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Journal of Astrology Newsletter March - April 2011

The Newsletters of March and April were combined under compelling circumstances. One reason was the Tsunami of 11th March which shook us all. It was felt that we should have an elaborate analysis of this holocaust. The Newsletter would surely be brought to you every month. The focus in next nine months would be on the 9 planets. We shall begin with Sun as the theme of the Newsletter for May, 2011.

Deepak Bisaria

Is going round better than going zig-zag
The next time you're low, think of the ground beneath your feet, mother Earth holds you with her gravitational pull and moves relentlessly, not pausing in the ebb and flow of heat and cold, dry and wet, flowerings and dwindling. She never slackens or stops, knowing that good times come with bad ones, in cycles and circles, and life's phases help evolution.

Should we not learn to draw from Nature's inspiration that surrounds us. So that we may cope with the unexpected and sudden that can surprise even when the good times are rolling. Should we not learn to let go and move on with the cycle? This is one loud message of the 12th house of a horoscope.

Classics on the 12th House
Phaldeepika: Misery, leg, left eye, loss, spy, last rites, poverty, sins, bad expenditure and confinement.

Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra: Expenses, history of enemies, one’s own death, etc.

Mundane: War and losses, concentration camps, espionage, military hospitals, ambushes, assassinations, arson, loot, rapes, sedition, treason, enemies, secret plots, foreign, spies, saboteurs, kidnappers, conspirators, secret treaties, organized crimes, criminals, gambling, prostitution, blackmail, bootlegger, deception, forgery, secret service, detectives, police, law enforcement authorities, jail, prison, labor camps, asylums, slavery, exiles, extradition, misery, misfortune, poverty, scandals, epidemics, pests, property in foreign countries, sea smuggling, extravagance, life in foreign, lace, success abroad, termination, appointment, retirement, terrorists, foreign agents, war losses, foreign investments, Twelfth lord in lagna shows spies are active and foreign powers are trying to influence policy of the country.

The 12th house can be fascinating and alluring
The 12th house matters are not only those which begin with misery and end with misery. The 12th is the house for many things that lure you and feast the senses. All that is foreign is seen from the 12th house. Foreign in today’s context may be attractive and tantalizing. A fat Swiss bank account is the envy of even the rich and wealthy. Wealth from a foreign country or settlement in a foreign country is also seen from the 12th house. The 12th houses has been mentioned as the house of bed pleasures in our shastras and found to be so on scientific study. But the flip side of joy is loss. Venus in the 12th house could mean loss of spouse as it is also the house of loss. On the other side it indicates spending on luxuries and comforts.

The 12th is a Mystical house
Moksha, salvation, renunciation, attract many in today’s tension ridden world. The directionless kaliyuga man often hunts for peace and solutions to his myriad problems. Many a time he would admit defeat when the demands of modern life become a burden, difficult to bear. He would simply want to withdraw. Renunciation and getting away from worldly life and retirement are also matters governed by the 12th house

Death the Ultimate Loss
Other than death, there are major losses that confront us with a death like situation. Permanent disability is one among them. Take the case of a young girl who after a cardiac arrest, at the age of 27 was left in an irreversible vegetative state. Even young people can slip into a coma, ` a head attached to a corpse, is the description of many such unfortunate ones. Many who defended their country slipped into such a condition. A terminal disability opens the debate on mercy killing. With developments in surgery, a new body may be attached to a head. An athlete’s body can be sewn into a frail body or a woman's in a man, while retaining memory of the earlier body. What will you call this? Loss or a gain?

Astrology can warn us against a loss
It is only through astrology that one can predict the unexpected and sudden loss by focus on the 12th house and the linked planetary configurations. When astrology can predict the loss, it can also predict the chances of recovery and the time of it. There is no other way one get to know such ups and downs of life. Vedic astrology has a definite edge over other mystical sciences that can predict the future. Research shows it is quite consistent and has a proven record.

Setbacks reflect Synonyms of loss
The sensitive are more prone to depression. A setback invites a sea of synonyms for loss defeat, bereavement deficit, damage, defect, beating, thrashing, hammering, pasting, trouncing slaughter, failure. But do not feel defeated if any of these confront you. Remember you are in a circle. Do not fear death. Remember the Bhagavad Gita. “the physical body can perish but not the soul which is in a cycle of birth and death”. defeat in marriage, setbacks on account of children, humiliation at workplace or struggle with a disease should not depress you. Think of those who have suffered much more than you. In any case you are moving in cycles and circles. Develop a spiritual strength for the soul is to live forever. Refer to the Bhagavada Gita. This is clearly the message of the 12th house.

The 12th includes Jail and confinement
The guiding principle of justice is that let a thousand guilty may be set free but do not nail an innocent. So, the guilty are often set free as they get the benefit of doubt. Some innocent too suffer when forced into the tedious process of justice. The 6th house that represents dispute and disease is exactly opposite to the 12th house, governing Jail, confinement and hospitals.

The justification for sufferings become difficult to trace for those who are innocent and so is the case when a disease sets in. There are many innocent who have suffered due to section 498 A of IPC, popularly known as the unfair dowry law. It seems the authorities still feel toning down the dowry law will hurt a larger female population. There have been some who were victims of love accidents. Either they were brutally killed or thrashed by the conservative society as their love did not conform to the societal norms. Where was justice for them?

Injustice losses harm not just the individual but the credibility of the judiciary and the country.
The reasons for suffering of the innocent are their karmas of past births. Why should a child be born blind when the account of present birth karmas is still to open?

The 12th house is the house seen both for bed pleasures and its deprivation.It  is necessary to examine the 12th house to predict marriage. An unafflicted 12th house, blessed by benefics is a favorable indication for a happy married life and an afflicted one of `no marriage' or problems in it. In our researches on marriage strong afflictions have been found to the 12th house and the 12th lord by malefics in cases where marriage was denied.

Envy loss and Hatred loss can be seen from the 6-12 axis of a horoscope. The 6th is also the house of competition which give rise to hatred and the 12th of loss We live with preset notions: - the enemy has to be bad, he has to be cruel, he is always planning to harm, he has no other work to do, he is jealous, he is mischievous, he can never change. Hate campaigns are launched. What has emerged from them is racism, communalism, nepotism and the like narrow mindedness. We tend to forget that at times we can ourselves be a victim of these.

With such feelings, undoubtedly, we are not only the losers at the individual level as they remove positivity from us, but losers as a part of the collective when it comes to the loss to the neighborhood, community or the country. We forget we are getting more dependent on each other with our wants increasing. The need of the hour is humanism and universalism.

Brain Drain is Somebody’s Gain
It is a well-known fact that Alfred Einstein was a German who had done pioneering work as Director of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics in Berlin from 1914 to1932. He migrated to the US when Hitler’s Third Reich in 1933 targeted the Jews. He along with many bright minds left Germany. Einstein, it is said was the one who helped America create the atom bomb which scared all nations during the World War II and established the superiority of U.S. The United States benefitted from brain drain of Germany for they had a strong horoscope. Brain drain certainly is somebody's gain. Germany was the loser as Third Reich horoscope is a weak horoscope. Here the destiny can be seen at work clearly from the Leo Lagna horoscope of the US. In India, most of the IITians and doctors after the subsidized education migrate to greener pastures overseas. Many regret their decisions as life in a foreign country often disorients them. But many emerge successful and have contributed to the progress of the country where their roots are.

The Liberal Zone

The 9th house is 10th from the 12th house. The losers look skywards where the 10th from 12th house, the 9th from Lagna is located. Doesn’t it suggest that the reasons for the loss should be seen in the conscience, religion and an understanding of the working of destiny all represented by the 9th house from the Lagna. The redressal also lies in the 9th house of a horoscope. Even for nations the 9th house is where national and international issues are presented to a world body for resolution. It governs U N and world organizations like United Nations Security Council for redressal of grievances and prevention of losses, Ministry of foreign affairs, treaties and agreements. Higher thought and scientific societies, publishing, Supreme court, judges. Law courts, international law and judiciary, Religion. Vedas, Quran, Bible are also included in the 9th house. This is place where the high and mighty resolves the issues for the commoners.

The other 2 kendras from the 12th house are the 3rd for self-effort and the 6th for disease, enemy and competition. The 8th house from the Lagna is the 9th from the 12th. No one plans a loss. It is sudden and unexpected and comes from prarabdh. The 8th house is the house seen for changes. It is the house of end of a phase and commencement of another. It is an evolutionary house.

The News Zone

Fear and tension more destructive than monetary loss: Tsunami of 3/11
The rage of Mother earth could be unbearable. This big unexpected loss of the 21st century shook the world from its axis, quite literally. Evacuation shelters, no power, no water, no gas, radiation levels going up, advisory of nations for their citizens, all across the globe to leave Japan figured on TV channels and newspapers. No technical glitches were responsible for the blaze from the fury of water that the world witnessed on TV sets. The horrific possibilities of a possible nuclear disaster chilled many spines. Newspapers reported "Japan’s tsunami may have caused damages of up to US $ 309 billion (13:85lakh crores), making it largest-ever natural catastrophe in terms of economic damage. Japan’s loss is higher than even India’s total Budget spending in 2011-12, around Rs.12.58lakh crore.

Japanese are the most resilient
They could have handled an earthquake of the magnitude of 8.9; they could have handled a Tsunami; they could have handled a nuclear accident. But they could not handle all three together. They faced this unprecedented disaster with courage and resilience.

Did we predict the Tsunami? Can we predict such Natural calamities?
Earthquake generally happens when pressure on plate boundaries builds up and cause eruptions. Earthquake by astrologers have been predicted and can be predicted years in advance. It was Garga Maharishi who gave us predictive techniques for forecasting earthquakes. Earthquakes normally follow close on the heels of eclipses. It has been observed that countries that have had an eclipse on their 1/7 or 4/10 axis of the foundation or the annual horoscopes get prone to earthquakes around the eclipse time. It has also been observed that around the time of the earthquake malefic aspects or conjunction of malefic planets are found on this axis.

Before an astrological analysis of the catastrophe in Japan is made, it is relevant to reflect on the history of Japan.

Japan – The Tsunami and Earthquake March 2011 ( Read the full article)

Loss of Power and cracking of 30-40 years of Rule
Was it from loss of trust and faith or a mix of many that worked on anti-incumbency feelings in several countries in two continents at the same time. The rulers who, it is alleged had accumulated huge wealth and enjoyed the support of big brother America had to run to safe their life in spite of their contingency plans in place. They could not have imagined that an innocent looking PC could dislodge them in spite of continuing support of the big brother and their wealth.

In our workshop on Maghreb and West Asian Countries on 26-2-2011 we debated these issues. While speaking during the workshop I said the issue of the validity of Mundane Astrology has become topical with rapid developments taking place in North Africa and West Asia. But it is a settled issue as far as I am concerned for I have found the principles of Mundane astrology working convincingly over the past 17 years on numerous foundation and yearly horoscopes of countries. The Mundane charts of nations, mostly taken from Campion book of horoscopes and some rectified by veteran astrologers like Mr.K.N.Rao go show the work that has gone into them. We had a workshop on Mundane Astrology in October 2003 when horoscopes of Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Turkey were discussed. The Hindu New Year (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Horoscopes) based on which yearly predictions for every place on earth can be given have also been found giving excellent results and so do the Surya Vidhi and Paksh Horoscope (for the monthly and fortnightly predictions). These charts are extensively used by Mr.K.N.Rao to give mundane predictions.

The issue at debate was whether we could have predicted these changes much in advance. The answer is yes. Did we predict? The answer is that sufficient hints were given which are in print.

In 1997. When I was in the research class and working for the inaugural issue of Journal of Astrology April-June 1997. Mr.Rao was writing his article Saturn Ketu conjunctions and India and the World from 1997 to 2002 In this article he has clearly given parameters that could bring such changes 1) Saturn and Rahu-Ketu axis together (ii) Saturn and Rahu or Ketu in kendras from each other, mostly in dwiswabhav rashis (dual signs) (iii) Rohini or Vrishabha afflicted (iv) Jupiter- Venus conjunction and (vi) Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction and opposition. Presently Saturn and Jupiter are in kendras and in dwiswabhav rashis. Saturn will come under Rahu Ketu axis in the beginning of 2013 On 17th April 2011 Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces, a dwissabhav rashi.

With regard to developments in North Africa and West Asia, these are not only visible in the 8 Foundation horoscopes under scrutiny but in the Hindu New Year charts of these nations as well. Jordan is going through the dasha of Venus-Jupiter. Venus is the 3rd and the 10th lord in the 11th and Jupiter is the 5th and 8th lord in 2nd and is retrograde. Eighth house in Mundane is seen for changes they could be end of government, destruction of the state and death of rulers Its retrogression also shows reversals. Venus Rahu in the foundation horoscope of Algeria begins on 23-2-2011. Rahu is in the 12th house with 12th lord Moon and Venus. In 2014 Algeria will have the antardasha of Jupiter which is in the 7th house and retrograde and also the 8th lord of changes. Inspite of severe cracks and loss of power in neighboring countries, Algeria will be able to hold its position but not for long as indicated by the dashas to come was a prediction made on 26th February, 2011. In case of Tunisia it was the pratyantar dasha of Mercury in Sat-Sat Maha and Antardasha which brought the change. Mercury is in the 8th of changes. Deposed.

Tunisian President Ben Ali could not cope with the sudden loss of power and is “in a coma “and in a Saudi hospital after a stroke, a family friend said. According to a Newspaper report of 18-2-2011, the Tunisian Government has asked for his extradition. Unemployment, inflation corruption, demands for freedom of speech, political freedom and improvement in living conditions were quoted as the reason for the uprising.

How did the uprising start? There were no pamphlets distributed, no provocative speeches to support made. The revolutionary changes came from the net peacefully on the PC screens. They were called Wikipedia, Jasmine revolution and other flowery names. Gene Sharpe of Boston popularized his concept of mixing Gandhian non-violence in the present day situation through the net. People want their leaders to perform and remain fit. It can be termed a revolution through the internet. A revolution of the IT. It impacted mostly the age – group 15 and 30. It can be called the uprising in youth whose awareness level went drastically up through the net

Mubarak resigned to fate, now wants to die was reported in a Newspaper. Egypt’s ousted president has given up and wants to die in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh where he has been living since a popular uprising ended his rule. Why should a 82 year old who ruled for 31 years be so upset with his ouster will be a question asked by all 15-30 year youth. Couldn’t their country have graceful democratic transitions?

The man in power is mostly a brute is a fact that cannot be denied One need to be ruthless to govern effectively. Whether in a democracy or in a dictatorship the ruler has to be cruel. It is rare to get a benevolent dictator. Although America and other western nations would like to have control over a democratic government to justify their support but this is not possible. Ben Ali ruled for 23 years. Honsni Mubarak for 31 years Muammar Gaddafi is holding the crown for 41 years and Jordan since inception has dynastic rule.

Americans do not give aid out of mercy they have to justify the benefits that the aid will bring to US to the Congress. Everything is for a price?

These rulers may be thinking what went wrong. They did exactly as told by their big brother America. They must be wondering how could a change take place unless they and US together would like to have. They were sadly mistaken. They could not anticipate the storm that built through the net and needed just a spark. It spread like wild fire as most of youth had access to net and trusted and tested at least one website before forming an opinion.

Loss of Humanism and Morality
Workshop on Historical Changes and Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 12th March: An individual’s perspective may not lead to truth and reality but the perspective of a larger populace can. Since an individual’s attitude is governed by his personal likes and dislikes, the views of the collective few may not be similar on personality assessments. The mundane affairs have no such narrowness. An objective and a realistic assessment is more likely in Mundane Astrology.

The sense of direction is lost from big losses
Often it is found that the shock of a major loss throws one into a chaos and renders him directionless, depressed and out of gear. This is not only the case with individuals but with nations as well. It is like spurious skyrockets which do not necessarily go linear. They can hit any direction. When nations descend into a chaos during revolutions and uprisings they also do not necessarily follow the expected path. China struggled for a democratic and republican set-up after imperialism but they got communism instead at the end of their revolution in 1949. India’s freedom struggle of over a hundred years resulted in its division. Hitler and Mussolini swore by socialism but ended with fascism and dictatorships. Japan, after the atomic blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reversed their aggressive stance of expansionism and militarization and unconditionally surrendered to the US. They decided not go nuclear. Now when they are surrounded by countries with nuclear weapons and find the US weakening, they perhaps are regretting their nuclear policy.

Who could imagine a G-5 nation like Japan, in a matter of minutes, could be thrown in a condition where even the underdeveloped countries would be required to come forward and help.

In the Mundane Astrology workshop on 26th of February at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan we could induce some interest in Mundane Astrology as the tumult in Magreb and West Asia was topical. With the interest alive in the workshop on 12th March the historical events of the 20th century were related to astrology with encouraging results. Our viewpoint that the relation of planetary configurations with the observed when applied in today’s context help us arrive at the correct predictions could be conveyed effectively. Dealing with most tumultuous and violent decade of the recorded history that started from 1939, I recounted for the audience the phenomenal loss of life and property. The suffering to the mind with feelings of hatred and fear that people were subjected to during this decade snatched away the trust in human postures as the brutality witnessed, during those times was beyond imagination. The aftershocks adversely affected the spirituality and morality of entire humanity. Such a scale of loss and killings of the innocent in World War II and other revolutions across the globe during this decade were perhaps, never heard. Virtually all nations got engaged. The estimated casualties were 5 to 7 crores between 1939 and 1945 of World War II. In addition to this, about 2 lac people were killed in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blasts in August 1945. In the partition of India in 1947 over 10 lac people were killed and in the Chinese revolution 1.2 crore people died between 1945 and 1949. The loss did not end here. Instead of learning a lesson nations stepped into arms race and have collected enough weapons to kill all, including the tiniest living being. The super powers made nations fight to settle scores in the cold war era and sold their discarded arms to them.

Astrologically what caused genocide at this unimaginable scale, in a decade is what we debated in the workshop? It was concluded that the planets before and during the decade clearly pointed towards the events that took place and their intensity. The horoscopes of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Hindu New Year) of 21st March, 1939 were perhaps the initial igniting force as the New year started on Vernal equinoctial day. It was followed by close conjunction, in the first week of September, 1939 of Saturn with Ketu in Aries and the same degree aspect of Mars. Mars had mutual aspect with Saturn. This recharged the already adverse ignited position of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. This was followed, on 25th October, 1940 by Saturn-Jupiter conjunction with the 8th aspect of Mars which was with Rahu. The degrees of all these malefics were also very close. In Mundane astrology such close conjunctions augur major changes. The planetary recharge can be clearly seen as the cause of this unforgettable historic catastrophe.

Can we avert wars and destruction?
What trigger and make chapters in history are certainly planets. They affect the the mind and make the high and mighty rulers take unjust decisions. Draupadi’s outrage of modesty and humiliation of the powerful Pandavas in the presence of elders became the cause of Mahabharata and the unjust decisions and humiliation of Germany in Versailles also known as the Treaty of Paris in 1919 became the cause of World War II. The destiny takes you to a situation but can exercise of free will avert a boiling situation?

Is there a pre-destination
During the recent navratras, Mr.K.N.Rao explained Bhagavad Gita in his usual, casual and friendly style. A question that perennially remains in the mind of the conscientious is whether the spirit soul which is bewildered by false ego and takes moral freedom for granted, is the doer or there is another dimension. Our shastras clearly point towards pre-destination but leave the extent of it for the scholars and interpreters to judge. Mahabharata has it precise! `Yudhishter will be the instrument for his gambling habits (Nimit) and the action will come from Arjun and Bhīma. The viraat roop of Shri Krishna also explains predestination. Bhagwan Sri Krishna explains to Arjun that the death of all the Kauravas is predestined perhaps for their collective karmas. You will get yash if you become the instrument. Had Sri Krishna revealed the death of Abhimanyu, Arjun's son ,Arjun would have been demotivated and withdrawn. It goes to show that under the umbrella of predestination there is freewill as well. And God can put a curtain on anything he wants on. In short, there is no freewill; so far the will of God is concerned. But God leaves humans to exercise their free-will like a cow tied to a log which can move into a defined territory and where it exercises free will.

Gali Gali mein nara hei World Cup hamara hei
(The slogan in every lane is that the world cup is ours )The euphoria was not limited to cricket. It had eating drinking and merry-making with the force of patriotism behind. A street celebration across the country never seen before. One SMS read:-- Ramsena, defeats Ravansena in the land of Shiv Sena. Politicians, businessman and speculators did not miss the opportunity. Domino Pizza CEO declared that their sales went up by forty percent all across India during the World Cup. Politicians and celebrities were seen raising their image of a genuine patriotic Indian. Eager to draw attention even cheap gimmicks were adopted by some celebrities

The gathering of so many planets in the 11th house of the Indian Independence horoscope and a favorable dasha that brought glory during the commonwealth games had to crown India with World Cup.

Marma Therapy Workshop
On 1st April,2011 we had the workshop on Marma therapy as developed by Dr.S.K.Joshi. There are many therapies going around as Marma. Media hype and tall claims do not go with Dr.Joshi. He prefers to move in his limited orbit inspite of many miracles, which he credits to the grace of God. The fact that we have had three workshops in Delhi in less than a year and two in Haridwar goes to show the magnetic force that has been generated by these workshops. I am sure, none of us who attended the workshops travelled to Haridwar once in three years but now this year we will be traveling for the third time to Haridwar in less than one year

Business and Economy
At the time of meltdown in March 2009 Dow fell below the 7000 level and BSE Sensex was at 16100,one year before in March 2008.From those levels, the BSE rose to its highest ever, and breached the 21000 barrier on the Diwali day of 2010.and Dow is at 12,400.With the prime indicators showing recovery, the US economy with the Indian economy is sure to do well in favorable dashas this year.

Although the Dow averaged a 5.3% return compounded annually for the 20th century, a record Warren Buffet called "a wonderful century”, the meltdown of 2009 is said to be worst.

Policy makers in India are keen to attract fresh investment and technology inflows into the country, as also to reduce the levels of state intervention in the commercial sphere, ‘It is expected that these measures will promote the competitiveness of India as an investment destination and be instrumental in attracting higher levels of FDI and technology inflows into the country.

Sun Shines on Anna Hazare
The veteran 73 year social activist was a driver in the Indian army who escaped death while his whole battalion got killed in war. He has the Indian Independence horoscope dasha lord Sun shining on him again. He is perhaps one in a billion Indians who looks honest and genuine and an aam admi (common man) from head to toe. He, at 73 has been chosen as the most fit to combat corruption by most Indians and the media. There seems to be no reason other than non-availability of another like him for the blind following that we witnessed at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

No one wants to understand the implications of the bill. They just want corruption rooted out!

The draft Jan Lokpal bill (as present on the website foresees a Lokpal who will become one of the most powerful institutions of state that India has ever known. It will combine in itself the powers of making law, implementing the law, and punishing those who break the law.

A lokpal will be deemed a police officer
This is a classic case of privileged elite selecting how it will run its show without any restraint. It sets the precedent for the making of an unaccountable council of guardians.

According to another view the setting up of the institution of the Lokpal (as it is envisioned in what is held out as the draft Jan Lokpal Bill) needs to be seen, not as the deepening, but as the profound erosion of democracy. The decision of the Government to go an extra mile to accommodate the civil society demands( formulated by a set of social activists) has created a precedent which may not augur well for smooth functioning of Parliamentary Democracy in future.

Who is to be blamed when the trust of aam admi (common man) nurtured for long in the Judiciary, the executive and the constitution has been eroded by unscrupulous politicians, bureaucrats and judges. All have been eclipsed by corruption.

But it is worth a debate whether arbitrarily selected representatives of the civil society can be allowed to sit at par with the duly elected representatives of the people of India, no matter how important the issue is.

The Anna Hazare "crusade against corruption" was bound to arouse unprecedented public response as it came in the wake of highly publicized series of scams, stirring up the some-what passive "Aam Admi". In fact it is high time that something drastic is done to address this social cancer.

The dasha of Sun in the Indian Independence horoscope is the most appropriate time. The news headlines on 13th April was " Rana, Headley implicate Pak in 26/11- Islamabad Exposed As Duo Claim To Have Acted on ISI Orders" The headlines on14th April read " Pawar may be controlling DB, might have lobbied with Raja, says Radia- Statement of Lobbyist filed by CBI in court. Clearly the dasha of Sun is playing its role in exposing the hidden. Incidentally, the ucchaabhilashi Sun enters its exalted rashi, Aries on 15-4-2011. It should be more effective in April -May and the best till the 25th of April.

This year for India
With 5 planets stationed in the Varshpravesh horoscope of 3rd April, 2011, New Delhi, the year should have many pulls and pushes of enemies within and outside. Neighbors because the Indian Independence horoscope has 5 planets in the 3rd house of neighbors. There could disease and viruses represented by the 6th house. There will be competition. With Lagna lord Venus, vargottam and strong in the 5th, India will emerge victorious with some drastic policies. It will sustain the growth momentum and smash the enemies. Major changes will take place from September, 27 this year with onset of Sun-Jupiter dasha. The year 2012 may not be favorable for India.

Convocation and Seminar of 19th April,2011
For the seminar on 19th April at Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi the following topics have been scheduled

1) The 12th house and 12th lord (K.N.Rao)

2) Selecting the Time of Birth (Col A.K.Gour)

3) Researched Match Making Techniques(K.K.Joshi)

4) Heart (Deepak Bisaria)

Remedial Measures
For the journey from loss to recovery or despair to redemption, do not fear the sudden and unexpected. Have faith in God. Build an appetite for knowledge (Gyan). Shed the appetite for money, food and other worldly fascinations.

Did Progress mean Progressive loss
Today Man finds himself sitting amidst explosives that can explode even by an accident or a natural calamity.

He is the creator of this crisis. He is the controller. It is he who has to disarm the triggers of destruction by reversing the arms race if mankind is to be safeguarded against a possible total destruction. The self-destructive tools created by man can wipe out all life, including the ones under the earth and those deep inside the sea with just a part of his destructive collection.

Need is the mother of invention. Manmade tools to grow food. These tools are used to cut each other also. Man progressed by extracting more and more. He went deeper and deeper inside the earth and the sea to go higher and higher in space. The progress was at the cost of irreversible damage to the atmosphere.

He destroyed the protective layers and suffers from the threat of global warming. He built nuclear reactors to power himself that causes fear and tension of a total destruction. Every time the Moon gets in an adverse position in a horoscope which happens at least 5 to7 days in a month the many sensitive and weak become and vulnerable to fears and negativity.

International Vedic Astrology Program, 2011
The inspiring success of the previous program in December, 2010 has encouraged us to plan a bigger and better program this year. Though the dates are pretty tentative but surely we will have the program for about 23 days. A foundation course of 3 days followed by an intense 15 days of classes on various subjects, without a break and 5 days of sight-seeing is proposed.

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