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Journal of Astrology Newsletter December 2010

When Will the Roll of Destiny’s dice favor you? See from the 9th house. 
It was an earthquake that brought a turnaround for the man who was born with a mission.  The mission was noble and destiny perhaps was giving a helping hand- creating opportunities, showing the path.  The man in this case was Dr.S.K.Joshi, at present Additional Medical Superintendent and Reader/Head of the Department of Ayurvedic Surgery in the Government Ayurvedic College and Hospital in the old and renowned Ayurvedic institution of Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar.  He has served here for nearly two decades, established himself in his limited orbit as the man who works miracles. He does not wish to extend his orbit as he has no desire for money or publicity. He has cured many incurable diseases, not by surgery, but simply by the touch of his hand.   

Big Bangs bring Major Changes, including the arrival of a Guru
The devastation caused by the earthquake of 20th October1991 in Uttarkashi brought many volunteers to the victims. Dr. Joshi was one among them.  As a young Ayurveda teacher- practitioner, he, at that time, was dabbling in Marma Therapy, which he had discovered in the ancient scripture Sushruth Samhita, while pursuing his M.D. at Banaras Hindu University. He did use his newly acquired knowledge innovatively, but was discreet by applying it on patients needing instant relief and for reviving those with incurable diseases.

He was spotted by the Swami Nigmanandji while helping the needy with missionary zeal. His devotion, sincerity and dedication was perhaps what drew attention. He interacted with all volunteers,   among whom was Swami Nigmanandji. While bidding farewell, he placed a Rs.100 note in the pocket of Swami Nigmanandji as a token of his gratitude. Swamiji sought help from his followers to summon the young doctor who placed the note without his noticing it. He returned the note and told him they would soon meet. This moment was perhaps in store in Dr. Joshi’s destiny- meeting the Guru. Such major changes occur when the 9th house is strong and gets activated.   

Chance meetings that matter also come from 9th, the house of Fate
Mr. K.N.Rao was told about Dr.Joshi’s miraculous cures by Mr.Sanjeev Chauhan of Aaj Tak TV channel. Mr. Chauhan often visits Mr.Rao. His father was cured of an incurable disease by regular visits to Dr. Joshi at Haridwar for a few months and so was a senior government functionary with cirrhosis of liver. Dr. Joshi got connected with Mr. Rao when Mr. Chauhan casually mentioned to Dr. Joshi and his wife Mridul that he would be visiting Mr.K.N.Rao on his return to Delhi. This revived old memories. Mridul asked him if it was the same Rao uncle, the astrologer, whom she knew intimately as a frequent visitor to his house and all his predictions came true. One being that her husband would be a religious and spiritual person. What followed were several visits by the couple to Mr. Rao’s place and two camps in Delhi on marma therapy and the week long training program at Haridwar in 2010.   

The Revival of Marma Chikitsa through Dr. S. K. Joshi
Swami Nigamnandaji knew Marma Chikitsa and he found his vehicle to bring it to the people, in Dr. Joshi. One who has set a goal that helps mankind, gets Destiny's endorsement, seen from the 9th house.  

The life altering magic of marma can reach your doorstep but it  is you who has to accept and adopt this system . Dr. Joshi has decided to make this gift from his destiny available to all in need and Swami Nigmanandji is the God sent help.

Mrityunjay Mission: for the healing of people -was established in the foothills of the Himalayas in Haridwar, with a branch in Rishikesh, amidst ashrams and seas of ochre robes. Mrityunjay means victory over death. Marma therapy was applied in ancient times to revive the near dead and cure incurable diseases   

Marma Therapy- a simplified yoga
No straining in stretching or breathing! Just gently touching the sensitive marma points is what this ancient but recently understood therapy advocates. And it provides instant cures.  In the context of deficiency of trust in present day medical test reports, diagnosis and treatment by money-making medical centers, it is natural and holistic to get attracted to marma. My understanding is that every one of us is born with the potential to cure one's own ailments with one's own hands and one can be trained to do that through marma. Then why wait?   

Awareness creation and Ego Control
Accidents do not always damage. They deliver a message of destiny. Call them the shocks of destiny. The wake-up calls of destiny keep coming with near death swishing past you, making you realize how fragile, how small you are in this universe. You become aware of ever lurking dangers, but your ego’s quest to conquer may blind you to reality- all ego misguides and takes you away from the truth.   

Pilgrimage also comes from the 9th house and the ninth division, navamsha
In the article Navamsha and Bhakti, by Maneeza published in our March-April, 2010 issue of IOA’s Journal of Astrology, the myriad ways in which destiny manifests itself have been explained. The article brings out the coming together of 6 individuals under one Guru, K. N. Rao.   

The rashi chart (D-1) indicates the promises of the horoscope whereas the navamsha chart (D-9) indicates the fructification of those promises. Therefore navamsha becomes an important and pertinent chart. Maharishi Parasher has given great importance to this chart. Ninth house is the house of dharma or the abode of God and navamsha being the one ninth division of the chart indicates dharma phala as well. Navamsha also reflects on the inner persona of an individual and the dynamics of his mental state. It is also called the x-ray or ultrasound of the birth chart where both the apparent and intrinsic strength of the planet is assessed.  The navamsha of the people who are influenced by the same Guru and go with him for pilgrimage should have interlinked Moon in this chart by being in the Kendra or Trikona from the Guru’s Moon. This is what has been conveyed in the article based on statistics.

Marma Science and Marma Therapy training program from 22-28 November in Haridwar
It  was a training  that enriched me and every other participant at all  levels-physical, mental and spiritual. The holistic therapy in a holistic environ was a rejuvenating experience, with the Ganga flowing serenely, snaking its way through the Himalayan foothills. The presence of Mr.K.N. Rao in a mood to shower tips on astrology was another factor responsible for the huge haul from the trip. The recitation of Narayan Kavach and Vishnu Sahastranaam augmented  the healings and gains.

We started for Haridwar on 21st November, 2010 at around 4:30 p.m. Though Mr. Rao wanted us to start a little early in Aries Lagna as Venus was in its own sign in the 7th house, we could not make it earlier He wanted us to cover a good distance while Aries was on - for knowing about a journey one should see the 7th house in transit. Surely with Taurus shifting to the Ascendant we started to face traffic snarls in Modinagar since Mars, Mercury and Sun was in the 7th house from Taurus in Scorpio.  Thereafter we had a bumpy ride till Haridwar with Ketu in the Lagna and Rahu in the 7th. Mr. Rao was not perturbed as he knew these bumps would come.   

I had my dasha of Mercury-Saturn-Venus. I have Jupiter and Venus in third house of my horoscope aspecting the 9th house. The dasha gave me a pilgrimage of sorts with the Guru combined with a dip in the Ganga. When I was asked speak on the concluding day for my impressions, I said the trip could be termed as a Bhagyauday (turnaround in fortune) trip  for me in view of  changes I started to feel during the training program and after. I said the trip was undoubtedly successful as I found those who came to get their near and dear ones treated started to join the training program themselves.   

Astrological Classics on the 9th House
The ninth house deals with preceptor (Guru), deity (devta), father, auspiciousness, poorvabhagya (previous luck) worships, penance, virtuous act or virtue , grandson , and noble family.   

Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra
Fortunes, wife’s brother, religion, brother’s wife, visits to shrines, etc.   

Mundane Judiciary and litigation,  Supreme Court, judges,  International law ,United Nations, public institutions  and world organizations. Ministry of foreign affairs, diplomacy, relation with foreign countries, treaties and agreements, foreign trade, commerce  and merchant shipping , navy and naval affairs, tourism, aviation, science, institution of higher studies, college, higher thought and scientific societies , sea voyage, long travel, immigration, publishing industry-advertising, public-relations Religion, mosques, temples, churches religious and sacred books like the Vedas, Quran and Bible. Long distance communication, cable, wire, radio, TV, s motor transport, pilot’s airlines hostesses and travel agents. Treaties with foreign nations e.g. foreign trade treaties, etc.  Philosophy, Sanskrit but not research. Religious bodies or shrines, place of worship, Religious leaders In

war charts, it is the country’s efforts to blockade the enemy’s shores, seen for war chart from 9th. 

Importance of 3, 6, 9 & 12
The 3rd denotes the ability work, 6th about competition, 9th the luck factor and the 12th the utilization. Therefore where you spend matters a lot. Your expense should be made in the best possible manner for improving the self and the karma account. One should utilize the energy to improve the accumulated karmas. After the ascendant, the 3/9 axis is important as the 3rd represents the effort and the 9th the luck. It is become important in a kaliyuga destiny.   

Do not conclude astrological analysis with one meaning as astrology is meaningful
The 9th house is between the 8th house of changes and the 10th house of karma. The changes in our account of karma have to be processed through the 9th house of dharma. Unless the dharma house is strong, the changes could result in scandals and other negatives represented by the 8th house.  Change is the nature of life, but challenge is the aim of life. So we have to challenge changes with our dharma and karma. We should not escape the challenges. Before the spoken language of the people is the silent language of a culture derived from the 9th house. This takes them back to millenniums and also to the region of their origins.   

The 9th is the house of learning and long distance travel. Being the house of destiny, the long distance could be to the place of your earlier births which can give insights and bring turnarounds in destiny. The 9th is a Happy House. It is house from where the blessings of the elders, Gurus and forefathers are stored.  You get them from your karmas. 

The 9th house is the house of father. The 9th from 9th is the house of father's father. The 5th house therefore becomes the house of your child and as also the house of your Grandfather. This would make the 9th house the house of your father and of your Great Grandfather also. The 9th house therefore also represents the growth and destruction of the family tree.  

Destiny defined
God after creating the universe inserted life into it. This life he perhaps thought will vibrate and make his creation purposeful. He also gave freedom of mind to his most refined living creation – the humans. He could decide who would be the good, the bad or the ugly. He had to make them accountable for their deeds and therefore created destiny. If you misuse your freedom you have to suffer. This is what causes all the havoc or else earth would have been a paradise. 

Religion defined
Religion is not what God created. It is an interpretation of the purpose of God’s creation by man and unfortunately, mostly misplaced. There are certainly keen observations and prescription of behavioral norms in every religion otherwise the faith in them would not be there.  The norms set and ideology is idealistic in every religion and should be followed religiously. Interpretation of it in today’s kaliyuga is the most misconceived, misrepresented and misunderstood. They have already caused much mass destruction and have the potential to completely destroy us.

Even Gods are not free from destiny, intrigues and misunderstandings where we human stand . The sanyasis Buddhist Monks are happier lot in spite of no night outs, no movies no junk food in Cafes and no branded liquor to taste away from TV away from the politics of home they wish to engage in sadhna with just one goal salvation. 

Sun Dasha in Our Independence Horoscope gets more effective

Did Sun dasha in the Indian Independence Horoscope make WikiLeaks possible? The answer is in the affirmative! If it impacts India it has to!

Who has gained and who has lost from Wikileaks will take some time to assess, but through astrology, based on the favorable dasha in the Indian independence horoscope one can predict that India would certainly gain. It is a crisis situation for countries already facing credibility deficits after the cable explosion triggered by Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, a controversial Australian.  What could have made him unleash the leaks? Was it simply a windfall created for Assange by a disgruntled American soldier in Iraq who could tamper the server where tens of thousands of such cables are stored? The server is perhaps worth a thousand times its weight in gold for blackmailers. We will get to know if Assange is one.  It could make Assange the richest person on earth if he decides to blackmail. On the contrary, it could be a noble mission of Assange to make the aam admi (common man) aware of the misdeeds and manipulations of countries that present a false image internationally.

How much to believe in the media reports or statements by national leaders will now be discounted and taken by the aam admi.  How dirty can diplomacy become stands exposed. Some say these leaks were destiny provided for Assange who is facing rape charges but some say the rape charges are fabricated. Assange surely knows the potential of his possessions This is the reason why he is targeting his statement at Hillary Clinton. He has claimed a fresh `megaleak’.  He had warned, earlier from an undisclosed location that he was ready to unleash documents that could “take down a bank or two” Assange said that bank leak would “give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume. Usually when you get leaks at this level, it’s about one particular case or one particular violation. The rate at which Wikileaks is releasing cables- less than 300 in three days so far- it might take years for its full tranche of 250,000+ documents comes into public domain.”

Sun and Sonia
Not Son and Sonia and also not 2 G but Sun and Sonia. It could have been nothing else but the promptings of Sun that made Sonia launch 5-fold attack on corruption.  CMs have been asked to give up say in land allotment was the headline that dominated the newspaper on the 21st. The fivefold plan may or may not be implemented but the intention seems to be towards the right direction. It was a good feeling to note that   corruption is being taken seriously by the most powerful.

The five points:
i) Fast-tracking of all cases of corruption involving public servants including politicians. “Why can’t we put in place systems that bring corruption cases to closure in a definite time-frame was her question to all. 
ii)Effective law  and clear procedures to ensure full transparency in public procurements and contracts “ Whistleblowers must be protected”
iii)Congress  CM’s and ministers at Centre and States to set example in relinquishing discretionary powers especially in land allocation.
iv) Open competitive system of exploiting natural sources
v) State funding of elections. As a party and as a government, we must confront corruption head-on.

Sun Revealing a Lot
Times of India in its headlines of 22nd December reported the sensational claim by undertrials in court that Tihar officials gave them guns to murder the tainted officials of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee. It was also reported that President Pratibha Patil signed the order for suspension of tainted Prasar Bharti CEO B.S. Lalli. It reported that an inquiry found Lalli guilty of many irregularities. Ex-UP Chief Secretary tycoon get 4-year jail for land scam and CVC –the anti-corruption watchdog being asked to explain were some of news headlines last week.

International Vedic Astrology Program, 2010 (15 to 30 Dec) 
After the Russian Program from 6th to 16th , December, 2010 which we have been having successfully with interpreters  for the past three years a  challenging project came our way.   We were prompted to conceptualize this program when we received several requests from all across the globe. We are trying to make the program meaningful and value based so that the participants become our messengers for a larger gathering next year. However, we found advantages of small numbers. We’re giving them better attention.

On the inaugural day many commented that it was a near impossible proposition to teach astrology to a mix with different levels of knowledge and varied systems of astrology. Some have problems for they do not know English well enough and their companions who have a working knowledge of English do not understand astrology of a level anywhere near of their companion. Some had difficulties in getting used to our accent and we had difficulties in understanding them. What kept us integrated and bound was a passionate urge to progress in astrology. There is discipline, devotion and appreciation. There is criticism and there are suggestions as well in the interactive sessions. Overall the program has been a huge success so far.

In my remarks during inaugural function I commented `hunger makes one desperate. Also the hunger for knowledge, more so for learning a science through which you have had a peep into the future. I also said that astrology is a divine science and unless it in your destiny you do not get it.   Mr. K.N. Rao in his welcome address said that though it is a challenge to conduct a program with such complexities, there is always a way. Mr. K.N. Rao, who is known for his skills in planning, gave very useful tips. His encouragement was the sole inspiration to move ahead with program in spite of many hurdles.

Remedial Measures: Trust begets Trust. Goodness begets Goodness

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