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I feel that those among the citizens of India, particularly educated parents, who have escaped the clutches of  Upayacharyas pretending to be astrologers, are among the few of the lucky human species left in India, and those with a sense of gratitude are fewer. 

The normal experience of an astrologer is that when a prediction is fulfilled, there is no feedback. When it is not, the uncultured, ill bred fellow heaps abuses on you even after not pay anything (which of course was not demanded) and his petty ego outwardly and pusillanimity within never showing how dishonest the fellow is. It is discovered later.

You can see more ill bred fellows among educated Indians than you can imagine. And ill educated astrologers with ill breeding are a menace, a big social menace, to mankind all over the world.

An ambitious father who climbed the social and bureaucratic ladder through sycophancy and his ill bred son if both, or one of them comes and the other follows, you can see their pattern of behavior repeating. Some people give you a feedback when they have to come to you to consult again. They then remind you and express their thanks with feigned humility. 

The following acknowledgement of an officer of Indian navy is a total exception and he came to me for a third time. He and his wife are cultured and religious. First time it was anxiety about the low level of performance of their son in examinations. The second time they came to tell me happily that the son had survived an ordeal and I had told him to allow the boy to choose engineering course. The third time the parents came to tell me that the boy had joined an engineering course and this time the father had a question which I am not discussing here except telling that I had told him that on the basis of his son’s horoscope, his own income would increase substantially. An offer came and it was five times more than the salary he was drawing. 

He says that he came to consult me in Jan 2006. again in May of that year, In March 2007, he came to ask about himself and gave me feedback and also wrote this letter. 

His son’s birth time was corrected by reducing it by three minutes.  

The value of advice in such cases is only to ask parents to wait for sometime which astrologers see as dasha change. 

If the future, immediately visible, bright why worry ? 

Then if at that time an assurance is given that boy would do well and you also indicate the educational line which will decide his profession you have done your duty as an astrologer. See the letter. The parents were preparing the boy for medical profession when I clearly said that it would be engineering. 

from b c <>


date Mar 26, 2007 11:58 PM

subject Details of CDR R C

27 March 07 

Respected Sir ji,


I am forwarding the details of my son and my self as desired by you :-

Problem-My son had been performing very well in studies. His performance in academics was above average till class X. He had scored 89%overall, with science and maths 94%. We had come on transfer to Delhi in April 2004 with lots of hope and dreams for our son.  

He got admission in one of the best school (Sanskriti School, Chanakayapuri)and also joined coaching classes with AKASH Institute for medical entrance His performance started deteriorating. In class XI he nearly failed in maths.  

He was not able to concentrate on studies probably due to depression. We approached to you for guidance and help in Jan06.  

After studying the position of planets, you had recommended for continued hard work and approach to you after exams. We again approached you for kind guidance in April/May06. 

We were told that what ever is happening is because of time and further suggested that things will improve by Nov06 and life will be back to normal after Feb07. 

You had predicted that son will go for engineering and class XII result will be average. My son has joined Engineering college at Bangalore . Every thing has happened as per your vision and prediction. My family is very grateful to you for your kind help and blessings.

With regards


( 30 March 2007)

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