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Journal of Astrology Newsletter April 2010

Life is everywhere. Feel it.
Have you ever thought how many living beings surround you?  On one belief there are  84 lac different yonis (living beings) that live with us. This belief goes further and claims that human beings take birth in the body of each of these yonis to experience their plight. Close your eyes under the sky and you will feel them. Go to the mountain top to feel  nature living and talking to you. Life vibrates. The earth rotates for us to glimpse the entire universe in 24 hours.

Why did we get the New Year wrong by 3 months?
As per Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris the Kaliyuga began on April, 14 of  5111 B.C.  Although the time of beginning of all yugas ( 1mahayuga =43,20,000 years ) and all Manus (1Manu = 60480000 years ) are not  recorded in April  due to perhaps the change in ayanamsha in different yugas,  there are enough reasons to believe that the earth evolved in March-April. What has perhaps remained consistent since evolution is the arrival of earth after a revolution time of 365.256 days every year on the equinotical point from where the Sun’ position is taken as 0 degrees on the imaginary celestial circle around us called the Sayana Zodiac on the celestial sphere.It marks the beginning of the Zodiac. This fact is accepted by all those perhaps who ever studied the sky in the history of Mankind, irrespective of race, religion or colour. This universally accepted truth leads us to believe that the creation of earth also took place around March 21. Most of  Hindu calendars follow either  Gudi Padwa (March-April) or Baisakhi April 13 as the beginning of the New year.

The first Christians would have agreed with the Hindus that the New Year comes in March
Good Friday, the date recorded of crucifixion and  resurrection of Jesus  Christ also falls in (March-April) The choice of  fixing January as the beginning of the New Year perhaps owed to the whims and fancies  of an autocrat and has no logical basis. But Nature thinks otherwise:Baisakhi is a festival  to herald a new phase (year) after the result are reaped of the previous phase. It is in the  harvesting season. The  harvesting  season is also the accounting season. We have the  Budgets in March for this reason. The month is therefore suited for reflection on the year gone by.

In most parts of India the Sun shines so brightly after its entry into the sign of its exaltation, Aries around April, 14 that it  cleans the atmosphere and ground of the unwanted bacteria and life making the way for the new and the fresh after the arrival of monsoon of  clouds created by the shining Sun.       

Is a day too long or too short
The giant tortoise  lives the longest, for  about 177 years and  the gastrotrich (a minute aquatic animal) for just three days. The Mayfly only lives for 1 day (duration of transit of Moon in one nakshatra). This gives it the shortest lifespan. Human life is ready to be born in all adult woman with  the egg that is formed every 27 days (duration of Moon’s transit in all the 27 nakshatras) Life is cyclical and influenced by planets. Can anyone question Nature's order.

Many lives vanish even before they take a shape but some lives sustain themselves inspite of all odds.

Jakho Rakhe Saiya Maar Sakhe na koi
In May 2007, a 50 ton specimen caught off the Alaska coast was discovered to have the head of an explosive harpoon embedded deep under the blubber of its neck. Examination determined the 3 1/2 inch arrow-shaped projectile was manufactured in New Bedford ,Massachusetts a major whaling center, around 1890. This proof that it survived a similar hunt more than a century ago indicated to researchers that the whale's age was between 115 and 130 years old. Some species of glass sponges live for an average of 15,000 years, and one specimen of glass sponge has been estimated to be 23,000 years old.

The planets protect the chosen ones
There was a case of a man traveling in his car to office  in Delhi . An iron rod protruding from a construction site pierced through his body  and remained embedded there for hours. He could make phone calls to his family and reach the hospital and survive after surgeries. More recently on April, 5 a 24-year old woman was shot by her spurned lover in a fit of rage. Three bullets pierced her in the brain, heart and hand. One of the three bullets entered her left middle ear and broke her ear bone before getting embedded in the brain. The other two cut into her right arm and heart. The doctors were shocked to see such a case. The bullet had entered the brain through the left ear and hit the skull. She was lucky because the bullet did not damage any part of the brain that controls body functions said doctors . No one can conquer destiny and God’s will   

Do men & stones have similar destinies?
Man’s quest to extend life and make living better was always there. Is there a destiny for all – both living and the non-living? We have the destiny of a house and the destiny of people living there can be known from the design of the house as per the Vaastu Shastra. We have pyramids designed to preserve dead bodies of Pharaohs in Egypt . We have the Konarak temple in Orissa dedicated to the Sun God where the sun rise, sun set and the sun light creates beauty.  We have the Lotus temple in Delhi where the architectural wonder provides peace and tranquility to everyone who meditates. The stone structure can take a person to a higher spiritual plane as well. But you have to correctly align with it.

The Golconda fort in Hyderabad has airy tunnels that provides natural air conditioning. Another interesting feature of this 13th century monument is that the sound of hands clapped at the entry gate is heard on top of the hill.

We have stories of stone idols weeping, stone idols cracking after praan prathistha (inducement of life into them ). How can we forget Ganeshji drinking milk. We have the destiny and history of the Taj Mahal and the Mughal empire.

We have many architectural wonders with a character beyond cement and steel. We have a collective destinies  of cities and towns flattened by earth quakes and natural calamities.

We have the destinies  of rivers. some changing their course and some their flow. River  Saraswati that flowed on surface and now is believed to be flowing under two other rivers in Allahabad . We have the auspiciousness of time linked to bathing in rivers- shahi snan in kumbh mel.a We have the destinies of kingdoms and dynasties. We have the destinies of yugas and manus. Isn’t  all cyclical???.

A scientist and a rationalist blinded with logic will dismiss such thoughts but a meta physicist or an astrologer will be alert and open to the sounds of the dead and of the dead stones as well.So, does the stone, the city or the river that flows in your town also flow with the current of its destiny as we, the living do? Astrological evidence suggests that they do.   

As life expectancy goes up does astrology change?
Life and death was seen and understood  more closely earlier than now.  Encounters with life and death were more frequently a few centuries ago with child mortality as high as seventy percent and life expectancy far less than what it is now. Though  human population was less, our surroundings had more living beings. The priority of  astrology and astrologers at that time was different. The prime aim was to predict whether a child was among the lucky three out of ten who would survive infancy or the unlucky among the seven who would not. For these reasons the focus was on survival of life before anything else. All classical granths be it Brihat Parashara Hora Shatra,with 45 shloka on evils at births, Phaldedepika chapter 13 (Determination of longevity). Brihat Jatak  chapter 6 Balarishtadhya. Evils at Birth  Chapter 10 of Saravali, Uttara Kalamrita Chapter III and others therefore emphasized more  on determination of longevity and  on life rather than on living. 

Phaldeepika  Chapter 13-4 declares: The first thing to be considered after the birth of the child is the examination of his longevity. If the child dies within the first four years it will be due to mother’s sins. Death taking place between four to eight years will be due to the sins of the father. If the death takes place between eight and twelve years, it will be due to the child’s own sinful actions in the earlier births.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Chapter 9 -2 declares in short-life combination (3-6) Should the Moon be in the 6th, 8th or the 12th from the ascendant and be in aspect to a malefic, the child will die soon. This would be applicable to roughly one- fourth births as Moon is there in one of the 12 houses in every horoscope. Consideriing the number of balarishta combinations, a horoscope with not even a single such a yoga would be a rare one. The balarishta combinations point out a weakness in the body.

The meaning of arishta was never death to Parashara and he wanted them to applied as per desh, kaal. Paatra. In today’s context, with advancement in medical science only multiple afflictions would mean early dearth.  

Fear Not the balarishta yogas
Ganda Moola , Vish Ghati, Dina Roga Dina Mrityu and fatalist predictions on the basis of Moon nakshatra for the child, his father or other family members are as irrelevant today as the  fear created about kaal sarpa dosha, pitra dosha or saade saati by the ponga pandits. The prescribed remedial measures like father not looking at the child for forty days are no more applicable. Advising upayas and charging money to ward off the evil of balarishta yogas amount to promoting unnecessary fear.

Julia Simon, an American lover of astrology had asked Mr.K.N.Rao the question that as to  how  he relates balarishta yogas  with low mortality rate. The answer of Mr. Rao was that  the meaning of arishta to Parashara was never death. It can be interpretation of the translators.

Balarishta in a child’s horoscope in the American context could  mean the parents separating and the single mother problem with  a high divorce rate there. Parashara perhaps, always wanted the yogas of our Rishis to be seen in the prism of desh, kaal , paatra. 

Mr Rao often quotes the case of an Indian, working with Government, who left the service to join a foreign company in Denmark . He had a child after ten years of marriage. The child was born in Ganda Moola. The traditional astrologers of India , when contacted asked the parents to come to India with the child for shaanti. 
Mr Rao when contacted, advised the couple simple mantras. It’s been years and the child is fine. All that perhaps the Ganda Moola caused was a transfer of the father from Denmark to Paris, which was not to his liking.        

BPHS: “Evils causing premature end exist upto the 24th year of one’s age. As such,no definite calculation  of life span should be made till such year of age”. This is also not applicable in the present context.

  Chapter 43 Longevity 2-3 “O Brahmin, for the benefit of mankind I narrate methods of ascertaining longevity, as knowing longevity is difficult even for gods”.

Can life-span be predicted with precision
Ku Karma Ayu Sheen:To what  extent this shloka is applicable  Your karmas determine your longevity the bad karmas would reduce the allotted longevity and the good deeds would increase. Where do then the astrological predictions on longevity fit in?

Mrs Gandhi's death foretold
Experience has shown that Astrologers can predict the hopeless periods in a person’s life as Mr. Rao could, in case of Indira Gandhi, between 28 October and 4 November of 1984 and she was killed on 31 October. This was the closest ever he could get. This was publicized in a long article on Mr.Rao, in the Statesman after the death of Indira Gandhi. In case of Rajiv Gandhi he drew the upper limit as August, 1991 and Rajiv was killed in May, 1991. It appeared in The Times of Astrology in August, 1990.

The lethal precision in predicting death is  still far fetched. We can, at best get to rough assessment of the life span by  assessing the  1st 8th and the 10th houses and the marakas.  Not so common, but specific for some  horoscopic combination, dasha systems can lead to better timing of this mysterious and deadly event.  Kaal Chaakra dasha is one such dasha that can take us very near but it requires hard labour and harder precision in correcting the time birth up to seconds by connecting past events to the dasha.

Do you need to know when you die
Nadi granths or Bhrigu granths have not shown us the consistency that could convince that their parameters are deterministic. Mr Rao describes them as deceptively looking easy methods.

Why determine Longevity
Getting to know the good or bad phases in life could help so also the focus  areas and directions for  a better planning but knowing the life span will do more harm than good perhaps for this reason God has willed not to give this precision to astrologers.

Gita as a manual to life?
• Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.
• Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening...
• What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything - whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.
• Change is the law of the universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty. Yours and mine, big and small - erase these ideas from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone.
• This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent - so who are you?
• Dedicate your being to God. He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. Those who know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow.
• Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.
Does the Gita preach fatalism?Does Gita recommend total surrender? Isn’t it escapism?
Man cannot be firm on his views on death. Every life and death that comes his way brings a change in his perception of life. Man is worried about his fluctuating fortunes of the current birth and always in search of a stability, quite  forgetting that death is as sudden and clueless as the birth and is sure to come. Why should he build enough fortune to last for seven generations when perhaps he is likely to be born in the family he exploited most to become a millionaire? For all you know, most of the Americans who lead an immoral life and hate poverty and filth are destined to be born in Indian slums.

Bhishma Pitaamah of Mahabharata fame was killed by woman wronged in her previous life by him. She took birth as Shikhandi, an eunuch to take revenge  Rinunabandhan (debt of past births)is not just confined to India. It is universal. We may be born, in the next birth, in the caste creed, colour, religion we hated all our lives.

Do you know when your karmas will catch up with you?
When will the realization come that would make us do karmas for the common good of humanity? We talk about spoiling the environment for our children by abusing the sanctity of nature. Can’t we say we are fuelling disaster for our future births as we are going to be born again in the very spoilt environment for which we are only to be blamed either directly or for tolerating nature’s misuse.

Although there are convincing cases of rebirth elaborated in the book Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology by Shri. K.N.Rao but who cares! The attitude with most of us is that we do not wish to think about tomorrow when enjoying the present. How can we be expected to care for the next birth, not proven so far.

Let us not forget the story of a butcher who while slaying a calf, heard her last utterances that reformed him. The calf uttered “till when we will keep cutting each other. In my previous birth I was the butcher and you the calf”. 
It is myth that Astrologers preach fatalism
One cannot remain focused on God or his worship and forget his duties. We have to do our karmas as well. The human birth is for performance of karmas. Perhaps, we were invaded by outsiders and conquered as we had developed spiritually so much that the intellectual class dissociated  itself with the concerns of national defence.

Many are duty bound and respect their Kartavya karmas. The soldiers who go to defend the territory of their country or the 76 CRPF personnel sent to clear the area in Dantewade and confront Maoists who had killed their colleagues the previous month showed exemplary courage and commitment  with respect to their kartavya. They are the martyrs in real sense and would be rewarded in their next birth for remaining committed.

Some are born  with a mission
Lord Krishna knows the mind of everyone and thus He knows what's going on in the mind of Arjuna and wants to bring forth the latent indecision in his mind. Krishna does so by positioning the chariot in front the two people that Arjuna had the most love and respect for, namely Drona his teacher and Bhishma his grand-father. He could have perhaps taken the chariot to where Duryodhana or Dushasana were stationed and their sight would have made Arjuna more determined to fight. But Krishna did not do that. Instead He placed Arjuna directly in front of the two dearest to Arjuna and informed him that he would have to kill them. He said  the assembled people are Kuru, reminding Arjuna that since he was also a Kuru, he would be fighting and killing his own kinsmen.

Krishna refers to Arjuna as Partha. Arjun's mother Kunti was Prtha, the daughter of Sursena and the sister of Vasudeva (Krishna's father) and thus she was the aunt of Krishna and Arjuna His cousin. As a child she was adopted by the childless Kuntibhoja and was thus popularly known as Kunti. Krishna is therefore reminding Arjuna of the family connection between them which is one of the reasons that He has agreed to become his chariot driver. He also reminds Arjuna that he is connected to a great dynasty and thus should not do anything inappropriate, like not wanting to fight in a battle field.

Our Shastra explain lives after lives may be got but the test of the soul is of  only  those who have been chosen for a mission in life.

We intend to elaborate this aspect of life  in our May,2010 Newsletter where  Astrological indications for  Mission in life  would be discussed. The Newsletter would also answer the question- Are Money Spinners  the Ultimate Winners.

The Fourth dimension-The unknown unknowns
There are things you know and I know. They can be called knowns-knowns.  You also know there are known unknowns, that is to say, there are some things I do not know but you know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones you don’t and I don’t know  … Dick Cheney .

We know approximately four percent about the universe. Twenty three percent of the universe is not yet clearly understood and can be called semi-dark area. Only speculations are made about it,  the remaining 73 percent is unknown. Why did the scientists then sign on a paper condemning astrology without understanding or experiencing it. There could be a fourth, fifth or sixth dimension, not known which could give clarity on the planetary influence on human affairs.

We have experienced astrology and have found it working. The connectivity and spectrum of planetary influence to us  could be through another dimension in the dark area for the scientists. The nearest star (Sun) will take one lac years to reach so it is impossible to get anywhere near it. The scientists have miles to go before they can comment on astrology. 

Wake-Up Call 
In our Newsletter of February 2010, based on direction from the Koorma Chakra and the transit of Venus in Gemini we had predicted that the Chinese border problem or the Maoists problem was likely to flare up between15th May, 2010 and the  1st week of June, 2010. The indications of such a flare up are already there. The tragedy of losing 76 CRPF personnel in anti naxal offensive is huge. .In Dantewada a great tragedy happened deep inside us where we could not blame a foreign hand. 

True, naxalism has become a grave law and order problem but why did we allow it to grow? It is called the revolutionary movement. What kept us waiting?Why this late reaction?  A revolutionary mass organization in Bihar . Jharkhand, Chatisgarh, Maharashtra and West Bengal has been created from exploited tribals, who as per one claim did not even get a penny of the development. Wasn’t this taken as an alarm by our policy makers.? It is known since long that  the undefined land where the tribals live has been taken over mischievious unscrupulous mining mafia. Hatred has been induced by those who make money from their region. They perhaps want them to  remain neglected and do not want the  government machinery to reach them. They helped create a Guerilla army and use it for extortions. It is a natural symptom of lethargy, corruption and nelect.Who are the people manipulating them with there goal  perhaps as seizure of political power need to be tracked. Are we unmindful of the socio-economic causes. They embraced the romantic version of left wing movement for they were allowed to be exploited. The battle against the Maoists is surely not just a law and order issue. State police forces have died and now the central.

It is high time we wake up. Violence cannot be met by violence. We should not be  proactive as in Punjab but we need to be more determined more fierce more resolute and compassionate about the poor. There should be more debates on the Naxal problems. We can acquire such an attitude in the dasha of Sun.

So far as China is concerned,the staple visa issue has again caused tension with respect to the border issue. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its territory and therefore finds no reason for issuing visas to its residents. It considers Kashmir also a disputed territory and had issued stapled visas for the residents there .

With the threat of terror outfits getting hold of Nuclear  arsenals, India can only express its concern in International forums, which is being done. The concern of India to jointly secure all nuclear weapons including Pakistan ’s nuclear assets lest they reach the Al-Qaida is genuine. But who cares. All issues including Global nuclear security centre should be deliberated upon is India ’s stand.

Hopefully the Sun dasha will bring back the strength to put forth its views effectively after a temporary setback till 9th June, 2010 due to adverse transit. This is  when  the border issues and Maoists matters will be difficult to handle.

The Amavasya effect
The news of  natural disaster from all directions came on 14th of April on the amavasya day:- China copes with massive quake in their northwestern province  617 killed over 10000 injured. The second news  was of storm  in Bihar and W Bengal that killed 132 people. The major most being the volcanic eruption in Ice land that haunted the headlines for more than a week. Hundred of miles of volcanic ash, swirling at 15000 to 18000 ft,  spread from Russia to Japan   brought  air traffic in Europe to a  halt. The huge ash cloud  caused  air travel chaos across Europe on a scale not seen since the Sept. 11 attacks, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded. About 17,000 flights were expectedy with airports in Britain , France , Germany , and across Europe closed for 5 days.

Vulcanologists say the ash could cause problems to air traffic for up to 6 months The volcano began erupting on Wednesday, the 14th of April (Amvasaya-new Moon ) for the second time in a month from below the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, hurling a plume of ash 6 to 11 km (4 to 7 miles) into the atmosphere.

I am reminded of the Russian Research we discussed earlier (The full article can be read  on the or in the March-April issue of Journal of Astrology):Neutron flashes may forecast earthquakes. Earthquakes may be heralded by bursts of neutrons from the earth’s surface and could even be linked to the lunar cycle, according to the two Russian physicists.  Nikolaj Volodichev and Mikhail Panasjuk of the Skobeltysn Research Institute of Nuclear Physics in Moscow noticed that flow of neutrons from Earth’s crust increased sharply during the new Moon and the full Moon. 

It is note worthy that in an interview of Shri. K.N. Rao  published  on 28 or 29 December, 2000 in the magazine Week he predicted the earth quakes in 2001. The word earthquake was not used by the journalist as they did in Hindi newspapers. But in the Feb interview they referred to Mr.K.N Rao as the only  one who predicted the earthquake.

The country will face crippling natural calamities, which could occur in the first fortnight of January 2001 and also anytime during the year, particularly after March. The eastern region, reeling under periodic droughts will not see any perceptible improvements.
The Week 11 February 2001
Fatal February!
A Catastrophe in store for north India , says astrologer who predicted the quake
February will prove to be a bad month for north India , says noted astrologer K.N. Rao. The reason: the planet Mars was shifting from the Tula (Libra) to the Vrischika (Scorpio) rashi on February 3 and 4. At the same time, Mercury is moving back and setting in the seventh house. Because of these unfavourable planetary alignments, Rao says, northern India will witness a calamity.
Rao has made many correct predictions including the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984. In the Week dated January 14, 2001 , he said, “The country will face crippling natural calamities, which could occur in the first fortnight of January.” He was the least surprised when the massive earthquake rocked Gujarat on Republic Day.
Rao is worried because on February 3 and 4, the Moon is going to join Saturn and Jupiter in Vrisha and they will be affected by Mars in Vrischika. Disasters, he explains, are generally triggered by the return of the planets and since Mercury is setting in the seventh house, a catastrophe between February 4 and 15 in northern India inevitable.
Rao predicts cyclones, earthquakes and other natural calamities on the basis of Varahamihira’s Brihata Jataka, a classic written in the fifth century. He also uses certain Rajashani manuscripts. For predicting the Gujarat earthquake, Rao considered the lunar eclipse in the first week of January and the new Hindu year Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, besides the planetary position.

Wings –clipped! Lalit Modi Grilled! Modi downsized!  The IPL brand  under threat Is the Sun disciplining or is it  Media Masala.
As predicted in the January, February and March 2010 Newsletters the focus on sports is sharpening.  The high profile IPL Saga has overshadowed everything else. It takes away most of our time in offices and homes. It occupies prime space on the TV News channels and Newspapers. A new dimension has been added with the entry of Sun, the mahadasha  lord into Aries on 14th April, 2010. Aries rashi is  the 8t  house from the 5th and the 12th from the  Lagna  of the Indian Independence horoscope.

Sports is seen from the 3rd but betting and entertainment from the 5th   house. From an sporting event IPL is seen now  as event of girls, gambling and entertaininment. Its correction which is bound to come  has to be astrologically understood. The basic tenet is-if  any one has jumped his confines he has to be corrected in the dasha of the disciplinarian Sun. A sporting event got  turned into an entertainment and  gambling event. Was it due to transit in the 12th house of Sun , Mercury and Venus? 

How did the turnaround come has to be astrologically understood. After the entry of Sun into Aries, all the ingredients of a Bollywood film were witnessed –money, maidens, murky dealings, betting  and  mystery. IPL rocked the the parliament and docked a Minister.  Delhi socialite and beautician with a Dubai and Kerala connection had mysteriously acquired  4.7% or about 70 crores in the Kochi IPL team. Why was she targeted when there were other murky dealings?

The  war over tweets revealed many. The war turned political . If it was Sunanda Pushkar on one side and  Gabriela, explained mischieviously by the media, on the other.

The biggest carnival and the IPL brand got hit by disciplinarian Sun’s 8th house effect. It transited to Aries with lower Sarvastakvarga points than Pisces in the Indian Independence horoscope on 14th April where Mercury and Venus  already there. The combination of 8th  from the 5th and the 12th from Ascendant and the dasha of Sun-Moon-Mercury combined with  high volatility of Amavasya triggered  the intrigue.

As predicted the Commonwealth Games would be a success and the next IPL a corrected and better version due to the blessings of Sun.  
The failure of launch from Sriharikota of GSLV-D3
The launch of the  rocket with indigenously made  cryogenic engine was perhaps wrongly timed. The success of this launch was crucial as it would have placed India in the elite club of five nations. The time of  movement of Sun  to the 12th house was not the right Muhurta.It is wrong to fix muhurtas just on the basis of  avoiding inauspicious periods of Rahu, Gulika, Yama Kandaka during the day. The dasha in the Indian Independence horoscope was  Sun-Moon-Mer-Mer-Mars at the time of launch it was followed by the prana dasha of Rahu on 15th of April, 2010. It was on the basis of the dasha of  Mars that Mr.Rao had predicted the fall of Morarji Desai’s government in 1979. It is noteworthy that Mars, as the 7th and 12th lord is in the 2nd house at 7 degrees and twenty seven minutes. The ascendant is at 7 degrees and 47 minutes. Mars as played a lethal role in the history of Independent Inddia. Success is sure to come after entry of Jupiter into Pisces from 2nd May, 2010

Tradition vs Constitution
- Sagotra 
Astro genetical considerations were valid always. The meeting of the representatives of 36 panchayats from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi in Kurukshetra on 13th April, 2010 was justified to deliberate upon the issue of sagotra vivah but not the barbaric practices and the honour killing of Manoj and Babli prompted by the medieval justice system had no justification at all. It Kangaroos Courts vs Constitution.

The  Khap mahapanchayat defied the  Indian constitution and sought amendment in Hindu marriage act to ban  marriage not only in the same gotra but the same. Khap leaders were justified in voicing concern  for protecting marriage traditions . In the wake of Karnal court judgment to hang five out of the  seven found  guilty in the honour killing of Manoj and Babbli the meet witnessed violent utterances.  Court shouldn’t interfere. They collectively challenged the Indian  constitution and demanded ban on sagotra vivah and amendment in Hindu marriage act.

When we are debating gay marriages, a ban onsagotra vihah appears is not likely to be even considered. But the fact remains it a part our tradition and its value scientifically and statistically proved.

Census  2010 a multipurpose exercise. Disciplanarian Sun takes stock
A gift of the Sun dasha to know ourselves for better planning A PIL in the Supreme Court made a strong pitch for utilizing the `Census 2011’ between April, 15 to May, 31 to end 80 years of speculation about the exact OBC  population, which formed the basis of 27% quota . It should settle many matter  besides the quota issue. The first step towards reformation is understanding. It is a massive task to assess 1.2 billion Indians. It takes place after 38 years. The last survey was in 1972 Every Indian will be photographed and finger printed 2.5 million officials are likely to br deployed.

As predicted in our last three Newsletter economic reforms are bound to come. The industry is going to remain bullish and so would  be the stock market more so after 9th June, 2010 . 
Remedial Measures
Moon is praan, the life force in all of us. It is when  Moon gets into the allotted  nakshatra that the body in the womb becomes  ready to take  birth.The most important astrological identities therefore  become the Rashi and the Nakshatra of the Life. The first breath  starts the journey of life and the last breath ends it. The body then is  handedover to death. Moon rashi and Moon nakshatra are therefore of paramount importance in life.

All activities, be it journey, remedial measures or anything of importance should be considered after an analysis of all the planets with reference to the natal Moon. The fasting moving is the Moon.

Transit of Moon is not good in the 4, 8 and 12 rashis from natal Moon therefore all decisions and activities that can be postponed should be avoided. So is the case of the  3, 5, 7 from the birth nakshatra. These also should be avoided. When Moon transits its natal postion in the birth  person becomes sensitive and the focus is on the self. It is the best time for worship and prayers. The Moon transit should be used for every step of importance in life. 
Marma Chikitsa
Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan had organised a workshop on Marma Science and Marma Therapy (The divine self healing process) by Dr.S.K. Joshi of Hardwar on 21st of April, 2010 at Satyagraha Mandap Auditorium, Gandhi Darshan , Rajghat , New Delhi .

The experience was exhilarating as a spiritual cure. Dr Joshi demonstrated for fighting  both common and the grave disease through simple, straightforward  postures. The process of detecting the disease through the self-assessment of one’s own  behavorial pattern and  self-cure through simple postures appealed to all present.

This science of touch convinced many who were fortunate to get the touch of Dr.S.K. Joshi which instantly cured them or at least  provided relief from pain from  chronic ailments. The practice of this science can not  only cure chronic and incurable diseases but is sure to elevate the practitioner physically, morally and spiritually to a better level.

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