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It should be remembered that Pratibha Patil spoke of her strange experience before a gathering of Brahma Kumaris in June 2007 and it was not in a private conversation.

She was then the Governor of Rajasthan, a constitutional head, and is now a presidential nominee. No governor of any state of India or president of India ever talked of such supernormal experience so boldly in a public meeting is what everyone said in the panel discussion.

Those who call it a superstition or describe is as some syndrome or hallucination should ask themselves if they themselves are suffering from a mental disorder because they have decided to dismiss it without examining it as rich material for great para psychological research. India is a gold mine for phenomena and also a vast mine of terrible superstitions.

Yes, let me repeat that there is in India a gold mine of real supernormal experiences and an unfathomable mine of superstitions.

Do not accept these easily till you have examined them many times. Have the courage to condemn it when you find them to be fraudulent. Yes, it is both genuine, in rarest cases, and fraudulent in most is my six year experience when I did my own investigation into such phenomena.

It is not mesmerism as Dr. C.P. Thakur, the former Health Minister of India, tried to describe it as. There was no intelligent participant in the whole discussion who could say that it had better been left to parapsychologists as they were not competent to accept or reject it.

But modesty is not the virtue of participants in these television panel discussions. Many of them are arrogantly stupid and mistake their own dogmas for intellectuality and science.


Let me speak of another experience, which Bengalis describe as aavesh or some soul entering someone’s body.

This time, sometime in 1963, it was an Assamese spinster in her middle thirties whom people addressed as Lailadi. When I met her, not in a bhajan, I came to know that she had taken a Krishna mantra from a Hindu guru and was an excellent devotee of Lord Krishna. She could not talk in Hindi and I could not converse in Assamese or Bengali which she knew well.

She could speak passable English and convey her thoughts. While our conversation went on in that gathering of four or five people, again in Shillong, she suddenly got into a trance, her body shivering first and then her eyes assuming a strange otherworldly expression. She suddenly started speaking in very chaste Sanskritized Hindi which put me to shame. She said that soon I would be transferred out of Shillong after a complaint against me!

I decided to wait and watch.

It a direct prediction about me and could be tested in coming months. Few months after, my boss wrote to the headquarters complaining against me saying that I was attending too many bhajans which was not good for a young officer in the beginning of his career.

In July 1963, I was suddenly transferred to Jaipur.

There was again a trance also in this case, a strange voice, a different language and a prophecy which came out correct. I therefore must criticize all the participants of the Janmat panel discussion referred to earlier (see the earlier piece) and will advise them to understand the real, less known spiritual India, the land of genuine spirituality, though there are lot of superstitions spread by the so called godmen and astrologers.

(26 June 2007)

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