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Journal of Astrology Newsletter August 2012

Can You Escape Rahu's Fervor?
Beware of Rahu's deceptive charm. Superficial attraction often disappoints. Whether wine, cuisine or material acquisitions. Give it a thought. Why do things that seduce the senses often harm us deep down -tasty food upsets the body and sensory indulgences, the mind and soul. Think. Why, driven by the glamour of scintillating ads, we keep hoarding the unwanted and shelve the useful. Why do we tend to forget the obvious- that the earth has enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed? Why do we become selfish and stop caring for our society, our country our humanity? Why does charm overpower rationality? Count how much of your limited resources you have spent on purposeful activities and how much on the wasteful. Count the beautiful moments that life has given you and count the moments that gave you grief. We need to do this exercise often to know the forces that drive us.

Are the letdowns designed by God?
More philosophically, is the purpose of destiny, sanctioned by a higher power, to settle the account of our karmas, at work? This time we have brought Rahu under the scanner to deal with such fundamental questions. A deeper probe into the realm of Rahu is stimulating, perhaps particularly for us because we are in a country famed for charming snakes and rope-tricks. We live with conmen, frauds, scandals, corruption, deception, crime and beastly behavior, perhaps a wee bit more than others.

Mysterious Rahu Caught
What is that force that looms heavy on us to draw us to the futile? What is it that drives us away from our collective responsibility and obstructs our spiritual progress? An astrologer can clearly see the answer- Rahu.

Rahu, a misused Aladdin’s Chirag (lamp
Having caught Rahu, the self-styled astrologers popularised it to target the innocent by creating its phobia. Driven by religious and cultural sentiments, the gullible are taken for a ride by unscrupulous and immoral astrologers in the name of a non-existent Kaal Sarpa Yoga. For such astrologers, Rahu turned out to be an Aladdin’s Chirag (the magical, wonderful lamp of Aladdin in an Arabian fable).which they are misusing to amass wealth.

These fraud astrologers perhaps know pretty well that Kaal Sarpa Yoga is just a potent tool to scare people and there are thousands who are doing well with the combination, which they call Kaal Sarpa Yoga. To name a few  of them:

1. George Bush (Ex-President of USA) 6th July, 1946, 07:25 am, New Haven, Connecticut 41N18, 72W56.
2. Margaret Thatcher (Ex PM of England) 13th October, 1925, 09:00 am, Grantham, England 52N55, 0.34.
3. Ian Thorpe (Swimmer) 13th October, 1982, 10:52 am Sydney, Australia.

The cheat astrologers, who are misusing astrology indiscriminately, have perhaps forgotten the negative side of Rahu and are unaware of its fatal sting.

Rahu Profiled
It is foreign, non-conformist and unorthodox. It magnifies, exaggerates and magnetizes to lead us to a dubious life that often ends up in public outrage, the burden of which we carry in this life and even after, to the lives to come. Rahu's world is tinsel. It often takes one to dizzying heights and drops one unceremoniously in its dasha periods. It carries with it a seduction hard to resist. It pushes worldly life through surreal reflections. It governs glass and lights. It is shadowy and mysterious. It can give death by drowning. Rahu-Ketu rule for 25 years out of 120 years of the human life cycle with their dashas. The transit of Rahu has been found to be a penetrating and a decisive one. How often have you heard something new, something unheard? It is Rahu, who brings novel trends, diseases unheard of before, and innovative ideas.

For an in-depth understanding of every planet, it is necessary to know its roots, role and purpose as assigned by God. Let us understand Rahu from BPHS first:

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Chapter 2 Shloka 3-4: “The unborn lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated as the planets (nava grahas) to bestow on the living beings the results of their karmas. He is Jnardhan (Lord Vishnu, the preserver of earth). He assumed the auspicious form of Grahas to destroy the demons (evil forces) and sustain the divine beings.

Shloka 5-7: From Sun God the incarnation of Rama...........from Rahu that of Varaha Pig and from Ketu that of fish (meena).

An undisputed scientific theory hints that life began in water. Our classics created 5000 to 500,000 years ago mention, that meena (fish) avatar came first. The earth is said to have been submerged at that time. It was koorma (Tortoise) avatar who came when earth started to re-emerge from waters. The third phase in the evolution of life was perhaps the emergence of land. Our avatara for this task is Varaha or the wild boar or Rahu. In mythology this boar is also credited with lifting the earth from the waters and placing it accurately and correctly in its orbit. The earth is depicted in the feminine form with her desire to be the wife of Varaha Bhagwan. Rahu is perhaps that pioneering spirit which woke up the earth from slumber of peace and tranquility and made it lively in the materialistic context. It brought in passion that despiritualised and degraded the earthlings and infested it with crimes and a beastly attitude.

Who came first? Man or Moon
In keeping with the roles assigned to the nav grahas by the Almighty, as available in our mythology, Rahu, perhaps after placing the earth on its orbit, got hold of the Moon and made it orbit around the earth. Moon, through astrology, can be seen as the life force. It represents the mind. Therefore, logically Man came after Moon started to orbit. Rahu regulates Moon even now. Rahu-Moon combination in a horoscope gives mostly mental aberrations of various types.

Astronomically Rahu and Ketu denote the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move around the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

The fact that eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the myth of the swallowing of the Sun and Moon.

Rahu and atma shakti 
Rahu takes you back to sustain life on earth by driving you to earthly attractions. Physically, the point has retrograde motion. At times it gets direct. Scrutiny of  horoscope after horoscope has shown that direct - retrograde - direct  are the times that jerk the destinies, spasmodically. A deep study has revealed that Rahu takes you back when you are heading towards spiritual goals, oneness with God, Moksha and sublimation of the spirit. It is a trendsetter and a reverser.

Its task, perhaps is to retain you on this earth life after life. It represents smoke and drugs. Rahu seduces us to live a materialistic life. It was perhaps the force in Adam's apple and Menaka's seductions. It is a malefic and a malech (outcaste). The strength of the atma in you is indicated from how you cope with the inevitable deviations in life that Rahu has been assigned to bring for you. Sun, representing atma and Moon, which governs the mind could only identify Rahu in disguise. Rahu is a legendary master of deception who signifies cheats, pleasure-seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, insincere & immoral acts. It is the significator of an irreligious person, an outcaste, harsh speech, falsehoods, uncleanliness, abdominal ulcers, bones.  In Buddhism, Rahu is one of the krodhadevatas (terror-inspiring gods).

Message of Rahu
Life is full of reversals. Success comes from getting out of that reverse drive. Rahu seems to announce that its role is to reverse your life's trajectory and your dharma. Though every planet is adidaivik, adibhautik and adhyatmik and have a role assigned by the Almighty, Rahu plays the most negative role, almost of a Hindi film villain.

BPHS- chapter 3 Shloka 30

Description of Rahu and Ketu
Rahu has smoky appearance with a blue-mix physique. He resides in the forest and is horrible to look at. He is windy in temperament and is intelligent. Rahu rules the outcaste (chandala) malech while Ketu governs mixed caste. Rahu denotes multi-colored clothes and Ketu rags. Rahu Ketu denotes 8 months and 3 months. Ketu is akin to Rahu. Rahu -Ketu form the planetary army.

BPHS Chapter 44 Shloka 22-24

Rahu and Ketu as Marakas
If Rahu or Ketu be in the ascendant, 7th 8th or 12th thereof, or be in the 7th from a maraka lord or be with such a planet, they acquire power of killing in their major or sub periods. For one born in Capricorn or Scorpio, Rahu will be a maraka. Should Rahu be in the 6th, 8th or 12th, he will give difficulties in its dasha periods. He will not, however do so if aspected by or conjunct a benefic.

Rahu in Mundane
Rahu represents crimes, war, violence and disasters of the worst kind. It is a planet of aggression. It stands for rebellion and mutiny, aerial navigation, electronics and radio, riots, political plots, spies, imprisonment, slavery and death by suffocation. Anti-religious, anti-social, cheat who believes in falsehood; dangerous enemies come under its fold in Mundane. Robbery, strikes, mobs, jealousy, foreigners, immigration to foreign countries, people following a different religion, epidemics, infectious diseases, plague, cancer, poison, skin disease, poisonous snakes, sudden accidents, poisonous gas are also governed by Rahu. It is akin to Saturn in astrology. In minerals it represents glass and Gomedh. In commodities it represents groundnut, cotton seed, cigarettes, tobacco.

Rahu in Mythology
Rahu is a cut-off head of an asura, Swarnbhanu. He is depicted as a serpent with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. According to the legend, during samudra manthan, the asura Rahu disguised himself as a devta and sat in between the Sun and Moon. Before Swarnbhanu could drink the amrit Sun and Moon found his true identity and informed lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, in form of Mohini, severed the head of Rahu. Another version is that Mohini changed into the form of Lord Vishnu and with the famous sudershan chakra cut-off his head. The head, however remained immortal for Rahu could drink some drops of the amrit (nectar).

The severed head was taken by Simhika, the mother of Swarnbhanu and nursed. The head, over a period of time got the body of a snake and the name Rahu. The severed body was taken by a Brahmin named Mini. He looked after the body as though it was of his own son. This was Ketu, who in due course of time became a saintly revered seer.

According to mythology, Rahu and Ketu have not excused the Sun and Moon for revealing the identity of disguised Swarnbhanu at the time of distribution of the churned amrit among the devtas. They cause eclipses. Rahu is called nitya and parva. As nitya Rahu causes Moon to wax and wane. The parva Rahu swallows it causing lunar eclipse. Astrology draws hints from mythology. Rahu and Ketu association with Sun or Moon, when found in horoscopes, is interpreted negatively.

Sarpa Dosha
Ketu travels in a chariot that has a flag higher than the flag of the seven horsed chariot of the Sun and Rahu rides in a chariot driven by eight horses whereas the Sun has only seven. The number eight association with Rahu is of much significance in astrology. Rahu's significations are more like the 8th house significations. It is the eighth planet of the zodiac and its vimshottari dasha is the 6th in sequence that starts from Ketu. Rahu's association with Sarpa Dosha indicates the 8th house effect. The horrifying sarpa sting is most feared. The venomous snake could sting the young and healthy and bring instant death and disaster to a family. Today the unexpected and sudden fall does not come by the snake's fatal sting but in the form of its poison: deceit, accidents, suicide, murders, drowning as per maansagari.

Rahu and Professions
Since Rahu represents unorthodoxy, non-conformity, and foreign connections, the professions that it gives are characterized by these qualities. Research in astrology has revealed that it gives research, psychology, and avionics. It is found prominent in horoscopes of airline pilots and air hostesses. People working in research organizations, DRDO or NASA would have a dominating Rahu influence since Rahu deals with space and research. People engaged in making poisonous chemicals and explosives will also have the influence of Rahu.

Since Rahu signifies crime, corruption, deceit and poison, drug-peddlers too have a strong influence of Rahu. Plagiarism, morphing, and email hacking is done by people with a strong influence of Rahu in their horoscopes. Analytical work, space engineering, environmental engineering is also Rahu- influenced.

Sun-Rahu combination gives medicine men and the alternate medicine men- acupressurists, ayurvedic doctors.

Moon-Rahu: Ultra-sensitive, psychologists, pathologists.

Mars-Rahu: Traveler, explorer, secret religious sects.

Mercury-Rahu: Management experts, the talkers on life improvement area.

Jupiter-Rahu: Guru becomes chandal, Managers, agencies and politicians.

Venus Rahu: Gambling, casinos, artist’s sculptors, models, TV personality’s cabaret dancers.

Rahu a Catalyst
Rahu is lively. It has brought life on earth. It has been found to expedite marriage and children and the same time cause problems. It leads conceptions but abortions as well. It gives relationship and marriage but makes them unorthodox, non-conformist and at times perverse.

Rahu and Education: The education that it gives also has to be unorthodox, non-conformist and foreign. Rahu in the 5th house of education gives depth in thoughts. People with Rahu in the 5th house do well in research. Psychology, aerospace/aeuronautical engineering, environment sciences and the like are Rahu driven educational streams. The non-conformist vocational education in Morphology and the  like would also come under the fold of Rahu. It gives education in a foreign country.

Rahu and Medicines: Rahu signifies poison, therefore diseases erupting from food poisoning, poisoning of blood, fatal disease caused by an unnatural growth of malignant cells in the body, snake bite, smallpox come under the fold of Rahu. Rahu also has a role to play in heart diseases, heart-burn (pyrosis), toxiphobia (fear of poisoning), fear of poisonous animals, epilepsy, worm disease. It gives death by hanging and death from fall from a height, piles chronic ulcers, incurable diseases, diseases that cannot be diagnosed, barrenness, leprosy, and cataract. When associated with Moon it gives hallucination. Moon with Rahu gives leprosy as per BPHS.

Rahu gives rapid rise in Upachaya houses: There may be different opinions with regard to the exaltation and debilitation signs of Rahu, but it can be said with certainty that it gives rapid rise when found in 3,6,10 or the 11th house. Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher (with fraudulent Kaal Sarpa Yoga) and Atal Bihari Vajpaye reached their peaks in the mahadasha of Rahu.

Rahu in Lagna acts like the Lagna lord. It gives a hypnotic attraction in the voice and personality when influenced by benefics. A personality that charms. It gives good height. Conjunction of Rahu with a trine or quadrant lord in the Ascendant, gives a rajyoga. If that lord happens to be a benefic, it sparkles the personality. It makes the person unorthodox, non-conformist, and rebellious. Association with foreigners is more likely in today's context. On the negative side, it gives ailments that are difficult to diagnose.

The Rahu Kaala (time of day under the influence of Rahu) is considered inauspicious. It is very popular in south India. People plan the daily activities after taking Rahu kaala into account.

There are many ways devised to memorize Rahu Kalam. One such way is:

Just remember this phrase --

"Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban"

M(other)               -    07:30 - 09:00    -           MONDAY

S(aw)                    -    09:00 - 10:30    -           SATURDAY

F(ather)                 -    10:30 - 12:00    -           FRIDAY

W(earing)             -    12:00 - 13:30    -           WEDNESDAY

TH(e)                    -    13:30 - 15:00    -           THURSDAY

TU(rban)              -    15:00 - 16:30    -           TUESDAY

Left with Sunday -    16:30 - 18:00


In the monumental book on Muhurta it has been established that there is no mention of ‘Rahu Kalam’ in any book. In the January, 2007 issue of the Journal of Astrology, Shri V.K. Shridhar, the author of the biggest ever book on Muhurta astrology, research of more than thirty years, has written “Why Rahu Kaal”. In the electional treatises each of the seven planets viz. the Sun to Saturn have their Upgrahas (sub-planets) and have been allotted their durations during daytime and nighttime separately. But Paat and Upketu which are Upgrahas of Rahu and Ketu (Lunar Nodes) respectively are not allotted any time during daytime or nighttime. Then why Rahu Kaal-a malefic duration has been subsequently felt to be inducted in electional astrology which has no reference in treatises.

Rahu-Ketu Take You Abroad
Let me give my own example of how Rahu-Ketu impacted a recent overseas visit. My vimshottari dasha of Ketu-Ketu-Rahu from 9th June, 2012 to 2nd July, 2012 took me to Russia and Japan with Mr. K.N. Rao for teaching since Ketu is in the 11th house of my horoscope, aspected by the 9th lord Guru (Jupiter) from the 3rd, the 5th and 10th lord Mars from 8th as also by the 7th and 8th lord Saturn, from the 5th. It turned out to be an exalted trip as I could stay with Mr. Rao in Moscow and Japan for 23 days.

Growing Passion of Astrology in Russia
We had four classes in Moscow. The first class on the 9th June was taken by Mr. Rao. The attendance surpassed all expectations. It touched the magical, spiritually and astrologically important figure of 108. We were inundated with astrology enthusiasts, from surrounding countries, with Moscow as the destination, to attend Mr. Rao's classes. The next day, on the 10th, I took a class on foreign connections. It was rated highly, both by the organizers and the participants. Their remarks gave me a feeling of joy throughout the Moscow trip. The third class was taken by Mr. Rao and Mr. Anil Singh on Sthira dasha and the concluding class by Mr. Pathak on Prashna.

Moscow looked more prosperous to me than in 2010 with smart sport cars and the latest sedans and SUV's zipping past on broad Moscow roads. It appeared to have become even more affluent in two years and people seemed to be happier, freer, more open and lively.

Astrology Love in Tokyo
Despite problems of vegetarian food and its mind boggling cost, the tour of Japan was very fruitful. Tokyo is the most expensive city of the world. This June, we visited the three out of first four most expensive - Tokyo, Osaka and Moscow.

Amazing Japan
Japan, after US, is the second largest among the ten advanced economies. It beat the rest of the world in steel, in the 70's, in spite of importing oil for power and iron ore. Japanese captured the world in electronic in the 80’s.

The secret of their success, to me, is their cohesive group working culture. I found them respect each other, genuinely and trust even the outsiders. They seem to me much more committed towards their society and country than people of other nationalities. Perhaps, the group spirit is an outcome of natural and man triggered disasters that they faced. This has perhaps given them the wisdom and maturity. Japan is a developed and mechanized country. Safety is a priority there. It did not allow itself to be ruled by foreigners till August 1945. The Americans mercilessly carpet bombed 60 of their cities, including Tokyo and had to drop two atom bombs to capture them. The Americans governed Japan from 1945 to 1952.

With independence in 1952, Japan quickly earned the reputation of reaching perfection with minimal support. It became a world leader in many fields. We experienced the wonders of Japan at metro stations, departmental stores, and aquarium and in the bullet trains.

In recent times Japanese products have, however lost commercial viability due to aggressive marketing models introduced by China and other South Asian countries, but their reputation as a quality goods producer remains.

Japan’s population density is 336 people per square kilometer, but it hardly seems crowded. There are no traffic jams in Tokyo, despite 35 million people, as perhaps they have the best transport system in the world. Narita airport which lands a flight every five minutes is so well managed that it gives a deserted look. The attendants at the counter and around, you feel were waiting for you. Japan is the tenth most populated country with a population of 12.7 crores. China with 131 crores is the most populated and India with 120 crores, the second.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945 should be seen as the most, heinous, inhuman, unpardonable action in the history of mankind. The gloom of it has perhaps taken away from Japanese their cheer. There is a subterranean agony seen which is difficult to describe.

Nevertheless, they built the most advanced railway network 50 years ago. Their technology was most talked about in the 60’s and the 70’s. During my two hour daily walk that cut across central Tokyo into the walking and jogging track around the Emperor's palace, I admired the measured skyline of central government buildings with radars and towers that can perhaps read and hear all activities across the globe. It occurred to me that if the Japanese elders had decided not to endorse the non-proliferation treaty with America, after the war; perhaps the Japanese would have built the most sophisticated nuclear weapons - as a deterrent today when China is bullying them and their ally US weakened.

The Marma class of Dr. Joshi 
On 22nd June with 50 participants, in a well-equipped seminar hall in central Tokyo was rated as more than satisfactory by both the organizers and the participants. The class reactions revealed the self-discipline and a desire in the Japanese to reach their deep seated cultural and humanitarian roots suppressed by economic advancement. In the astrology class of 23rd, Mr. Rao, in his usual story telling style, touched their inner chords. They were overwhelmed. Their emotions revealed how different the Japanese are from what they look like on the streets of Tokyo. There were emotional outbursts in the class of 50 comprising of those whom destiny had made astrologically inclined, as perhaps they found what they were looking for many years. The simplified principles of astrology were given to them by Mr. Rao.

The workshops program of Tokyo concluded on Sunday, the 24th of June with a standing ovation given to Mr. Rao by the participants. Mr. Rao was at his best. He enjoyed the classes and found Japanese participant’s shradhavan (respectful). He praised them profusely.

We travelled by the bullet train, the Japan’s high speed trains known as Shinkansen to Osaka, the next day. Shinkansen means trunk routes. These trains are known world over for their speed, safety and punctuality.

On Wednesday, the 27th June, 2012 from Osaka we visited Hiroshima by the bullet train and comfortably reached the Atomic Bomb Dome. It was before the blast Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall building.

At 8:15 am August 6, 1945 an atomic bomb was used as a weapon for the first time in human history. With a blinding flash, the bomb detonated about 600 meters above the dome of the building. The heat rays and blast burnt and crushed nearly all buildings within two kilometers. The damage done was catastrophic. 1, 40,000 out of 3, 50,000 people, in Hiroshima were killed and most disabled for life mentally and physically.

There are different versions afloat that give reasons for this unforgivable act against humanity.

i) The bomb making process started in 1939 when the World War II began. In 1942 US launched the infamous Manhattan project. They wanted to test their bomb.

ii) With Japan in an extremely weak position, the US was considering ways of bringing the war to an end and invades the Japanese mainland. They could ask the Soviet Union to join the war against Japan, assure continuation of the Emperor system or use the atomic bomb. The US perhaps believed that if the bomb could end the war, Soviet influence after the war would be restricted and domestically the tremendous cost of development would be justified.

iii)To ensure that the effects of the atomic bombing could be accurately observed potential targets were selected from cities with an urban area at least three times in diameter , and air raids in those areas were prohibited. An order was issued to drop the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Kokura, Nigata or Nagasaki. Hiroshima was thought to have been the first choice because it was the only one of the four target cities without an Allied prisoner-of-war camp. The reason could be any or all of the above, but from what happened later, during the Cold War, the most logical reason appears to be that the US feared that the Russians would take over some of the strategic islands and therefore wanted to capture all the 3000 islands comprising Japan in a hurry.

In my presentation on Mundane, last year, with respect to the violent period during the World War II, in which the number of violent deaths was the most in recorded history, it was explained that the War was an outcome of an all malefic concentration on the Aries-Libra axis in 1939, when the war began.

On 6th August, 1945 at 8:15 AM, at the time of the atomic blast, the Moon was in Gemini at 24053’ approaching Saturn at 25007’ in the same sign. The Venus and Rahu were also in Gemini. All these 4 were under paapkartari with Mars in Taurus and Sun in Cancer. Clearly indicating an unmindful decision in haste.

It appeared to me at the Atomic bomb site in Hiroshima that the ghosts of those killed had surrounded the ghosts of all those responsible. In the eerie silence, some mysterious activity could be sensed. There were imprints of burnt human remains on what remained of the stone stairs. The twisted iron bars had their own story to tell and appeared ghostly.

The gloom we carried from the site continued as we walked over to the adjoining museum where it got more gruesome when we saw some spine chilling pictures of the disaster. There were video recordings of the eyewitnesses. Hiroshima before and after was shown. The surroundings of the most developed urban township in the world gave a feeling of eyewash to compensate an uncompensatable act. The feeling continued to haunt throughout the trip, and haunts even now. A feeling that the most inhuman act in the history of mankind was committed in Hiroshima still grips me. It is certainly unpardonable.

We drove down to Kobe, the next day on 28th June where a class on Marma was organized for the yoga teachers at "Yamamoto Yoga Institute".  Kobe is a developed port town. It was a favorite of the Americans, we were told. We passed by a gorgeous stretch with flyovers and tunnels on a mountain stretch which we were told was devastated in the 1995 earthquake and now rebuilt. The highway was immaculate, the engineering skills of Japanese quite visible.

The magic of Dr. Joshi's touch and the instant cure that people got made him a hero among the participants in Kobe. At the end of the day it was very successful trip to Kobe.

Modern Japan is comprised of 3000 islands. Seventy percent of land of Japan is mountainous. We visited Kyoto on 29th June. The landscape of mountainous terrain, the largest lake in Japan and sea was beautiful. The journey by road was delightful. From the mountain we had a panoramic view of Japan's quaint university town which has 3000 Buddhist temples and boasts of 16 Nobel laureates from its university. Kyoto was the capital of Japan before Tokyo. It is said that Americans did not include Kyoto in their list of targets. It was not bombed. Perhaps, because they wanted to keep intact this intellectual and heritage city after capture. We visited the Enryakuji temple in Kyoto. We learnt that many great priests have been trained and educated in the temple. We were fortunate to witness the gathering of priests from all over Japan to celebrate the anniversary of Jikaku Taishi the third master of Daikodo Temple. The rituals were precise, short and crisp and the recitation of hymns by about 50 priests who had come from all over Japan, hypnotic. The temples were absolutely clean. The peace and tranquility was soul elevating. Mr.Rao said the priests were singing pashanti which he could hear for hours, as it was sung from some inner chords The atmosphere rejuvenated the spirit.

Our local guides informed that what we witnessed was something rare, and not seen by them before. Mr. Rao told us that Buddhism here can be seen in its original form. It is not diluted, like in India. We all agreed it was a blessing from the blue; perhaps some good work of our past life was getting rewarded. Most agreed that it was simply Rao effect. It had to happen since we had Mr. K.N. Rao with us.

We had the Astrology classes on 30th June and 1st July by Mr. K.N. Rao in Osaka. Mr. Rao was highly impressed with the uptake of the students. He confessed that their standard stunned him and he was left with no words to praise them. Their pick-up has to be really brilliant as they reached a commendable level in a short span of three months in Jaimini astrology.

The classes in Osaka concluded with presentation of bouquets, reading of ‘Letter of Thanks’ and a melodious song sung in chorus.

The Letter of Thanks
Our dearest Prof Rao, Prof Bisaria and our Prof in Japan Mr. Shimuzu. We would like to thank you for the extraordinary jyotish seminar you did for these two days. Thanks also to Dr.Hashimoto, Mrs. Yokorin, Mrs. Nekona and Mr. Aoyama for cooperation and support.

Last year in September, 2011, we had a seminar, for the first time from Prof. Bisaria. Then we all participants were deeply impressed by the profound knowledge of "Real Jyotisha". It made us more and more fascinated in jyotisha.

Heavenly being in Vedic astrology Shri K.N. Rao came to Japan and we have just had your lectures. Such miracles we cannot believe even now. It is our great honor to have this seminar here at Osaka and we'll never forget these two historical days.

Prof. Rao has been working and practicing jyotish, not for fortune telling but for the glorious science and for revealing the divine intentions of the universe. We respect your achievements and beliefs and appreciate their results. And now we have newly made decisions on our attitude towards jyotisha. There will be the huge turning point to study jyotisha. Keeping in mind the parampara, we have to study hard.

We wish the best of health for Prof. Rao and further development of BVB. We certainly look forward to see you again in Osaka.

We would like to dedicate a song of our heart “Hurusato” the meaning is hometown. We always and for old days love this song, nostalgia for landscape of hills and mountains in our child days, expressing feelings for who have left the hometown for study and work.

Listen to our song please.

The letter of thanks was read by Ms. N. Matsuda in Japanese and translated and read in English by Ms A. Ohkoshi.

Mr. Rao was outstanding as a teacher and I learnt a lot from his teaching methods when dealing with the Japanese.

The next day we had the Marma class by Dr. Joshi, as usual he performed miracle after miracle making many disabled walk, talk and raise hands. Marma was well accepted as a simplified yoga that can cure the incurable in Japan. The Japanese are looking forward to our next visit.

India and Rahu: Three years of Sun dasha of the Indian Independence horoscope, from September, 2009 could not dent the edifice of corruption built by Rahu in India. Both the Indian Independence horoscope of 15th August, 1947, midnight and the Republican horoscope of 26th January, 1950, at 10:25AM have Rahu in the Ascendant.

Though the dasha of Sun hammered the deeply entrenched edifice of corruption by exposing the high and mighty in the last three years, not much change could be brought about. The Assange exposures and those by some in the judiciary and government in India should be seen as chance exposures, courtesy, Sun dasha. The Rahu led paralysis caused by corruption has made India economically challenged. Corruption seeps in easily. India was arguably not as corrupt earlier. What brought in corruption? To an astrologer the Indian Independence horoscope clearly explains, Why. It is everywhere. Indians tend to tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correct them. Religion is transactional in India. Indians give God cash and anticipate an out-of-turn reward. In June 2009, The Hindu published a report of a Karnataka minister. Janardhan Reddy gifting a crown of gold and diamonds worth Rs 45 crore to Tirupati. Our caste system separates us and does not let us work as a group. We don't seem to believe that all men are equal. This resulted in our division and often migration to other religions. Discrimination gives rise to corruption. The result is that Indians don't seem to trust one another. In India everyone is thus against everyone else, except God ­ and even He must be bribed.

Rahu in the Ascendant has not only spread corruption all over our country but poison as well which it represents. Rahu in the ascendant may have created the use of poisonous pesticides and insecticides that causes cancer and other incurable diseases. A village in Punjab is reported to be wholly cancer ridden and a train that carries the people to a cancer hospital in Rajasthan from there is called cancer train.

Rahu and Rahul
His Rahu will be in the 8th house if Cancer Ascendant is taken. With Cancer Ascendant his dasha is of the Lagna lord which will be followed by the Yogkarak Mars dasha. When Leo ascendant is taken, Rahu will be in the 7th house and it is presently, the 12th lord dasha. Let us wait and watch.

Rahu and Obama
Obama is going through the dasha of Jupiter-Rahu. In his case also, Rahu is in the 8th house with the 11th and the 4th lord Mars. It is a dasha chiddra phase for him. The dasha in 2013 would be of vargottama Saturn. He has a bright future. He is likely to be re-elected.

Rahu and Rain                                                                                                            
The most benefic planet Jupiter is in the fold of Rahu-Ketu during this rainy season. Besides, Venus the other benefic is rendered weak due the Sun-Venus phenomenon of 6th June, 2012 about which much has been written in the previous issue our Journal. In our May Newsletter I had written -

How much will it rain this year? Considering the chaitra charts and Venus the rains are not likely to be normal though the meteorological department forecast is ninety nine percent of the standard rainfall.

The Disbalanced Monsoon
Brahmaputra's swirling floodwaters in Kaziranga, Assam have caused loss of 573 animals. Floods in Himachal and Uttaranchal have caused wide scale devastation. In contrast most of parts of the country are rain starved. It is indeed a worrisome dry spell. Economists have cut growth estimate on drought fear. No respite is seen as combining other reasons we have aage mangal peeche bhan varsha hoye oas samaan(There is Mars ahead of Sun, therefore the rain will like dew drops only)

International Vedic Astrology Program. 2012
The program from 25th October, 2012 to 10th November, 2012 will be research based program. The schedule and the lesson plans are being uploaded next week on our website.

Business and Economy
What we wrote in our May, 2012 newsletter is coming out be correct: With a relatively, negative chaitra shukla pratipada horoscope for New Delhi for 2012 and the Sun-Venus phenomenon on 6th June, 2012, the economic situation is likely to deteriorate further. Venus represents currency and the auto industry. As mentioned in my earlier writings though the American economy will improve and Obama will emerge stronger than before, India, Pakistan and China will not prosper. Considering the New Year charts for 2012-13 and 2013-14 there is no respite seen. External threats will continue and are likely to destabilize the region.

According to RBI GDP growth is likely to fall to 6.5% amid accelerating inflation and widening fiscal deficit Power failure hit India for a second day running on 31st July due to the collapse of the Northern and Eastern grids, cutting power to more than 600 million people in the populous northern and eastern states including the capital Delhi and major cities such as Kolkata. Around over 300,000 passengers were stranded in over 300 trains across eight states after the northern and eastern grids failed, crippling operations across six railway zones in the country.

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