increases in you.The ideas that prove good for you or harm you take birth from your sensuality. From your senses governed by emotional and passionate bonds; from greed and avarice. From motivational forces that prompt you to secure and accumulate more and more. They are filtered by your education, your knowledge and your samskaras (the inbuilt tendencies that filters and process every idea and action. Where does the love and compassion come from, perhaps from an extra effort required to curb sensuality and from good karmas. 

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