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Ever since the rumor about the marriage between Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai gripped the electronic media there has been enormously maddening coverage of this event.

Two television channels asked me to comment on these horoscopes. I refused to do it as I was neither sure about their authenticity nor could believe those who used them and showed them in their shows.

Some speculative horoscopes of both of these people were used, written about, shown without birth details in television programmes and many predictions were made which were like this:

1) One astrologer of south India shown prominently as “approving” these horoscopes for marriage. He was shown again recently prescribing many shantis” to “avert” the misfortune this marriage was supposedly bringing to Amitabh Bachchan. The horoscopes were supposedly taken by Ajitabh Bachchan, the younger brother to this astrologer.

2) There was a rumor of Aishwarya being married to a tree !!

3)When Amitabh Bachchan was shown going to temples with both Abhishek and Aishwarya, many more stories were spun out and series of astrologers were shown giving opinion and prescribing shantis.


Read the following interview in the Midday. Briefest extracts are given here. K.N.Rao. Mid_Day/400x60/0 Thursday, June 21, 2007 Ash is not unlucky for the Bachchans 

By: Upala KBR June 21, 2007

There has been speculation about Aishwarya being unlucky for your family.

Amitabh’s answer Whatever is fated will happen.

Do you believe in astrology?  Amitabh’s answer No, I don’t.

Did your brother Ajitabh go to Bangalore with Aishwarya’s horoscope? Amitabh’s answer My brother did no such thing!

There were reports of her being a manglik . Amitabh’s answer It is ridiculous, we don’t believe in this! I don’t even know how to spell the word manglik! I don’t even know what she is. How much can you take? What do you do?

Is Ash married to a tree?  Amitabh’s answer Ash is not married to a tree! The cure for a manglik is that she has to marry a tree. It’s a challenge — please show me the tree she married! Bring that person who married her to the tree. Where did it happen? Aishwarya Rai getting married to a tree, do you think the media wouldn’t have known about it and gone to the place?

She went to Benares with your family and prayed there ...Amitabh’s answer It was November 23, my father’s birthday. Every year, on that day, for the last four years, we celebrate my father’s birthday with a Kavi Sammelan in Lucknow. Last year, when we decided to go, my mother was in hospital. I said we haven’t had any celebration like Holi and Diwali as my mother is ill in hospital.

Does it mean then that the Indian television channels, particularly Hindi ones, were feeding their viewers with total bluffs glamorous lies, false astrological remedies? Judge it yourself.

( 21 June 2007)

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