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Journal of Astrology Newsletter February 2011

Does 11 go parallel and uninterrupted or do you hit a T Junction?  

The march towards gains and success, seen mainly from the 11th house of a horoscope, seems inexorable. Not wary of the junctions ahead and the final dead end, the kaliyuga urbanite keeps toiling for the futile. He ignores the fact that the growth and success can be healthy only with balance.  The cruel fact is that, though we see disasters happening, we do not follow the path shown by junctions and signals. In our quest of gains and success, we do not factor in our efforts and switch off the moral compass. So we end up gaining and succeeding by compromising our health and morality.  

Take Egypt, their octogenarian President Hosni Mubarak, made desperate attempts to salvage his 30 year rule. He rejigged the cabinet and called out the army despite the clear writing on wall. His refusal to step down clearly is Kissa Kursi ka “Leave Hosni, you, your son and your corrupted party “declared the graffiti on the tank as soldiers invited demonstrators to climb aboard. Egypt delivers, perhaps the most positive message after the Bihar elections: listen to the people, work for them.   

A coin has two sides but one body. Heads you win but someone loses. A winner should learn to be a loser. We have heard this wisdom but rarely follow it. Modern wisdom advocates motivation from all sources to make one an achiever in life. But gains and success are the only goals most think of. We are in denial of loss since it is demotivating. Mindset trainers and marketers have removed the word loss from their vocabulary. Are we losing reality by being groomed with such an attitude?  

People put all their resources to provide the best education and security for their children so that they enjoy gains and success and replicate them for their children. Is happiness only derived from gains and success or is there another side of the coin? Let us understand this with aid of astrology, while evaluating the 11th house of a horoscope. It is astrology and Indian philosophy which alone can advise of the right mix.  

Classics on the 11th House  

Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra: All articles, son’s wife, income, prosperity, quadrupeds, etc. are to be understood from the 11th house. An auspicious 11th house makes a person happy at all times. The 11th house indicates the fructification of efforts of a person. A person is doomed to a lifetime of struggle and very limited gains if the 11th house does not show promise. The pivot around which success revolves in a horoscope is 11th lord and the 11th house.  

Phaldeepika: The matters to be considered from the eleventh house are gains, income, and acquisition, receipt of wealth, accomplishment, splendor, and prosperity, profits, veneration, elder brother or sister, left ear, anything juicy, delightful news.

Agreements and contracts with foreign countries. National mint, treasures, Ambassadors’ sent to foreign countries, Vice President, national aims or goals, national plans, allies, international relations, gains from other nations, gains from foreign trade, cooperative society. 

Research on the 11th House  

The 11th House is of gains, of recognition and awards : As per the collective research undertaken under the guidance of Mr.K.N.Rao, published in the Jan-Feb, 2011 issue of the IOA’s Journal of Astrology it was found, on assessment of the horoscopes of successful people, that all of them have a strong 11th house and 9th house (11th from 11th). 

The Number of planets connected to the 11th house reveals it all : The findings of the research emphasize that we should not fail to notice a concentration of planets in the 11th house or associated with the 11th lord. The more the number of planets connected to the 11th house/lord, the more is the possibility of material success of that person.  

The 11th House is a house of achievers : The 11th is the house of people who have risen with their efforts. It is necessary to have a strong 11th house to get equal or more value vis a vis effort. The 3, 6 and 11, which are also known as the upachaya houses, when activated through the dashas and transit put you on a fast track and cause rapid rise. These three houses are called trishadhaya houses also. The lords of the trishadhaya houses and planets there become inherently malefic but give growth in power and position. They have more to do with action and provide momentum. The third is the house of self-effort, the sixth of competition and the 11th being sixth from sixth gives the results of the sixth house also besides being the 2nd from tenth, the house for seeing wealth generated from the karmas. The planetary configuration of an achiever has been found to be malefic dominated in 3, 6 and 11 and benefic dominated in the 9th house of luck. The 3, 6, 9 and 11 are the houses that are to be analyzed for predicting achievements.  

Can Success and Achievements put you in disarray?  

Is it passion alone that provides the winning edge? 
True, one of the ingredients of success and gains is an aggressive and passionate posture. But the higher and faster you reach in a mode of aggression, the steeper could be the slide downwards the kaliyuga man moves forward in his quest at a high speed, quite forgetting his fragile mind and body.  This not only holds good for the modern urbanite but seems to have been understood for centuries. Alexander the Great, known for creating the largest empire in ancient history and remaining undefeated stopped for a breather under a tree after several conquests. From his, famous and elegant horse he asked a beggar resting against that tree “Do you know who I am? The beggar said No!  Alexander said, “I have conquered most of the countries and I shall soon conquer the entire world. The beggar asked him what will you do after that? Alexander replied Relax! The beggar said this is what I am doing now. Alexander died at the age of 32.  

Vehicle glut and Congestion of sorts : We run after bigger and faster cars. When we collectively do it in larger numbers, it causes traffic snarls and congestion.  It is then we delight in reflecting on the good old days of fiats, ambassadors and the Maruti 800s. They were certainly cheaper and perhaps more satisfying and healthier with no congestion and pollution. What good are riches, development and progress when we do not balance them with peace of mind? According to newspaper reports car sales in India rose 26 percent in January, 2011 defying an expected slowdown. This demonstrates that our greed to live better is alive and well, regardless of consequences for ourselves in the long run or to the country. India has been identified as one of the fastest growing auto markets in the world. It grew 31 percent in 2010. Indian automakers sold 1,84,332 cars in January, 2011 according to the data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association  (SIAM) Sales of trucks and buses, a key indicator of  economic activity rose 12.6 percent to 60,753 units last month.  

Trade deficit widens : The greed fueled by kaliyuga desires make us spend beyond our means. Collective greed widens the national trade deficit. Have we forgotten Mahatma Gandhi who said the earth can provide for everyone’s need but not every one’s greed? We swallow pills to sleep after we get our credit card statements. The government also spends sleepless nights to fix the budget. Where has wisdom disappeared? Are we following a wrong economic policy in the name of development?  

Was rapid development right or wrong?
With arms race and nuclear arsenals hanging like swords right over our necks, arguably one was better off without such a progress. 

Global warming and pollution
A threat of a disaster of equal proportion in present times is an outcome of an unplanned development and is seen as yet another potential means of mass killing. Unfortunately this is also man created. 

Mobile menace
No one wants to know what the mobiles are doing to ours ears and brains; and the flora and fauna as they have become an addiction difficult to live without. Mobiles have become too close for comfort. How disastrous this magical menace is is to be seen to believe. .

Deforestation-Are we cutting our own future with the trees
 Development is devilment for the lions and tigers. If continue to progress faster we will soon find lions and tigers only in the zoos.  

Tainted Tally
The growth in the list of the corrupt is unstoppable, more so in India with Rahu strong in the Independence and Republican horoscopes. It was earlier reported that the CWG broke all records. Then we were told 2G did it. The Swiss Bank stashing has no parallel perhaps in history. Where are we headed from here?

Spectrum Scam
Rahu represents both Spectrum (space) and scams. No other country has scam of the spectrum. Perhaps it is because India has Rahu in the Lagna of both in the Independence and the Republican horoscope

Indian space agency ISRO is in trouble due to its controversial contract to allocate costly airwaves cheap to a private firm.  Devas, a Bangalore-based firm with which the agency's commercial arm Antrix was to build two satellites is in focus. It is alleged that the contract survived a succession of red flags raised by no less than three ministries.

It is reported that on June 14, 2010, the department of telecom advised the department of space to reconsider the deal with Devas. In November the same year, finance ministry objected to the Rs. 600 crores contract that would allow use of transponders to provide earth-based broadband services.

It is also reported in leading newspapers that apart from telecom and finance ministries, the law ministry had outright recommended that the contract be scrapped as it felt the provision to provide 70 MHz of S-band airwaves valued at hundreds of crores was improper. 

While ISRO sought to deflect the heat away from the government, the opposition remained focused on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being in charge of space, which like atomic energy is traditionally the PM's Cabinet brief.

Questioning an official statement put out by PMO that there was no loss of revenue as no decision had been taken to allocate "space segment" spectrum to either Antrix or Devas, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad asked whether the PM had tried to ensure reasonable pricing of spectrum. He asked what Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had been doing when he was in charge of space as a minister in PMO.

CPM's Sitaram Yechury for the second consecutive day focused on the fact that the department of space has been Prime Minister's responsibility.

According to an agency report from Mumbai, Maharashtra chief minister washed his hands off the scam. He said: "In 2010, when I was a member of the space commission, this issue came up. I recall that some decisions on the issue were taken in 2005... I am not aware of this because I did not handle it."  

The proposed system utilizes high-powered satellites with spot-beam technology, a first in India, to deliver advanced Internet-based multimedia and interactive data services to hand-held mobiles through a unique IP-based platform. 

Meanwhile, CAG has clarified that audit of certain activities of the department of space is under way. Very preliminary queries have been raised which are yet to be replied by that department, it added.

Recent newspaper reports mention that the new Trai norms put 2G scam at Rs.1.24 lac crore. It is also reported that Raja made Rs.3000/-crores in bribe. Will Supreme Court in the dasha of Sun of the Indian Independence horoscopes give some penetrating judgments? " The Supreme Court , which is monitoring the investigation into the 2G scam, on 10th February, 2011 asked CBI to name the beneficiaries before filing the charge sheet and fixed March1 to know about them. “tell us who are the beneficiaries and conspirators before filing the charge sheet, We will scrutinize the charge sheet", the court said, the CBI will charge sheet former Minister A Raja, his private secretary R.K.Chandolia, a retired bureaucrat Siddharth Behura and DB group's Shahid Balwal by March, 31 We have large number of person who think they are a law unto themselves. The law must catch them. Merely because he in the list of Forbes millionaires  does not mean the law will be lax towards him'

The difference between the opportunity received and opportunity created
Some opportunities come your way and you capitalize on them. These opportunities are God sent. These can be interpreted as fortune smiling on you. You deal in a product and its value skyrockets. A property brought years ago fetches a gigantic amount. Make hay while the Sun shines is an old adage. It cheers you and your destiny if hard work has the support of destiny and the blessings of the almighty. Make money from other’s waste. Genuine efforts and luck combine also create fortunes. What is to be detested is falsehood and misrepresentation through foul means. Opportunities in this category should be termed as opportunities created through deceit. 

As per Learn Astrology Easily 11th house also represents the following
Body: Knee and Ears
Nature: Evil desires, Worship of Gods, Worship of Satwic deities, Education, Great skill, earning gold and money, wisdom, achieving the desired goal, skill in art of painting Material: Gains in all possible ways, all forms of income, dependence on others, ancestral property, love of or fond of ornaments made up of gold, seeking to possess ornaments made of gold for the sake of arts and woman, profits, , good returns.
Relation: Elder brother, paternal uncle, longevity of mother.
Miscellaneous: Special position, Position, Rise of fortune 

The Liberal Zone

Why the 11th   a Trishadhaya House has Jupiter as its Karka?
When we have Mars as the karaka for the third house (the 1st Trishadhaya house) and Saturn and Mars for the 6th (the 2nd Trishadhaya house) why the most benefic planet Jupiter has been designated as the only Karka (significator) for the 11th house (the 3rd Trishadhaya)? This is a question that should crawl into the mind of every astrology enthusiast.  

The logical explanation that emerges is that the 11th is the 9th from the 3rd, a house of fructification of the efforts seen of the 3rd house. It is the 2nd from the 10th – the house for seeing the wealth generated from the karmas seen from the 10th house. It is the 5th from the 7th the child as seen from the destiny of the spouse. Both children and wealth are represented by Jupiter. The gains are best in monetary terms and therefore again the role of Jupiter comes into play. The third is a house of efforts and the 6th of competition. Both combined give gains. The gains are best noticed in monetary terms so again the role of  Jupiter comes in  The 11th house is a house of  the elder  brother or sister  from where one could expect the fatherly or motherly support. Since it is also the house seen for co-workers as the 3rd and 11th are houses that houses that support, the boss and other seniors can also be seen from the 11th house.

The 11th is one among the kaam houses (houses of desires). It also represents the fluctuating desires for worldly goods that a person retains even at the fag end of his life. These are those desires that pose as a hindrance for the final salvation (moksha) represented by the 12th house.  Being the 6th from 6th it also represents the attributes of the 6th house. Disease and disputes, besides the conflict with the self to overcome worldly distractions as it is the 8th from the 4th. The 11th house has been also described as the toughest block for the final emancipation.  

The Hindu New Year

As we are heading towards the New Year Vikrami 2068 and Saka 1933, it will be of interest to understand the Varsh Pravesh Kundlis (New Year Charts) for several nations. There is a concentration of 5 planets in Pisces-Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars with the influence of Saturn on them from Virgo. This concentration in Pisces is in the 6th house for India which indicates border clashes, strikes and unrest. The chart of 3rd April, 2011 at 20:01 has Libra ascendant rising with Lagna lord Venus in the 5th which could also mean uprising by students and youth against corruption. The concentration of planets in the 6th could mean fear from virus, disease, epidemics or bacteria coming from neighboring countries. On the positive side the sixth concentration can give the strength to compete and the capacity to fight back. The Lagna lord Venus in 5th indicates strategic planning to overcome inflation and other economic and social problems faced by the country.   

We debated Mayan Calendar and the several interpretation of its closure in 2012 at Vishakhapatnam during the Global conference of Mundane Astrology.   

The primary issue that was debated in the conference was about the fate of the world in December, 2012. Though all astrologers collectively removed the fear and agreed that the end will not come in 2012, yet fear lurks.  

In my presentation I said that in this context I was reminded of the stories of the Mahabharata and Ramayana that I heard in my childhood. My mother told me that Kaliyuga started immediately after the Mahabharata and would last for 4,32,000 years,  It is now only 5200 years from then  so we have  time. But, even with this assurance, I am worried, as a teacher of Mundane Astrology when I find Saturn Rahu- Mars and Ketu on the 1/7 axis which is the ascendant of kaalpurusha and a sensitive point with respect to the axis of the earth, between March 2013 and May 2013,a sense of concern creeps in. Degradation of moral values in kaliyuga is what are Rishis have predicted thousands of years ago. But what surprises is the rate of degradation. Should we put it at 100 percent 200 percent or 400 percent per decade? The situation has gone so bad that we should suggest a debate in parliament on moral liability bill instead of nuclear liability bill.   Guruji Sivananda Murty enlightened us in the Global conference when he said that the conjunction of these malefic could mean a revival, a reformation. I hope that we reform and get the immorality prevalent wiped out for paving the path for spiritual progress. This was the glimmer of hope on which Mr.K.N. Rao spoke in the conference.  

Why did we get the New Year wrong by 3 months?
As per Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris the Kaliyuga began on April, 14 of 5111 B.C.  Although the time of beginning of all yugas (1mahayuga =43, 20,000 years) and all Manus (1Manu = 60480000 years) are not recorded in April due to perhaps the change in ayanamsha in different yugas, there are enough reasons to believe that the earth evolved in March-April. What has perhaps remained consistent since evolution is the arrival of earth after a revolution time of 365.256 days every year on the equinoctial point from where the Sun’ position is taken as 0 degrees on the imaginary celestial circle around us called the Sayana Zodiac on the celestial sphere. It marks the beginning of the Zodiac. This fact is accepted by all those perhaps who ever studied the sky in the history of mankind, irrespective of race, religion or color. This universally accepted truth leads us to believe that the creation of earth also took place around March 21. Most of Hindu calendars follow either Gudi Padwa (March-April) or Baisakhi April 13 as the beginning of the New Year.

The first Christians would have agreed with the Hindus that the New Year comes in March : Good Friday, the date recorded of crucifixion and  resurrection of Jesus  Christ also falls in (March-April) The choice of  fixing January as the beginning of the New Year perhaps owed to the whims and fancies  of an autocrat and has no logical basis. But Nature thinks otherwise: Baisakhi is a festival to herald a new phase (year) after the result are reaped of the previous phase. It is in the harvesting season. The harvesting season is also the accounting season. We have the Budgets in March for this reason. The month is therefore suited for reflection on the year gone by.

In most parts of India the Sun shines so brightly after its entry into the sign of its exaltation, Aries around April, 14 that it  cleans the atmosphere and ground of the unwanted bacteria and life making the way for the new and the fresh after the arrival of monsoon of  clouds created by the shining Sun.   

News Zone

Lost in Transit
The Swiss enjoy one of the highest standards of living in Europe, higher than Germany and France. Perhaps they owe a lot to some Indians for stashing their surplus with them. Our politicians have called for repatriating Indian black money stashed in foreign banks and other tax havens overseas. They think since they dress in white they can speak white and no one will be able to see their black side. They are grossly mistaken.

Business and Economy
It was 18.5% inflation in Egypt that became a major factor in the uprising that dislodged Hosni Mubarak. Protests against high food prices have taken place in Oman, Israel and Jordan and contributed to political unrest in Yemen, Tunisia and Algeria. As of January 31, 2011, the Total Public Debt Outstanding of the United States of America was $14.13 trillion and was 96.4% of calendar year 2010's annual gross domestic product (GDP) of $14.7 trillion. Can US afford to spend more and more on its strategic alliances at the cost of its economy? India’s Dips $1.43 trillion and public debt 55 percent of it. The US GDP will grow in the dasha of Mars commencing this year and so would the GDP of India in the dasha of Sun. The stock markets of the countries will also go up India is one of the most important and promising emerging markets in the world, US President Barack Obama told his lawmakers today as he sent his annual budget proposals to the Congress

Astrology with ancient Indian origins has been gaining acceptance not only in India, but all over the world: This is the feedback that we have been receiving from all across the globe. It is Vedic astrology alone that has stood the test of time. It can answer the critics and defend the science of astrology.    

Remedial Measures
Value what is yours. Enjoy the good things that you have without chasing the mirages of false treasures. Do not compromise on your knowledge accumulated over several years and your good health, the good things of life.

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