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Journal of Astrology Newsdetter November 2011

Can you escape the influence of Mars?

Is the Gun toting Mars playing Gods role?

It seems so, as Mars in horoscopes has been found channeling the crucial energy that prompts all actions of consequence –good or bad. It is perhaps the spark in your eyes and the thunder and lightning in the sky. Additionally, since Mars impacts with a jolt and is the lord of the eighth house of changes of the natural zodiac, it plays an active role in bringing about changes and reforms that pinch. It is found more emphatic than other planets in reiterating the fact that it is the law of karma that drives us to predestined events. Having governance over the energy source that provides the momentum, Mars impels you to act negatively when it has to punish you for an evil karma and positively for a bravery award lying stored in your destiny. In a good position, Mars has been found making one competent as a protector and provider of justice (committed army men or policemen) and when ill-placed it is found driving one to crimes.

Both, in bringing about order and causing disorders the influence of Mars is felt Perhaps, we pull the force of Mars to our guts for all challenging and risky tasks and often draw its unending energy in spite of its violent nature. Whether you like it or not, you are compelled to invite a gun toting policemen, even if corrupt when you find a gun toting criminal outside your home.

Mars is also known as Aries (god of war). It governs the first house of birth, Aries and the eighth house of death, Scorpio of the natural zodiac. The month of March is said to be named after Mars, suggesting Mars role in causing an end for a new beginning in April.

The fundamental research of Mr. K.N. Rao published in his book, Planets and Children has that at the time of every childbirth, there is a role of transiting Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Moon. In a recent research presented by Mrs. Kanta Gupta and Mrs. Anita Mathur under the guidance of Mr. K.N. Rao, it was statistically demonstrated that transiting Saturn, Rahu and Mars have a role to play at the time of death also. My observation is that transiting Mars has a role to play in all vital changes. Without the energy of Mars, changes are of little consequence. In mundane astrology we learn that the formation of clouds (garbdharan) takes place after the full Moon (poornima) in the nakshatra mrigshira of Mars in the month of Margsheesh (the month of lord Krishna). It will not be incorrect to say that Mars kick-starts the much needed process of rain for food. As per astro meteorological principles Mars activities a nadi and brings about major changes in weather with shift from one nakshatra to another or one rashi to another.

In the Simhasan chakra constructed at the time of oath taking, for evaluation of the prospects of the longevity and performance of a government, the three Nakshatras of Mars occupy the three peaks of the chakra.

Mars is also called Kuja, Bhaum, Bhuputra, Lohitang, kruraksha and kartkae. When nearest to the Earth it is 36 million miles away from us; takes 686 days for covering all the rashis of the zodiac. (Sidereal period - 686.97982 days and Synodic Period 779.936 days as per Lahiri's ephemeris)

Mars and Wars
Mars is the commander-in-chief in the planetary cabinet. It represents courage, chivalry, aggression, celebratory gunfire and the real ones, explosions, fire balls and all sorts of violence and wars, more so when it gets closer to Earth. In the 20th century it was closest on 20-11-1990 and the historic UN Security Council resolution sanctioning use of force against Iraq for its aggression against Kuwait was made on 29-11-1990. According to astrological principles that interpret a planetary war between planets, Mars is always the winner. The planetary war takes place when two planets are less than one degree apart. The Sun and Moon (King and Queen-royalty) do not participate in a war with other planets. The warring planets therefore are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Mars.

Is war a necessary evil, designed by God for mankind?
Lord Krishna in Gita says that the Mahabharata war was inevitable. It was pre-ordained. Lord Rama had also to fight a war. History has it that the great King Ashoka was totally disillusioned with wars after the massacre in the war of Kalinga.

He gave up the use of force and started the chakra of dharma. His emissaries spread to all parts of the world to spread the message of peace and brotherhood. Perhaps, for this reasons India was invaded by so many from all over the world.

Defense is important even if it means war is a lesson we need to learn from history. Martian instincts are a must for survival.

Mars governs weapons and the rage that prompts their use: Do check the position of Mars while cleaning your gun next time. In cases of self-inflicted wounds, road rage, accidents, sudden and unexpected tragic events, the role of Mars has been found prominent.

Mars also governs moment of madness, revenge, flare-ups. It also represents liars, crooks, serial killers who leave a grisly legacy. Freak and weird incidents like shooting sprees in universities, ghastly reports like "Man biting python jailed, snakes undergoes surgery: This could happen when Mars is in its worst afflicted state. Violent vices, aggression, bullying, using abusive language, employing force, getting provoked easily, dreaming of getting rich fast, insatiable greed, romanticizing the khalnayak image, dadgiri breaking queues, indulging in slogans and fisticuffs, negotiations, as also using the power of logic and fair play instead of resorting to a readymade come under the fold of Mars. Adversaries, kicking pushing, shoving, and pinching perhaps by all those who were troubled by you in your earlier births.

Mars streamlines and channels energy optimally when it has a good placement in a horoscope. Behaves erratically and imbalances when ill placed. Sometimes, perhaps to fulfill its task to change destinies, it remains in one zodiac sign for months together. It will remain in the sign Leo from 31st October, 2011 to 21st June, 2012.

Mars governs battering rain: It activates weather changes when it moves from one nakshatra to another or from one Rashi to the other. When it joins rain giving planets it gives battering rain and when with dry planets, scorching heat.

Mars is the signification of the Third house: The third house is the house of self-effort, courage, chivalry, co-born and colleagues who support you. It governs your shoulders. It is house of sports. It has been found strong in the horoscopes of sportsmen. Sachin Tendulkar has his third lord Mars exalted in the fifth, which is third from third. Virender Sehwag has concentration of planets in the 3rd house.

Mars and Sports: Boxing, car racing, wrestling where you need much extra energy, Mars comes in to play. Olympic Games should be governed by Mars.

What could Rahu-Mars signify: The fitting image that comes to mind is of the corrupt police force in many Indian police stations. Mars in astrology represents an aggressive person as also corruption. Indians understaffed, overstretched and ill-equipped police force on the brink of collapse in times of need represents Rahu-Mars. Riven by corruption it is unprepared to counter modern terror. An India Today survey reveals that the greatest danger to India is indeed from corruption. The choices were - corruption, terrorism, poverty and communalism. Sixty five percent had no hesitation in declaring that it is indeed corruption.

Mars makes you move. It connects. Based on the guna, it impels you to do your karma.


Mars represents Godly Energy: Quote from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Chapter 2 Shloka 3-4 "The unborn lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated as the planets (nava grahas) to bestow on the living beings the results due to their karmas. He is Janardana (He to whom all devotees pray for worldly success and liberation. One who inflicts suffering on evil men. Lord Vishnu is also known as Janardana).He assumes the auspicious form of grahas to destroy the demons (evil forces) and sustain the divine beings. All planets are said to be avatars (incarnation) of heavenly Gods. Mars is said to be of Narsimha (Man-lion representing Lord Vishnu) Planetary deity of Mars is Subrahmanya (Lord Siva’s son following Ganesh).

Description of Mars in BPHS: Mars is ones strength. In panch bhootas it governs fire. It governs marrow among the primary ingredients. Bone marrow is the flexible tissue found in in interior of bones. Inhuman, bone marrow in large bones produces new blood cells. Marrow is vital to human body.

Mars has blood-red eyes, is fickle-minded, liberal, and bilious, given to anger and has thin waist and thin physique. Its abode is the place of fire. It is bitter in taste. It is strong in south. Red is the color it likes.

Phaldeepika Chapter 2 Shloka 3: All about one’s strength (physical and mental), products produced from the earth, qualities of the brothers and sisters, cruelty, battle, courage, antagonism, the fire of the kitchen, gold, kinsmen, weapons, thieves, enemies, enthusiasm, sexual intercourse with another man's wife, falsehood, prowess, high thinking, sin, wounds, and acquisition of the position of a commander-in-chief should be ascertained from Mars.

Phaldeepika Shloka 9: Mars has lean waist. His hair is curly and bright. There is cruelty (fierceness) in his look. He has a cruel nature and is bilious. He is dressed in red clothes and his body has a red hue. He is wrathful but exceedingly generous. He looks youthful and has jurisdiction over marrow in the body.

Mars in Mundane: Armed forces-army, naval and air commands, police engineers, criminals, firefighters and armaments. It is the planet of wars and strife and represents violence in every form including fires, explosions and armed conflicts.

Surgeons, dentists, butchers, assassinations, coup, accidents, murders, abduction, rape, militancy, dacoity, burglary, terrorism, infiltration, secret enemies, abduction, unnatural deaths, mass murders, air and train crashes, tragedies, roadblocks and mines, hurricanes, typhoons, volcanoes and lava also come in its fold. There is suddenness and disruption in most acts triggered by Mars, perhaps due to the lordship of the 8th house of the natural zodiac and a violent nature.

Political disturbances, sedition, rebellions, stolen goods Iron and steel, industry are also governed by it.

Mars and Mythology: Mars is "Bhumi Putra" (son of Earth). It is in our mythology that billions of years ago, the Earth was lying submerged in the vast expanse of seas. God in his incarnation of boar the "Varaha" avatar lifted the Earth and brought it out. He placed it in a suitable stable orbit. The Earth was grateful and asked the God a very feminine boon. O God give me child of yours. God obliged. Mars is the result of this Godly union with the rescued Earth.

Could Mars be Shiva's Avatar: The other mythological story going around on the birth of Mars relates to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was depressed due to the tragic and untimely death of his wife, Sati. He went in to a Samadhi for many years in mount Kailash. Eventually, when he got up from this meditative posture a drop of his divine sweat fell on the Earth and turned into a beautiful child. This child was Mars. Shiva blessed this child and said that all earthly gifts will be granted by this child. This child will be active - a doer of things. He will be energy and action personified.

Mars and Careers: Mars represents metal and their forging through fire. Strong Mars make good administrators and managers. Mars in 3rd or 5th make good sportsman. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag have Mars connected with the 3rd.

Mars makes an efficient surgeon, a physicist, a mechanical engineer, and marketer.

Mars governs competition as significator of the 6th house. Striving to reach your potential also comes under Mars.

Does Mars give the competitive edge when stationed in the sixth house? : Surely it does. Malefics in 3rd, 6th and 11th give you the power to resist, fight and dispute. They make you struggle for your due.

Marital Mars: Why do we have mangal dosha that spells disasters in marriage when Mars is found in the houses of marriage? Why don't we have Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun doshas?

If you decipher the attributes of Mars, both negative and positive, it will be seen that the influence of Mars, irrespective of the rashi, avastha and lordship is adverse for marriage.

Mars represents courage, chivalry, administrative ability, enterprise and the like on the positive side and violence, dictatorships, crime, rage and the like on the negative. Both the positives and negatives of Mars are not good for marriage. Mars is all masculine and Venus all feminine. It is believed Mars ignites. Venus-Mars combination gives passionate love. It is combination for love marriages. Some take Mars as the significator of husband for ascertaining marriage and happiness from it. Mars seduces. It fires passions and emotions.

Mars gives the house: Our research on homes have found the influence of Mars prominent for home and property. It was found where Mars and Jupiter jointly influence the fourth house a home ownership becomes a certainty.

Mars and Medicine: Injury, surgery, burns fall under Mars. Mars governs bone marrow. Mars governs pitta dosha in Ayurveda. It gives fever, hypertension, hemorrhages, bleeding, fits, boils, small pox, tumors, etc.

Mars and Math’s: Physics, math’s, cold logic come under the fold of Mars. There could be nothing colder than mathematic. For those with a strong Mars maths could be a mania. One could be deprived of crucial support if Mars is afflicted or ill-placed in a horoscope.

The concept of Mangalaya: The eighth house is known as the Mangalaya sthan. It is the house of longevity for the self and is a maraka house for the spouse. It therefore indicates the ayu (longevity) of married life. Mars in Mangalaya sthan is dreaded as it could mean a violent and sudden end to married life in wars or the like. The red color sindoor is applied by married women to pacify Mars. Mars represents the red color. It is known as the red planet.

The Moral Zone: Mars and Morality

Why consult an Astrologer: To answer let us divide people into two groups i) Those who live on the present ii) Those who live in the past, present and future.

All religions and spiritual guides advise us that the most meaningful life is lived by those who experience the present all the time. Those who live in the present are fulfilled and a happier lot. They do not need astrology to guide them. Unfortunately most of us fall in the second group as we regret the past and worry of the future.

You may not realize it but you may belong to the first group by birth with the gift of living in the present by the grace of God. You may have a tendency to scoff at astrologers and astrology as superstition and you only react to the present.

Such people do not regret the past and future does not worry them. They are blessed. Do not be disappointed even if you are born in the second group. You can reach from misery, grief and worry to bliss by following a disciplined path.

The primary goal of an astrologer should be to help his subject transition from the second to the first group.

The maps with the route highlighted to reach the first group can be found in all religions. It may be known as the path to salvation, path to moksha or the path to renunciation and enlightenment. It is all the same. Every religion suggests shedding of the unwanted in thinking, action and spirit and strongly advocates a halt to sinning.

Vedic beliefs also suggest acquisition of blissful state of being by following any of the methods of tapasya (meditation) and yogic kriyas for achieving a mental state where events of the past and present do not disturb you and you face the future as it comes. People who have experienced this state are called Mahatmas, Gyanis and Gurus in the Indian context.

Those who live in the past have to suffer. Perhaps this is their destiny. Living in the past, for this debate would mean reflecting on issues which have no bearing on the present or future. Thinking of what is over and gone brings mostly regret and unhappiness. Tension for future comes from the uncertainty and the unknown, an intrinsic aspect of life.

Astrology can assess the present state of the subject from his horoscope and point the direction for the forward path.

Astrology can take you from the second group to the first by assessing the way no science can. It shows the path and also makes you understand better the law of karma and the working of destiny. An astrologer should strive to take his subject to the first group where after fruitful consultation he may not require an astrologer at all. The astrologer in no case should scare his subject into immobility. This is a sin for which an astrologer is sure to be downgraded in the eyes of God and the divine law would punish him. The first category also belongs to those who have achieved enlightenment. They know the purpose of life is to liquidate karmas. They do not multiply their karmas through evil deeds. They do not worry.

Astrology can give vital clues for understanding the tendencies in people Vedic Astrology approaches the subject of human behavior scientifically. It divides the planets and rashis in three categories.

Tamasic (the element that drives us towards base acts, the elements that intensify our instincts for gratification of sex and food). Mars is tamasic among planets with regard to guna. It delivers karmaphala (results of karma in a violent and aggressive manner).Mars is to be dreaded most while moving towards righteousness and morality.

The Land of the Rising Sun: Japan holds many firsts. The Japanese were the first and the only ones to face devastating atomic explosions and an equally explosive Tsunami that damaged their nuclear plant, which started expelling death in the form of radioactivity. It seems the waves of nature's fury and the man-made disasters hit them first. Is the land of the rising Sun our shock absorber?

The brainwaves perhaps also hit them first. They were to quick advance technologies that made their products and brands global leaders. Japan as a country can be taken on the Ascendant of the globe.

Choosing Japan's horoscope among many that are found on the web and in Campion's book of horoscopes was not easy. Based on past events, our choice fell on the horoscope of 28-4-1952 with the Sagittarius Ascendant much before Tsunami ravaged Japan. The dual sign in the Ascendant is also indicative of existence of several tectonic plates in the region.

The 6th lord in 4th shows damage to crops and structures. We had uploaded a comprehensive article in our April, 2011 newsletter.

Excerpts are reproduced: At the time of Tsunami of 11th March, 2011

The Preferred Horoscope: 28-4-1952 23:34, Tokyo, Japan.

This is the horoscope for the time when the agreement with the US was concluded. It is a horoscope that best reflects the rise to power from1952 onwards. Exalted vargottama Venus is in the 4th house with Mercury the 7th and 10th lordship.

The debilitation of Mercury and the 6th and 11th lordship of Venus indicate the proneness to earthquake a salient feature of Japan. Japan remained attached to US in agreement and spirit during the last 60 years. This can be seen from the aspect of Mars, the 12th lord in the 11th on the Lagna lord Jupiter. A powerful fifth house with strong and unafflicted Jupiter and Sun both in the D1 and the navamsha show humanitarian peaceful and progressive policies under the influence of US.

At the time of Tsunami of 11th March, 2011, the Vimshottari dasha was Mercury-Venus-Saturn at the time of earthquake on 11th March, 2011. All influence the 4th house Under the Chara scheme it was Pisces-Cancer-Taurus. Moreover an eclipse took place on the 1/7 axis of this horoscope in January 2011.

Relevant Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Hindu New Year Horoscope). The Lagna lord has gone to the 12th and the fourth house has Ketu. The 12th lord Saturn aspects the fourth house. The eclipse took place on the 4/10 axis. Major loss to agriculture on account of a natural calamity was predicted on the basis of this horoscope in Viswvijay Panchang which was printed in January 2010 (14 months before the earthquake).

Koorma Chakra of 11thMarch 2011 clearly points towards the direction of the earthquake. There are seven out of nine planets in the Nakshatras that represent, the north and the central.

We should learn from the Japanese how to preserve tradition and culture with economic development and urbanization. They have gradually mechanized their facilities without compromising their unique culture. Why they emphasize so much on market research and surveys can be understood by seeing their lifestyle and infrastructure. It is a super mechanized country. The speed and efficiency surprised me with every experience that I had in Japan recently.

Japanese have everything but space- technology, genius, discipline, a strong work culture and a vision to go ahead. Japan was the first to acquire, the once in a decade engineering marvel the Dreamliner, the Boeing 787 that features a wide array of latest, latest passenger amenities. The 200million fuel efficient, high- tech, travel comfort made its inaugural flight from Seattle to Tokyo's Narita airport. Japanese make the best for themselves and do not hesitate to acquire the best from abroad if it is worth it.

Kyoto, the ancient most city of Japan and its capital before Tokyo is the center of learning with the oldest university which has many Nobel laureates as its alumni. It has five thousand Buddhist temples.

After visiting Kyoto and interacting with Japanese, I am of the view that astrological principles of great value lie scattered all over the globe. The role of the largest school of astrology and conscientious astrologers should also be to collect them at one place and relate to them


Global Scenario

The march of Mars towards Aquarius heralded great shake-ups, amidst turmoil in West Asia in February 2011.With its entry into Aquarius on February 16, the impact of Saturn-Jupiter opposing each other in Virgo-Pisces intensified. Mars aspected transiting Saturn from Aquarius with its eighth aspect and then proceeded to join Jupiter in Pisces in the last week of March 2011. The tremors of the collision of these three strong planets, six months ago, can still be felt.

In the beginning of the year 2011, came a violent democratic upsurge in the most unlikely area of the globe. But astrologers with eyes on the Jupiter-Saturn opposition and Mars approaching were indeed expecting the unexpected.

Sectarian turmoil and the revolt against dictators with a long and selfish patronage of the western powers perhaps needed the joint effort of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. These five malefics in dual signs, occupying the four Kendras in March-April, 2011 jolted many strongholds which came under their sway. Mars in fact also signifies dictators.

Even during the revolution of 1989, that resulted in fall of communist dictatorships and split the USSR into fifteen countries, Saturn and Jupiter were in opposition in dual signs.

In the first half of 2011, we organized two seminars, dedicated to mundane astrology, driven by teachers of the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The seminars uncovered the impact that the combinations of Jupiter-Saturn, and of all malefics, had left behind in the 20th century.

During the great economic depression, Jupiter and Saturn opposed each other in Sagittarius and Gemini, dual signs in August, 1930.WorldWar II, that killed the most people in recorded history, perhaps was an outcome of an all malefic concentration on the Aries-Libra axis with Jupiter influencing later to dilute adversity and bring about acquisitions and mergers. The roaring sixties witnessed the kick-start of the summary rejection of societal norms in the US, a phenomenon that took the entire world under its sweep like a virus; these were also an outcome of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius and Mars opposing them in Gemini, dual signs, in November, 1960.

Today, protests have spread to 951 cities of 81 countries. Who could imagine that the US, which uses twenty nine percent of the world's petrol and 33 percent of the world's electricity for a population that is 4.48 percent of the world's 7 billion, would face protests by its own people demanding socialism in place of capitalism. The protest against Wall Street is for equality. The slogans by the majority highlight the equation of one capitalist versus ninety nine oppressed as not acceptable to the aam american admi. Growing unemployment and a fear of losing more looms large over the US.

Projection of a sovereign debt crisis in Europe would have been perhaps scoffed off as a creation of a pessimistic mind a decade ago, but now is a painful reality.

Surely, the present time defines monumental changes in economic history. Astrologically, these are happening even now as we are amidst paapkartari so far as major planetary transits are concerned. We are moving from Saturn-Jupiter-Mars in 2011 beginning to Saturn- Jupiter-Mars - Rahu - Ketu conjunctions in 2012-2013.

Is the banking system of Italy, Greece, Belgium and South Korea failing, or are these rumors and fears? All across the globe there are debates on the recovery from the meltdown of 2008 faltering into double-dip depression. The uprisings against governments are not driven by economic reasons and unemployment alone. Where you have prosperity and multinationals doing well, different factors come into play - democratic rights, corruption in India and a few other countries, inefficiency in Japan, China. Where countries are resource and cash rich- like Libya, Syria- you have a power struggle. Clearly pointing to the reasons through political analysis is hard- the underlying explanation can come from astrologically predictable powerful planets.

Is The Shake-up getting deadlier?

With Saturn moving to recreate a similar opposition with Jupiter and Mars joining them towards the end of 2012, followed by Rahu and Ketu, some devastating jolts that would remind us of a few disasters of the past are perhaps in store.

Quote from Astro Current, March-April, 2011 "The 2600 years old Mayan calendar that packs up in 2012 is drawing more and more attention. Astronomically and astrologically also in view of alignment of all malefic planets-Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun on the Aries-Libra axis, some jolting revolutionary changes are likely……..”

Seminars and Convocation of 30th October, 2011
The function received a divine start with lighting of lamp by Swami Nikhilanandji of the Chinmaya Mission, Shri K.N. Rao and Col A.K. Gour. The Vandna by Ms. Hansa further purified the environment. The first session was ably conducted by Mr. Satish Kumar Sharma, the monitor of the Junior research group. The 39 speakers, who spoke, demonstrated conviction and enthusiasm. The presentations on dasha of Lagna lord, 10th lord and exalted planets showed the insight and the depth reached in analysis. Clearly a passionate involvement of the guide Shri K.N. Rao could be seen.

The2nd session on transit of Saturn with respect to Atmakaraka and Karamkamsha was very educative. It had a major research of Shri K.N. Rao. Ms.Pammi Barthwal, a senior researcher, who has been working on the concept, religiously for a long time and had brought out a brilliant article with 25 case studies in the September-October,2011 issue of IOA Journal of Astrology on the subject, made an excellent presentation.

The presentation by two veteran researchers, Ms. Anita Mathur and Ms. Kanta Gupta in the 3rd session was an eye opener. They presented with ease and maturity the dreaded "Transit of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and fatality". Shri Rao concluded the Seminar session by explaining the importance of authentic horoscopes in research.

The convocation began with the lighting of lamp by Shri K.N.Rao, Prof N.N. Pillai, Mr. Harish Gupta, an eminent Journalist who was the chief guest and Mr. E.S. Isaac, controller of examination. The vandna of Mrs. Akhila Kumar has charged the scholastic atmosphere.

Speaking on the occasion I said this is a significant day for astrological research. This sort of research would make the day a defining one for the science of astrology. Lauding the role of Shri Rao, I said 25 years back in 1987 he single handedly started the institution and today after 25 years he again single-handedly guided the three path-breaking seminars.

Unquestionably the identity that we enjoy of being a member of the largest and the best institute of its kind in the world is due to Shri Rao. I also said that as the largest school of astrology of the world, we need to assume special responsibilities in terms of standardization in many areas. Important being authentication of horoscopes. We successfully discharged the responsibility of defending astrology in 2004 when its teaching in universities was challenged by a few skeptic scientists in the Supreme Court. Shri Rao spoke for half an hour in presence of the Supreme Court bench in the courtroom where I was also present. As a consequence, astrology eventually won the battle.

Shri K.N.Rao in his address said that purpose of the seminar is to remove stage fear and to present research. He said when others Institutes have not more than 200 students in toal, we have 300 scholars in research alone. Mr. Rao stressed on the need for replicable research. He said astrology can acquire scientific acceptability only when we produce replicable researches. He said, this is not possible in western astrology as it is not as developed as Vedic astrology. He said the two veteran researchers; Ms. Anita Mathur and Ms. Kanta Gupta have gone far beyond the available text of Phaldeepika. Our dreams in research are getting fulfilled.

Shri Rao's address was followed by the address of the chief guest, Mr. Harish Gupta, an eminent journalist who writes both in English and Hindi; and is a TV anchor as well. Presently he is editing DNA. He shared his experience with astrology and astrologers. He said he found hypocrisy more in Indians with respect to astrology. He said, he found many bureaucrats referring to astrology privately while debating important issues. A former cabinet secretary is also reputed to have practiced astrology privately. He said he had given the birth details of late Mr. Kumaramangalam to an astrologer friend without revealing his identity. The response was accurate about his grave illness. Mr. Gupta said he has found many predictions coming out correct but he got many incorrect predictions as well from the same astrologers. He said the responsibility of astrologers has become greater after the Supreme Court verdict. Therefore the more institutionalized astrology gets, the better it is for the society. He said a monitoring mechanism should be devised to escape from ponga pandits. He said he found ponga pandits a desperate lot like Journalists who are required to give the news on time. They have to beg, borrow or steal but the news has to come on time. He suggested rating of astrologers and their listing. He said Mr. Rao is a crusader. He suggested the use of astrology for medical diagnosis, to ascertain criminal tendencies remaining in criminals about to released and career and education counseling. He said as an institution we should strive to retain our credibility.

Professor N.N. Pillai paid glowing tributes to Shri Rao. He thanked and congratulated Shri K.N.Rao for bringing the Institute to a glorious destination and to the Silver Jubilee Year. He said it is a rare distinction to have half the faculty as authors. He declared that the silver jubilee year will be a year of celebrations. He said our achievements in Vedic astrology should be brought to the notice of the world. He said Indian wisdom cannot be without astrology. The Tatwa of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is Bharatiya vidya and astrology is an important part of it. Mr. Ashok Pradhan, Director Delhi Kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conveyed his greetings over telephone as he could not attend the function due to compelling circumstances. Mr. E.S. Isaac, controller of examination in his address suggested that Alankar and Acharya students should construct the horoscopes manually for a better understanding. He said one starts talking to the planets gradually. If you spend more time with them by writing them beside the chart yourself the communication would be better since later the planets start talking to you.

Sun dasha continues to hit corruption: Can Lok Pal root out corruption? The Jan Lokpal Bill, also referred to as the citizens' ombudsman bill, is a proposed independent anti-corruption law. Anti-corruption social activists Anne Hazare and his team proposed it as a more effective improvement to the original Lokpal bill, In view of corruption occupying the top focus area of voters, the political class wish to still better it.

In this context, the chaitra shukla pratipada chart of 3rd April, 2011, 20:02 hour, New Delhi as also the surya vidhi charts of entry of Sun into Aries and Cancer in 2011 and the paksh chart of August 2011 is quite revealing.

In the New year chart (Chaitra shukla pratipada chart) the Ascendant lord, Venus is inthe5th house and is vagottama. Therefore in spite of agitations indicated by the concentration of five planets in the sixth house, there had to be a review and eventual overhaul of government policies. The government now is taking a tougher stand on the popular corruption issue. The surya vidhi chart of August, 17, 2011, 11:48:51 hours, New Delhi has the 6th lord Jupiter in the 7th clearly pointing towards Anna Hazare and his agitation after August, 17, 2011.

The Lokpal (Sanskrit: protector of the people) would be empowered to register and investigate complaints of corruption against politicians and bureaucrats without prior government approval.

Sun dasha is out to expose India's hidden treasures: Soon after the Padmanabha temple treasure find, the Sun dasha did not dilute its influence. It has now caught India's British rulers of the pre-independence era.  In September, 2011 the plundered silver, deep inside the sea, worth 200 million pounds, hidden under a cargo of tea, was found. It was on a ship that sailed from Calcutta in December, 1940 for Liverpool. Enroute, it was torpedoed by a German boat. This is seen as the largest ship wreck treasure find ever.

Business and Economics: The worldwide economic crisis has compelled every nation to review its economic policies and put its house in order. All across the globe economic models that can sustain growth and provide employment to drive economies out of recession are being discussed. "Pick your poise, recheck safety valves and strive to reach your potential circumspectly" is the mantra of the times. Markets and nations are now integrated like never before. Equations are changing. Normally, sedate and sleepy, Germany holds the key to recovery in Europe. Japan has come forward to help.

Indian banks remain a hope to push the economy though Moody has downgraded them on November, 9. The optimists say "Half the work required to get over the crisis is complete. Pessimists have taken the blame game to a new level. In the US, several shades of political opinion see Obama as a meek President who has been manipulated by aides. I stand by my predictions made in the earlier Newsletters about the global economy getting out of the crisis situation and a second term for Obama, based on his horoscope and of many others.

International Vedic Astrology Program, 2011

The International Vedic Astrology Program in English was introduced last year with participation from six countries. The program has as its main objective imparting knowledge of Vedic astrology as is being taught and researched in the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and developing related skills in the participant. As the largest school of astrology we have to assume special responsibilities. One of the tasks is to integrate research globally and make it broad based.

The program is designed to share with like-minded astrology enthusiasts across the globe the knowledge we have acquired. We also hope to enhance the bank of knowledge through cross findings and interactive exchanges. The findings reported from the Institute will be made available to the participants by teachers who have decades of experience in teaching astrology. We wish to have our participants as our partners for progress in astrology internationally.

This year’s program will begin on 6th December, 2011. The schedule is now finalized, and is being uploaded on our website at The registration form can be downloaded from our website and emailed or posted to us.

There is metro from Janakpuri upto Rajiv chowk. Mandi house is the closest metro station from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Not sure whether the Janakpur metro comes upto Mandi house or one has to change from Rajiv Chow. Both the stations are are very close to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The time taken by metro from Janakpuri to these stations  is approx.30 minutes. The address is Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Copernicus Lane, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi -110 001


We shall serve only satwik lunch (no garlic, no onion , no heavy spices) Breakfast, dinner, accomodation and transport has to be arranged by the participant.


The classes will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with one hour lunch break. Usually the classes get extended upto 6 p.m.


We shall upload the final schedule by tomorrow. On Sunday the 11th December, we have scheduled a class on Marma Science and Marma Therapy. This class will be taken by Dr.S.K.Joshi from Haridwar.


There will be separate classes for beginners (basic course) from 5th to 20th of December.

Kartika Poornima (10thNovember, 2011):
Moon looks the most beautiful on this day when seen from earth by one and all. Astrologers find it in its exaltation sign or approaching it this day. The belief is that on this day the gods descend on earth and reside in the sacred rivers. Ganges and other sacred rivers have elaborate ceremonies on this day. It is believed that devotees who bathe in the sacred rivers on these days can also get rid of their negative poisons and receive the blessings from all the Gods.

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