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Journal of Astrology Newsletter November 2009

Rahu-Ketu now on Saggitarius‭ ‬/Gemini axis‭ ‬
November began with a change that occurs every one and a half years-‭ ‬the shift of a sign by Rahu-Ketu on‭ ‬2nd November.‭ ‬The mention of Rahu-Ketu brings images of something wicked,‭ ‬weird,‭ ‬witchy,‭ ‬perhaps from wonderland.‭ ‬Something detestable and negative.‭ ‬The image of a monstrous dragon from China perhaps,‭ ‬for Rahu-Ketu are also called Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail.‭ ‬Something mysterious and cruel‭ ‬-‭ ‬the image of a dragon chopped in half,‭ ‬still alive,‭ ‬and slithering to take revenge with a jaw eager to bite and a tail whose wag could cause fatal damage.‭ ‬This illusion,‭ ‬scares the victims,‭ ‬particularly of‭ `‬Kaal Sarpa Dosha‭’‬,‭ visualized‬,‭ ‬conceived,‭ ‬devised,‭ ‬designed,‭ ‬produced,‭ ‬spread and marketed by the‭ ‬Ponga Pandits.‭ ‬

In astrology,‭ ‬Rahu represents unorthodoxy,‭ ‬unconventionality,‭ ‬non conformism,‭ ‬perversion of the mind,‭ ‬fatality and the like.‭ ‬Rahu also represents leprosy and skin disease.‭ ‬It is an outcaste and lives in snake holes.‭ ‬It governs snakes and poison.‭ ‬It spreads falsehood and degrades anyone coming close to it.‭ ‬It represents suicidal cases and cases of hanging.‭ ‬Rahu is tamas guna‭ ‬.‭ ‬Rahu gives effect of evil spirits.‭ ‬Jatak Parijat‭ ‬gives an interesting pointer.‭ “ ‬When Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu and has the aspect of malefic planets,‭ ‬the person born will do base acts.‭ ‬Rahu also signifies deception therefore it is difficult to identify its influence or predict its impact.‭ ‬Why so‭ ? ‬Is it the case with all retrograde planets‭? ‬It is well accepted that retrograde planets do not give the effects expected from them and so does Rahu as its retrogression combines with its inherent mysterious nature.‭ ‬Perhaps,‭ ‬a matter that needs to be elaborated in another forum.‭

‬Let us not forget that like all planets,‭ ‬Rahu is not all negative.‭ ‬It is positive as well.‭ ‬When in Lagna,‭ ‬it gives a good height and long body with the zeal to bring about change.‭ ‬Remember it is unorthodoxy,‭ ‬unconventionality and non conformism only that bring revolutions.‭ ‬Rahu acts as a catalyst.‭ ‬It expedites and hastens,‭ ‬even marriage and children.‭

‬As per‭ ‬Brihat Pa rashar Hora Shastra‭ ‬it represents the army.‭ ‬It represents metal.‭ ‬engineering,‭ ‬space and space crafts‭ ‬,pilots and air hostesses,‭ ‬the mysterious and the unexplored.‭ ‬Both metal and poison are essentials in today’s world‭ ‬.‭ ‬Metals to construct and chemicals to clean‭ ‬.‭ ‬Rahu is associated with several‭ ‬Rajyogas and Dhan Yogas.‭ ‬We have the popular‭ ‬Ashtalakshmi Yoga formed by Rahu.‭ ‬Its color is black or blue but always with smokiness that signifies the unclear.‭

‬As per astrological classics,‭ ‬Ketu is to be interpreted like Rahu.‭ ‬But like their position,‭ ‬which is‭ ‬180‭ ‬degrees apart,‭ ‬Rahu-Ketu have some opposites as well.‭ ‬Rahu is worldly and Ketu spiritual.‭ ‬What Rahu baits Ketu hates.‭ ‬Rahu gets attracted to luxury comfort and the worldly but Ketu detests these.‭ ‬Rahu is associated with the world of material manifestation and worldly desire‭; ‬and random,‭ ‬uncontrolled growth without wisdom or understanding.‭ ‬Rahu is supposed to be a mighty and naughty child of‭ ‬Maya‭ (‬illusory power of nature‭)‬,‭ ‬and thus has a lot of dualities attached to its‭ ‬Mayavi‭ ‬(illusory‭) ‬nature.‭ ‬Ketu is‭ ‬moksha karak‭ ‬(significator of salvation‭)‬.‭ ‬Rahu represents the paternal grand father and maternal grand mother whereas Ketu the maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother.‭ ‬Ketu is religious,‭ ‬spiritual and an occultist.‭ ‬It is a stickler to the sectarian principles.‭ ‬Rahu is non conformist and wayward.‭ ‬But it is to be accepted that both have high maleficence and low beneficence.‭ ‬Hence,‭ ‬they tend to be malefics.‭ ‬Rahu and Ketu represent Saturn and Mars respectively.‭ ‬They also represent the lords of the house they occupy.‭ ‬They are out to cause jolts so that you may at least act and move.‭ ‬Your direction towards the material or the spiritual depends upon dashas and configurations involving other planets.‭

‬Rahu-Ketu exist in precise and exact terms for the astronomers‭‬.
In their observatories Rahu and Ketu are identified as the ascending and descending points of the Moon’s orbit on the zodiac or Moon‭’ ‬path in the sky.‭ ‬Every‭ ‬27‭ ‬days the Moon ascends and descends and each time it ascends from the south of the ecliptic‭ (‬the Sun’s path in the sky‭) ‬and cuts the plane of the ecliptic and descends,‭ ‬the points are different on the zodiac.‭ ‬This is precisely the position and movement of Rahu-Ketu on the zodiac-‭ ‬both for the astronomer equipped with his telescope and the astrologer with his faith.‭ ‬The sidereal period‭ ( ‬the time taken to circle and come back to the same position with reference to a fixed star‭) ‬of Rahu is‭ ‬6793.470‭ ‬days or‭ ‬18.60‭ ‬years or‭ ‬18‭ ‬years and‭ ‬220‭ ‬days as per Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris.‭ ‬With a prominent physical entity,‭ ‬these sensitive points,‭ ‬like all planets also take a round of the zodiac moving backwards with every ascension and descent.‭ ‬It is noteworthy that every‭ ‬19‭ ‬years there are‭ ‬235‭ ‬months of‭ ‬29.53058‭ ‬days.‭ ‬An interesting calculation‭ – ‬19‭ ‬years x‭ ‬365.256‭ ‬days‭ = ‬6939.86‭ ‬days and‭ ‬235‭ ‬months x‭ ‬29.531‭ = ‬6939.78‭ ‬days as well.‭ ‬One cannot help but be wonder struck with this cyclic phenomena of nature.‭ ‬It implies that after every‭ ‬19‭ ‬years it will be the same,‭ ‬tithi,‭ ‬nakshatra,‭ ‬yoga,‭ ‬karan with a difference of just one or two hours which also probably is adjustable in a cycle of‭ ‬1000‭ ‬or more years.‭

On‭ ‬15th November,‭ ‬2009‭ ‬Sun and Moon would in Libra‭ ‬.The nakshatra Swati and the tithi Krishna Paksh Chaturdashi.‭ ‬Exactly19‭ ‬x‭ ‬365.256‭ ‬days or‭ ‬29.531‭ ‬x‭ ‬235‭ ‬days the same,‭ ‬nakshatra and tithi would be there around‭ ‬15th November‭ ‬1990‭ ‬so it would be in case of‭ ‬15th November‭ ‬1971‭ ‬and also around‭ ‬15th November‭ ‬2020.‭ ‬It is God’s cyclic creation or call it the cyclic law reminding you that one has to come to same position,‭ ‬the ground zero again and again.‭ ‬All astrologers are awed by such God created cycles and respect the predictive indications in planetary movement but only some astronomers tend to appreciate these very scientific elements.‭ ‬It is high time they wake up from their predictive illiteracy and start contributing to astrology.‭

‬Our rishis had created stories to understand the influence of planets and to retain the knowledge for humanity with thousands of years in mind.‭ ‬Myths give valuable clues.‭ ‬One story goes that after‭ ‬samudra manthan,‭ ‬it was decided to distribute the nectar‭ (‬amrit‭)‬ among Gods and strengthen them against their fight with‭ ‬rakshas‭ (‬demons‭)‬.‭ ‬Without anyone noticing it at once‭ ‬,‭ ‬Swarnbhanu‭ ‬(a demon‭) ‬joined the gods and partook of that nectar.‭ ‬When lord‭ ‬Vishnu came to know of it,‭ ‬the nectar was not further given to Rahu and Ketu‭ ‬.‭ ‬But they had consumed enough nectar to become immortal like gods.‭ ‬The Sun and the Moon had noticed the deceitful act of Rahu and Ketu disguised as Gods.‭ ‬But before the nectar could pass his throat,‭ ‬Mohini‭ (‬the female avatar of‭ ‬Vishnu‭) ‬cut off Rahu’s head.‭ ‬But he did not die‭ ‬-‭ ‬he had become immortal.‭ ‬The Sun and the Moon had reported against Rahu and Ketu to Lord‭ ‬Vishnu.‭ ‬But Rahu-Ketu had become immortal now.‭ ‬They prayed to the Almighty to include them in the galaxy of planets.‭ ‬Their wish was granted.‭ ‬But they harbored ill will towards the Sun and the Moon who had reported against them.‭

‬A similar account is given in‭ ‬Skanda Purana.‭ ‬Gods and demons had decided to churn the ocean to extract nectar.‭ ‬The emphasis is that demons were as much a part of the effort to churn the ocean as the gods.‭ ‬When nectar was got,‭ ‬Lord‭ ‬Vishnu‭ ‬decided to give it only to the gods,‭ ‬not to the demons.‭ ‬Rahu came to know of this decision.‭ ‬He assumed the shape of a God and entered the chamber of the Gods to drink the nectar.‭ ‬So Lord‭ ‬Vishnu cut off the head of Rahu.‭

As per‭ ‬Parashara,‭ ‬the deity represented by Rahu is‭ ‬Adishesha‭ ‬(the great serpent on which the earth rests,‭ ‬the great gravitational energy‭)‬.‭ ‬As per the Lal Kitab,‭ ‬Rahu represents‭ ‬Bhairava,‭ ‬the destructive subordinate of Lord Shiva‭ ‬.Rahu is an incarnation of Lord‭ ‬Varaha.‭ ‬Both Rahu-Ketu represent the South West direction‭

There have been many observations made on Rahu-Ketu through research.‭
One is prone to anger when Rahu is in the‭ ‬11th house.‭ ‬Rahu in the‭ ‬3rd house indicates that one is the youngest and in the‭ ‬11th house the eldest among siblings.‭ ‬The classic have Rahu as an outcaste.‭ ‬Upon astrological observation,‭ ‬Rahu has been found to signify a Muslim in a Hindu’s horoscope and Ketu a Christian.‭ ‬Rahu has been observed giving extraordinary rise during its dasha when placed in the‭ ‬1,‭ ‬3,‭ ‬6,‭ ‬10‭ ‬or the‭ ‬11th house of a horoscope.‭
‬Rahu could be used as a clincher for snapshot predictions as the transit of Rahu has been observed bringing major changes‭

As per‭ ‬Manasagari,‭ ‬the‭ ‬2nd and‭ ‬8th house position where Rahu would now be transiting in the Indian Independence horoscope,‭ ‬gives good results in a financial sense but not for other purposes.‭ ‬In mundane astrology,‭ ‬Rahu causes eclipses and there is a lot that needs to be interpreted about the impact of eclipses for the purpose of muhurta and mundane affairs.‭ ‬Rahu’s role in mundane astrology is yet to be explored fully and its role in a politicians life deserves a special research.‭

‬Countries and Economies‭ ‬
India‭’ ‬s Independence chart enjoys the Sun-Sun dasha‭ ‬– As predicted the status improves‭ ‬:‭ ‬India has now become a part of G-‭ ‬20,‭ ‬the new permanent council for global cooperation on economic issues and now can eye the G-8‭ ‬and then focus even on the UN P5.‭ ‬It is a recognition of India’s growing clout and capability by the international community.‭ ‬We have to take this as a wake up call and react.‭ ‬We have to prove the unproven so far that we are worth it.‭ ‬The interface between ‭ ‬India and the others in the comity of nations,‭ ‬is hampered by India‭ ’‬s still somewhat dysfunctional politics.‭ ‬We need to utilize all our resources-‭ ‬tap both the NRI and resourceful Indians at home.‭ ‬Remove bottlenecks for them and assure that our hard earned money is not going to be frozen in Swiss Banks again and again.‭ ‬We should certainly do more to leverage a willing,‭ ‬talented and successful Indian community within and outside India‭ ‬.‭ ‬India is a democracy‭ ‬,‭ ‬hence vulnerable at times.‭ ‬Subsidies are no answer we need to restructure and bring about reforms quickly.‭ ‬Let us understand that the Sun dasha has been bestowed as an opportunity to cleanse and reform us for a brighter future and therefore ‭ ‬let us utilize it‭ ‬.‭

‬Wars are no longer going to be fought on straight or even ground nor on the uneven mountain ranges.‭ ‬It is the age of cold,‭ ‬guerilla and proxy warfare:‭ ‬With nuclear arsenals looming,‭ ‬a straight confrontation is recognized as self destructive.‭ ‬It is therefore an age of diplomacy,‭ ‬strategic alliances,‭ ‬terrorism,‭ man oeuvres‬.Arm dealers and mercenaries see a market.They see more than the recovery of their overheads in their business models now than ever before.‭ ‬Should countries import and export terror.‭ ‬They know it bounces back,‭ ‬yet they do.‭ ‬Blackmailing by controlling rivers or jamming silicon in the sky are new strategies The deterrents are safeguards Agni-V range of‭ ‬5000‭ ‬kms can target China’s northern tip‭ `‬China wary of India’s long range missile‭’ ‬was a recent headline.‭

China cools temper‭
We have been tracking China since the July,‭ ‬2009‭ ‬Newsletter based on the Koorma Chakra‭ ‬,‭ ‬Shukla Pratipada horoscope and the transit.‭ ‬As predicted the red planet,‭ ‬Mars in the green Mercurian sign Gemini did more damage than good but after the entry of Mars into Cancer the relations improved.‭ ‬Dr Manmohan Singh and the Chinese Prime Minister met and declared that all is well‭ ‬.‭ ‬Media had blown out of proportion small irritants,‭ ‬is the official version.‭ ‬Perhaps both made media the scape goat.‭ ‬As long as there would be peace by doing so let us not rake the issue.‭

‬Indian planners and strategists need to tie loose ends as the rope walk is tough and risky though the dasha favors them more now than ever before:‭ ‬India has Pakistan on one side and China on the other.‭ ‬Even Pakistan has Taliban on one side and America on the other.‭ ‬Taliban says you leave America we fight for you with India else we fight both America and Pakistan‭ ‬.‭ ‬The key word is the balance else you fall.‭

Indian elements are destabilizing Pakistan strategic interests in Balochistan and are responsible for the recent blasts in Lahore and Peshawar are some of the charges leveled against India.‭ ‬As astrologers we understand that both India and Pakistan won their freedom during astrologically inauspicious days.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬within the options available India chose to have their freedom at midnight for astrological considerations.‭ ‬The neighborical problem remained with concentration of planets in the‭ ‬3rd house.‭

‬On one hand we have‭ `‬YUDH ABHYAS‭’ – ‬Indian troops partnering the US troops in training on the other a resurgent Pakistan is boasting about Obama signatures on Kerry-Lugar Bill which entails‭ ‬7.5‭ ‬billion dollars dole out to Pakistan without conditions.‭ ‬We can afford to be assertive and question the unjustified in the favorable Sun-Sun dasha.‭

‬With Hakimullah Masud‭ ‬,‭ ‬the Taliban leader threatening jihad and very clear in his strategy and radical groups like Tehrik-e-Taliban having penetrated Pakistan’s security establishment,‭ ‬the nuclear arsenals is well within their reach.‭ ‬This not only threatens India but Israel and America as well.‭ ‬How does one handle the trained motivated who are ready to give away their life and mix with local populace.‭ ‬The Maoists in a brazen operation that ridiculed the might of the nation surrounded the Rajdhani Express in West Bengal and gave‭ ‬5‭ ‬hour long ordeal to Railway passengers On the other hand the Chinese media continues to spew ‭ ‬venom on India This is the underlying reason for India to get tough If we continue offering olive branches to Maoists,‭ ‬China or Pakistan,‭ ‬we will we dry out and run out of olive trees.‭ ‬Why should not we take a tough stance now.‭ ‬It has to be now or never,‭ ‬from the astrological viewpoint also as the dasha ‭ ‬is favorable‭

In a recent interview General Norman Schwarzkopf was asked if he thought there was room for forgiveness toward the people who have harbored and abetted the terrorists who perpetrated the‭ ‬9/11‭ ‬attacks on America‭ ‬.‭ ‬His answer was classic.‭ ‬The General said‭ “‬I believe that forgiving them is God’s function.‭ ‬OUR job is to arrange the meeting‭”

‬Exemplary action is the need of the hour‭ ‬.The country’s top anti corruption watchdog,‭ ‬the Central Vigilance Commission‭ (‬CVC‭) ‬needs to be activated to bring a change in the aura and the characterization of the country.‭ ‬This is more likely in the dasha of Sun than ever before.‭

Kartika Poornima‭ ‬2nd November,‭ ‬2009.
 The Moon is full and at its best on this day.‭ ‬It is either in its exaltation sign Taurus or‭ ‬ucchaabhilashi and heading towards it.‭ ‬Poets and astrologer seem to talk to the Moon in clear cool weather and bring out the best in ex-pressions and knowledge.‭ ‬The significance of‭ ‬Kartika Poornima celebrated all across is much more than its mere beauty‭

Remedial Measures‭ (‬Pariharams‭)‬
Shedding requirements and demands,‭ ‬even emotional and sentimental can only lead to peace of mind and therefore an automatic remedial measure.‭ ‬Ahara‭ ‬(what we eat contributes majorly to our state of mind‭ )‬Vrat‭ (‬fasting‭) ‬therefore,‭ ‬at times help us concentrate and improve the vibrations that surround us.‭ ‬Practice and experiments make a man perfect.‭ ‬We should learn to control our food intake and get to controlling the mind which in turn can control our destiny.‭ ‬Lord Bernard Shaw practiced vegetarianism and came out with timeless prose.‭ ‬There are many others who eat meat and yet may be as creative.‭ ‬Inspite of eating fish Swami Ramkrishan Paramhansa and Swami Vivekanand were strong in spirituality and the tamasic influence of fish did not harm them.‭ ‬Food habits are based on customs and the geographical location of the people.‭ ‬If you are born on the coastal region and never eat fish,‭ ‬that is not possible.‭ ‬From records it is found that Swami Ramkrishan Paramhansa practiced vegetarianism but Swami Vivekanand justified eating fish.‭ ‬How valid is‭ ‬Jeevo Jeevasya Jeevan‭ ‬( If one life has to live then,‭ ‬it has to eat another life‭)‬.‭ ‬Acharya Rajneesh narrated the story of the rishi who ate fallen grains and fruits only and not the plucked ones for he had concern for feelings in the plants as well.‭ ‬It has to be accepted that food like meat fish,‭ ‬onions or garlic is obstructive to spiritual progress.‭

Chanting of mantras, ‬yagna,‭ ‬paath does help in spiritual progress.‭
Mr Rao often remind us of the case of the former Cabinet Minister Late Raja Dinesh Singh who miraculously came out of a terminal illness due to‭ ‬karma kand by a genuine pandit.‭ ‬Today it is a rarity.‭ ‬Therefore,‭ ‬it is better to chant mantras and recite the paath‭ ‬oneself in any form rather than assigning it to a greedy corrupted Ponga Pandit.‭ ‬Yagna‭ ‬,‭ ‬Paath‭ ‬,‭ ‬Mantra‭ ‬chanting and meditation certainly have curative effect.‭ ‬

I have recited‭ ‬Vishnu Sahastranaam‭ ‬without fail every Wednesday for the last thirteen years though,‭ ‬clumsily and also practiced vegetarianism.‭ ‬It has helped me a lot.‭ ‬When I recited this‭ ‬Paath and chanted other mantras in a group at Mr.‭ ‬Rao’s place,‭ ‬I felt its curative power go up.‭ ‬I would recommend chanting of mantras and recitation of‭ ‬Paath‭ ‬in groups,‭ ‬with guidance in‭ ‬uccharan‭ ‬(correct pronunciation‭) ‬to derive the best results.‭ ‬Meditation always help‭

The Convocation and the Seminar of‭ ‬25th October‭ ‬2009
‬The seminar started with lighting of the lamp by Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati of the Chinmaya Mission and Vandana.‭ ‬The first session was on Dasha Chiddra.‭ ‬How to convert the change of dashas into successful predictions was demonstrated convincingly in‭ ‬60‭ ‬presentations by researchers.‭ ‬In the second session the ongoing research on the‭ ‬5th house was introduced with presentation of case studies by the researchers.‭ ‬It was highlighted that through group research alone one can afford to be liberal and flexible to get at the relevant in the classics.‭ ‬New pointers can be discovered from meaningful innovations and creations as it is in group discussion only that the individual biases can be checked and mistakes like following a wrong ayanamsha be removed in the bud itself.‭ ‬

The Chief Guest,‭ ‬Shri Hari Jaisingh,‭ ‬an eminent journalist.‭ ‬editor of Power Politics and former editor of the Tribune Group of Publications in his address emphasized the need for standardization and research in astrology.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬N.N.‭ ‬Pillai in his address reassured his support to the Research Projects.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Rao reiterated his stand and explained the advantages of‭ ‬Gyan Kand over the misused‭ Karma‬ Kanda.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Vinay Gupta elaborated on innovations in the examination system and announced the awards for meritorious contribution to Research in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.‭

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