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Journal of Astrology Newsletter May 2011

How much of Sun is in you?
If you were all Sun, you would have been a pure-atma. Perhaps you were not meant to be so.

Is all that is happening willed by God? Even minor shifts and changes, the thoughts that come to our mind, and the promptings that make us act? Do we have in-built governors that control us in accordance with God's scheme? The answers to these questions that mankind perennially seeks, if they ever reach man, will perhaps be through an understanding of the Sun and the planets orbiting it.

In our current newsletter series on planets, we begin with the Sun. To me, these planets are not just physical entities, they are multi-dimensional forces. Many dimensions are perhaps still unknown. For all you know, Jupiter could be the planet protecting life on earth and our solar system from hostile attacks from  the universe and therefore is called the most benefic planet in Astrology.  Astrology explains these planets as avatars of God who come with the role of crushing evil forces and protecting those who contribute to the protection of life. Do these planets give happiness and sufferings on purpose? Should the planetary influence therefore be seen as that which also rectifies and removes obstacles in the path assigned by the Almighty. The goal of Godliness is always spiritual progress.  Shri K.N.Rao explains that every planet is Aadi Daivik (divine), Adhyatmik (spiritual) and Bhautik (physical). Every planet influences the physical and mental aspects of life and also spiritual realization.  

The Physical Sun
Sun is a star at the center of the Solar System. It is almost perfectly spherical and consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields. It has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth. Sun's disk, and its interior could, scientists tell us, hold over 1.3 million Earths. It accounts for 98 to 99 percent of the total mass of the Solar System. Chemically, about three quarters of the Sun's mass consists of hydrogen    

The Sun generates energy for itself and for the entire solar system. The solar system consists of thousands of physical entities that orbit this humongous star.  Among them Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are planets.

Scientists and Astronomers have calculated that the Sun has enough hydrogen in its core to last another 7 billion years or so. By this time, it will have exhausted its reserves of hydrogen fuel in the core and switched to burning helium (producing carbon, oxygen and nitrogen). When it does switch to helium, the Sun will expand outward, consuming the orbits of Mercury, Venus and probably even the Earth. It will become cooler but brighter.

The Spiritual and Astrological Sun is somewhat different
As per Vedic beliefs and practices, one yuga has 4,320,000  (4.3 million ) years. One day of lord Brahma, the creator is 4,320,0000,000 (4.32 billion years)therefore his one year is 4,3200,000,000 into 360 which comes to 15552,000,000,000 (15552 billion years ) and his age 100 years which makes it155200,000,000,000 (1555200 billion years). This could indicate the age of Sun which may turn into a cold star after being in existence for 1555200 billion years. Or this could be the age of the universe? Only God knows.  As per Hindu shastras the 50 years of the life of Lord Brahma are over and we are in the 51st year. One day of Brahmaji has 14 Manus and each Manu has 72 mahayugas of 4,320,000 years. We are in Vivasat Manu, of which 27 mahayugas are over and we are in the 28th. Kalpa (a cycle of the universe during which all the heavenly bodies return to their original positions) is said to be of 4,320,000,000 years .There are names of 30 kalpas given in matysa puran. The yugas under Manus of different names goes to show that our rishis with their divine powers were able to see the cycles of time and their difference. A time period they recognized can be similar but not the same even if you consider a time span of billions of years.

Sun in Vedas
"From the Sun arise all beings. The Sun sustains them all. They all vanish into the Sun. What the Sun is, even that I am."  Suryopanishad 2,4

The Vedas, hold Surya (Sun)as the soul of the whole manifestation. According to the scriptures, the primal cause of this universe, and its different cycles of manifestation and annihilation, is Lord Vishnu. The whole power of Lord Vishnu lies in the three Vedas, and emerges through the Sun. The Sun is considered the manifest representation of the eternal cause of this universe. 

The Mythological Story
Sun was born to Aditi and Sage Kashyap. She had twelve sons, but still wanted another son, who could effectively overcome the demons who were torturing her sons, the twelve Gods. She then prayed to the Sun God to be born to her to destroy the foes of her sons. He agreed and was born to her with a thousandth part of his being. The Sun has a square build, scanty curly hair, beautiful appearance, intelligence, medium stature, red complexion, strong bones, bilious nature, and wears saffron robes.

Sun in Astrology
The Sun is known as the king amongst the nine planets of Vedic astrology. The Sun and Moon happen to be the luminaries among the planets. The Sun owns Simha (Leo), which is the fifth sign of the natural zodiac. The Sun represents temples and the east direction. It has directional strength in the 10th house of the horoscope. The Sun signifies father, soul, high status, land, enlightenment, king, mental purity, body face, anger, administration, leaders, rubies, gold, copper, ornaments, physician etc... In medical astrology, the Sun has a bilious temperament. It represents vitality as the significator of the first house. Its strength or weakness reflects the state of general health of an individual. The Sun produces favorable results when it occupies any of the houses, 3, 6, 10, 11.

Classics on Sun
Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra: Sun is a malefic. It is soul of all. It represents fire. It is a royal planet. It is Satwik. The Sun's eyes are honey-colored. He has a square body. He is of clean habits, bilious, intelligent and has limited hair on the head. It represents Bones.  Its abode is Temples. Its taste is pungent. Sun and Venus are Moola (roots) planets

Phaldeepika: The Sun is the significator of the person's collection of copper and gold, and of father, patience, valor, victory in war, one's soul, auspiciousness, happiness, prowess, power, light, any work relating to Lord Shiv, travels in forests and mountains, havans or yajnas inclination for work, acuteness, enthusiasm. The temperament of the Sun is bilious. He has strong bones in his body. He has scanty hair. He has dark red form. His eyes are reddish-brown. He is dressed in red colored clothes. His body is square built. He is brave and possesses massive arms.

Persons in power, kings, prime ministers, government, heads of state, big commercial firms and new undertakings, cabinet, ministers of state and persons holding high political power, persons in authority, important persons in society including influential businessmen, honor, fame, big name and reputation, influence in comity of nations, leadership and guidance to other powers. It also represents bureaucracy, political, religious and influential business people and leaders, employers or bosses, public undertakings, health and vitality of nation, name, fame, prestige and qualities of leadership, Temples, religious places of worship and top religious leaders, come under its purview. In minerals it represents gold and copper. In commodities it signifies wheat.

If Sun is afflicted in the horoscope, the nation becomes arrogant and self-centered. It becomes morally debased and of ill- repute.  It also becomes a snob and overbearing, ignoring the feelings of other nation. It becomes despotic and oppressive. In any particular year when the Sun is afflicted it portends ill for the nation and evil results may follow.  The people in high posts, nobility and important people may suffer. Sun and Saturn are two bitter enemies, if in a horoscope they oppose each other or are together n watery signs e.g. Cancer/Capricorn rashi. Cancer is watery rashi and Capricorn is the traditional sign of India – Cancer also represent marshy places, then in that particular year there may be dispute over water or problems relating to flooding may occur. Saturn also represents fertilizers. Saturn-Sun may also suggest Government trying to influence the price of fertilizers. Sun Saturn also signifies trouble to the government through depressed classes. In the horoscopes of politicians and rulers, it is necessary that Sun is not afflicted otherwise this shows life of struggle and tribulations. The decision taken by them may not be wise and sound.

Evaluation of Planetary Strengths
In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, under the shadbal scheme, one way of strength acquisition of planets, other than Sun, is gauged by measuring how far away they are from the Sun. The planets become more powerful in consolidating their own natural qualities when they are away from Sun. A planet that is the farthest from Sun is said to be the most independent.  Planets away from Sun perhaps are less disciplined and drive the affected towards indiscipline. Under their influence we are more likely to follow the dictates of our indiriyas (sensuality).

Sun the task master is a disciplinarian. Sun is the disciplinarian it checks planets who influence the Indiriyas It is there to monitor and rectify.

Four and more planets together in a horoscope make a recluse, a saint a mahatma. The four or more planets out of 7 would mostly include Sun and Mercury as they are in most of the horoscopes, found together. It will be rare to find four planets other than Sun together. It has been observed that most of the saints have planets around the Sun. This indicates that the planets are disciplined by the atma (soul)

Sun in Yogas
Everyman has kingdom. The smallest comprising of spouse and kids. Everyone likes to rule. Sun as the king of planets also has to have a durbar with planets around. Mercury in most of the cases is with it giving rise to the beneficial Budh-Aditya yoga. However, its impact depends upon PAC (Posited-Aspect Conjunction)

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra Chapter 38:-“Vesi, Vosi and Ubhayachari yogas –Barring the Moon, if a planet among Mars, etc. be in the 2nd from the Sun Vesi yoga, in the 12th Vosi yoga and planets in both the 2nd and the 12th Ubhaychari yoga is caused. Effects of these yogas: One born in Vesi yoga will be even sighted, truthful, long-bodied, indolent, and happy and endowed with negligible wealth. One born with Vosi yoga will be skillful, charitable and endowed with fame, learning and strength. The person with Ubhayachari yoga will be a king or equal to a king and be happy. Benefics causing these yogas will give the above mentioned effects while malefic will produce contrary effects.”

The Sun-Jupiter is much discussed combination for Temple building, name and fame. The Sun –Saturn combination, it has been observed, brings bad name. Sun in its degree of debilitation gives rise to Rajbhanga yoga that destroys all Rajyogas (power and position giving combinations) and makes a person a pauper.

Sun Dasha
The dasha of an unafflicted Sun gives name, fame, prestige and dignity. An afflicted Sun brings downfall and loss of face in public domain. In both cases the Sun remains a disciplinarian. It may be cruel and behave like a hard task master but it will not drive one to evil deeds (paap karma) in its dasha.

How many Suns does our creator own? 
Space study has revealed that there could be thousands of Suns in our Universe some even ten times or even hundred times the size of our Sun. Bhagavad-Gita too describes the Universal Form of the creator in Chapter 11 Shloka-12 in measurements of Suns " If hundreds of thousands of Suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form"

Astrologically Sun is the Atma. It disciplines. It checks our tendency to get out of its hold. This tendency is progressively increasing with the progress of Kaliyuga.  

Sun the harbinger of Changes: In one of researches we established that Saturn’s transit on natal Sun bring major changes in career. However this depends on the dasha at that time also. The New Year on which we base our predictions for the year for nations and places is based on Sun. Moon conjunction in Pisces in the month of Chaitra. How the year is going to be for a person is decided on the basis of Sun arriving at the degree, minutes and seconds where it was at the time of birth. Muhurta is Sun based as tithi, yoga, karan are all formed based on the placement of the Sun.

Eclipses caused by Rahu-Ketu affect Sun and Moon. A rashi and nakshatra are unable to give positive results when an eclipse takes place on them. Countries and places which the eclipsed rashi and nakshatra rule suffer.  The king of the year is elected on the basis of the week day that falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. The day lord when Sun enters zero degrees of Aries under Nirayana system becomes the Prime Minister. Lord of paddy crop, lord of fruits and vegetation, mineral, clouds, corns and fluids are decided when Sun enters Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Ardra, Sagittarius and Gemini respectively.          

The Sun blessed our Research in Astrology Shri K.N.Rao, in many ways the guiding Sun for the Institute of Astrology, conceived the very successful Saturday workshops, which we have been having since the previous session of July, 2010. These have been giving a strong stimulus to astrological research activities in the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. In the series of 6 workshops in the month of May, 2011 the pooled research had a multiplying effect and added great value to our knowledge.

Can You Design your kid or let Stars prescribe your spouse
In these times of super specialization and designer products, our workshops on astrologically designed children and marriage partners were found relevant. These workshops brought into focus the fundamental question of the influence of destiny and the portion of free will that we have been bestowed with. Though such debates cannot be conclusive, a near consensus was reached that if a designed child is not written in the destiny of parents, circumstances will not let them have such a child.  The caesarean time will be kept if such a child is in the destiny of the parents. Therefore even astrologically caesarean births should not be encouraged unless they are medically a must. 

Are marriages made in heaven?
 Similar is the case for choosing marriage partners. One can make a slight adjustment in the flow of destiny but should not try to change its course. This was the message that emerged.  

Liberal not Literal; flexible not dogmatic: This was the message found circulating during the workshop on match-making Clearly the following was found repeating

1) Ashtkoot milaan is of little consequence. There is no evidence of it being practiced in choosing a spouse during the Vedic times. One should therefore not base judgments on Ashtkoot matching. It may at best influence some aspect of mind matching of the partners as it matches the two nakshatras. Statistically the research workshop did not find it working.

2) The dreaded Mangal dosha: The mention of it in all the panchangs and books has generated unnecessary fear. Mars or a malefic may have different meaning in marriage related houses in the modern context. Such afflictions to marriage houses have to be liberally interpreted. Literal translation of classical yoga could be damaging. Mars could mean a police officer, army man or an administrator as marriage partner.  This has also been statistically established in the collective research.  

3) Use of Rashi tulya navamsha was found effective.

The Heart unfortunately cannot be designed astrologically. A romantic and balanced heart is a possibility if we choose an appropriate time for birth which also as explained has limitations. In the workshop on heart therefore, we had to confine ourselves to the diseased heart and the heart which is always in conflict with the brain. The research on heart, it was declared is at its preliminary stage.

With the Sun unsparing and relentlessly cruel on the bigwigs in its dasha the area of super specialization debated in the two workshops by the senior research group was from crisis in career - charge sheeting- court cases- conviction- confinement and to companions in the cell. Can planets predict who will be your companion in the cell and when we you get relief. This is what we call super specialization in astrology.

The workshops on education and artistic careers also had a bonanza of great researched insights.

Flexible not dogmatic should be the approach
Any astrologer who quotes a shloka and predicts a sequence of events without any other reference and says this is sure to happen as it is within our shastra should be treated as most shallow.

True, our Gurukuls made students memorize thousands of shloka and taught ways to retain them through yogic kriyas but this was the just  to retain in the memory and draw for reference. The predictor astrologer further scrutinized these classical dictas in the background desh- kaal -patra and predicted after chintan (concentration) on the divisional charts and at least 3 dashas. Mere memorizations of classical yogas do not make you a competent astrologer.

Attention Astrologers! Where have you thrown your Sun?
Its high time, astrologers become honest to their profession! At times unscrupulous astrologer can cause irreparable damage to astrology! There is an urgent, immediate need for astrologers to discipline themselves as many incidents bordering extortion have come to our knowledge. In U.K. the consumer protection regulations require astrologers to display that their services are for “entertainment only” and not experimentally proven. Astrologers have to put a disclaimer.

Excerpts from an email sent by Shri K.N. Rao on 30th May

"On the evening of 30 May 2011 when I was talking to Deepak Bisariaji, this woman came to me showed her horoscope, told me her problem and I told her straight away that her marriage could not be saved.

Still, if God showers his mercy on her I will not be surprised because those who pray from the depth of the heart do achieve what is a miracle. I further told her not to go to any pandits and get done any remedies as that is a vast net of cheats of karmakandi pandits or other frauds all round in our society exploiting people in the name of shanti. True karmakandis who can do it are one in millions and they do not charge money. I told her she could try for the mercy of the Lord by doing Narayana Kavacham.”

She narrated part of her story of exploitation by the remedy prescribing astrologers and it was horrifying to see how some so called astrologers actually sell their soul and feed so much rubbish to the already suffering person who goes to consult them.

Dear Sir,
I have paid good about 27 thousand till date to diff follows : 14000 to Mr. L for kalsarpa shanti, 8000 to Mr. J for mantra, 2100 to Mr. S 1100 to Mr. Vi for Havan. Rs 2100 to P of a TV program.

I have already started reciting the Narayan Kavach. I look upon you sir for help , I want to be with my husband and want this sincerely though i have grudges against him for not standing with me in hour of need whenever I feel angry I just remember good times between me and him.

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 9:38 PM, KNR How much did you pay to whom by now? KNR

Dear Sir,
I just visited your house an hour ago , my name is ….. I have come to see you in regards of my failed marriage which has lasted only for 2 months but sincerely want it to work. My marriage was probably one of the goods things which happened with me in last 33 years of my life. The remedies till feburary 2011 i have done to save is follows ; I was told to recite the Bhagwati mantra ...........Om Kling gyaninanpee chetansi devi bhagwati hi sa, baladakrishyay mohay mahamaya praychati for , 1,25 ,000 time i did that on my own and than havan of dus mala I did that . I was told to put one plate of dahi bhalla under a tree by putting sindoor on it for 11 tuesdays and saturdays I did it. I was told to put a piece of sweet petha under a tree for 21 days continous I did it religiously. In addition to this i daily apply saffron on my forehead, tongue and naval. I have done all the above very religiously ....apart this I have transferred …… he said my husband will come running to me but nothing has happened so far . To be honest after seeing just downs in my life I have given up , and have no inclination of life without my husband …….

Both Anna Hazare and Ramdev are governed by Sun: They declared that they are gathering people to fight for justice and not against the Government.

Two partial solar and one total lunar eclipse are being absorbed in June, 2011. Their affliction to the 2/8 axis on which falls the Lagna of India surely is a cause for concern. The eclipse of June 1 was not visible in India. However the  total lunar eclipse of June  15 will be visible from the Indian region, Middle East, East Africa, South America, Australia.

During the lunar eclipse the Moon will be completely covered by Earth’s shadow from 11.52 PM on June 15 to 2.32 AM on June 16. The last of the triple eclipse will be another partial solar eclipse on July 1.

The Paksha Kundli of 2nd June, 2011 2:31 a.m. Delhi has Rahu in Scorpio in the 9th house aspected by Saturn and Mars and Sun. Additionally Sun representing the high and mighty including the religious and socialist leaders is with Ketu. The overtones of agitating fundamental issues taking over the routine are clearly visible. They are likely to cause disruption during the scorching heat of June in the core of India which the afflicted nakshatras represent.

Doomsday yet another Sunday: When a yuga is going on how could there be a pralay (doomsday). On TV channels and through other mediums we have always said there could be khand pralay (partial doomsday) World War II is one example of doom years that changed the world physically and mentally. There was talk of Ashtgraha yoga (eight planets in one sign) in February 1962 which was interpreted by some as doomsday. It did affect India as it occurred on Cancer-Capricorn axis, the Lagna of then Prime Minister Nehru and the traditional Lagna of India, Capricorn but did not affect many places.

Business and Economy
 Obama should be thankful to Osama for kick-starting his campaign for the second term by dying at the most appropriate time and India should thank  its  dasha of Sun-Rahu from 3rd November 2010 to 27th September, 2011.  The Pakistanis could not fool Obama the way they fooled Bush. Their lies were exposed via the satellite. It was Rahu combined with Sun dasha in the Indian Independence horoscope.  Rahu represents space also. The Pakistanis claim that the designer 3 storey house of Osama was raided in 2003 whereas the satellite pictures show it was built in 2007-2008 presumably by ISI. Bush was advised to dump half of his budgeted funds earmarked to capture the most wanted fugitive of the 21st century,  in ammunition in the mountains of Afghanistan where he was told that Osama was hiding in a cave and half as aid to Pakistan to balance  India in a presumptuous  arm's race. It is undisputed   knowledge that the arms and ammunition went to the common store used by Pakistan army and the terrorists. Surely utilized to engineer Mumbai and other terrorist attacks all across the globe. Pakistanis on every US bashing, resort to India bashing. We will have more of these as the 3rd lord of neighbors of the New Year horoscope of 3rd April for India has gone to the 6th and the 3rd house has Rahu.  The 3rd house of Indian Independence horoscope of 15th August ,1947 is heavily loaded and tilted  with dasha lord  Sun  and four other  planets  Obama' s and US horoscope have a promise for flying higher to success. Obama who was under fire till he discovered Osama will pilot the world economy set to take off. The recovery from meltdown and the second term for Obama seems certain.  The gains celebrated could be real term losses. What Bush considered as gains from attacking Afghanistan and Iraq are now   seen as losses of the dasha of 12th lord Moon of the US horoscope. The losses were accumulative and damaged the reputation, goodwill and the economy   

The dasha of Mars signaling gains for US will commence on after the 10 year decline predicted by Mr. K.N.Rao in 2001. Clearly, Osama is an outcome of dasha chiddra and we can expect the world economy to boom along with Indian economy.

Remedial Measures:  Surya Namaskar, Gayatri Mantra should be part of daily activities.

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