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The big debate will go on now for some years and at the end of the first decade of the Gregorian twenty first century, we will know how sound the assessment has been. We are concerned astrologically with it. To do it we need a horoscope of USA which is not a settled one as western astrologers have used nearly sixteen different horoscopes with different dates, different time and never succeeded in making a single good prediction on the basis of what they claim is their research with Pluto, Herschel and Neptune included.

We have waited long enough and watched all these debates and controversies. It has been quite easy for us Hindu astrologers to make annual predictions about USA on the basis of our well known Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscope but it is limited to the year under scrutiny. The problem can be solved only if we decided on a dependable horoscope.

I have decided the horoscope given here as correct for many reasons which is what I must state here first.

1) There is no doubt in my mind that the date chosen,4 July 1776, is what all historians of USA accept as being correct.

2) USA celebrates 4 July every year as her day of independence with which we have been familiar.

3) Majority of western astrologers have used different horoscopes of 4 July but with different time.

4) Yet,some western and "Vedic" astrologers have used the same data and given Dhanu lagna which would make USA a disastrously war mongering nation while history has recorded US soldiers as most undistinguished in battle fields.

5) Some others have given Vrischika lagna not even applying the elementary principle of mundane astrology which would have made it not the great creative and rich nation it is with its long list of Nobel Prize winners and great scientists, industrialists and men of really great entrepreneurs.

While I had been working on it for some years, I got the help of Yogi Karve who gave me the time through his supernormal power which I have found very helpful many times. On this basis this horoscope been cast.

Till Yogi Karve gave me this time, I had been toying with the idea of it being Kanya lagna but 4th July all right from where the tenth house shows, Sun. Mars, Jupiter and Venus which will show its super power status, unparalled in the recorded history of world.

Changing it to Simha lagna, I found a strong eleventh house and Moon in the seventh house as the twelfth lord. I had kept a mental note of it and had requested friends in USA to give to me the time of the swearing of President Bush on 20 January 2001. When I got it, I commented on that day itself, that the new US president would follow an aggressive international policy and will openly be against abortion.

Immediately after assuming office, President Bush declared his policy of no US aid being given to states or countries which supported abortion as their policies. Western astrologers did not even know the importance of muhurta chart, till I pointed out that it was a valuable supplementary chart.

World had to wait till 11 September 2001, to see the manifestation of US aggression as was seen in the oath taking chart of President Bush, when "Osama dead or alive" became almost a US slogan.

The question then was, if it was reflected in the chart prepared on the basis of the time given by Yogi Karve.

Interestingly, here we find the mahadasha of Moon starting from 13 October 2001. Moon here has three clear significations in mundane astrology. As the twelfth lord it must show:

a) Foreign plots hatched against it.

b) Expenditure increasing which is what has been happening ever since USA decided to fight the Afghan war with only one active ally, Britain, with other coalition partners helping the war efforts in a more non-military manner.

c) The mood of aggression which Moon in the seventh house, the house of war, must show. This Moon being in the nakshatra of Mars, (Dhanista) doubly must show aggression.

To make assurance doubly sure, the annual horoscope of USA for 2001,on the basis of this date was cast and the planetary position was as shown here. Here one strikingly spectacular factor in the annual horoscope was retrograde Mars in the seventh house showing the same astrological point which the swearing in horoscope of President Bush had shown, an aggression. Here it is surer indication because this Mars is both retrograde and is aspected by Saturn in Rohini nakshatra which is an old research of mine about war.

USA is now involved in a war in the mahadasha of Moon in the seventh house as the twelfth lord and in the annual horoscope, there is Mars retrograde aspected by Saturn.

A brief survey at the second cycle of Vimshottri mahadasha in the US chart being used should be made first.

Vimshottari mahadasha of Rahu from 13 October 1898

Rahu ending 14 October 1916

As the mahadasha of Rahu was ending USA prepared for ending its policy of isolationism self imposed on itself through the famous Monroe Doctrine. After watching the progress of war in Europe, as soon as the Jupiter dasha started, it decided to jump into it. History, records that it was the powerful participation of USA in the war that changed 0the course against Germany.

Jupiter ending 13 October 1932

As the Jupiter dasha was ending, USA got itself engulfed in the deadly Depression of 1929 whose effects was a financial ruination of so many.

Saturn ending 14 October 1951

Saturn as the seventh lord of war, had to involve USA again, this time in the Second World War. It came after the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbour. Whole of Saturn dasha saw USA trying to encircle USSR, after the war was over, through a series of military pacts. USA’s international involvement was total.

Astrologically, no better corroboration is needed to accept this horoscope as correct. But some more events of the past years, well known in world history should be verified here.

1)The first verifiable fact is USA joining the First World War which started in the Rahu-Moon period though USA joined it actively only when President Wilson took the decision to join after a British ship carrying many Americans was sunk by German army."Wilson appeared before the Congress to ask for declaration of war and resolution was passed on 6-4-1917." It was the period of Jupiter-Jupiter-Saturn and here Saturn as the sixth and the seventh lord, in the second house aspected by Mars will show attack both on Americans and also USA joining the war.

2) The great Depression of the thirties of the twentieth century occured in the mahadasha of Jupiter and the antardasha of Mars aspecting the second and the fifth house representing the stock exchange. The pratyantara dasha was of Saturn, in the second house aspected by Mars. Jupiter is the fifth lord of speculation (stock exchanges). There was no recovery till the antardasha of Rahu was over. It being a notable dasha chiddra it took USA many years under the astute presidentship of FDR to overcome which must have come almost at the end of Saturn Mercury period of this horoscope. Mercury, as the eleventh lord, has to give such a recovery here.

3)USA joined the Second World War in Sun-Moon antardashas in the mahadasha of Saturn which is easily explainable. Saturn as the seventh lord and Moon in the seventh house are clear explanations of all this.

4) The WTO disaster of 11 September 2001 took place in the mahadasha of Sun in the eighth house (as the fourth lord) of the Chaturthamsha. Here Sun receives the terrible aspects of both Mars and Saturn. It was in the dasha of Sun that US properties outside and inside USA have been the targets of terrorist attacks.

On this basis we need not have any hesitation in accepting the horoscope cast on the basis of the time given by Yogi Karve.

What then are the results one should expect in the mahadasha of Moon which has begun from October 2001, the dasha of the twelfth lord in the seventh house of war?

In navamsha Moon, as the eighth lord, is with Mars aspected by Sun and Saturn. In the dashamansha it comes under Rahu/Ketu axis and in thrimshamsha it is again in the seventh house with Mars in the rashi of Mars.

Analysis of the mahadasha of Moon

As the twelfth lord in the seventh house, Moon is the period of big national drain, enormous expenditure and exhaustion. No wonder it has given to president Bush a mood to become belligerent which have been commented upon thus: "Where Mr. Bush now takes this doctrine is an open question, but he has painted his mission broadly across the world" (By Patrick E Tyler, 20 November 2001, Times London)

One should not expect USA to get out of the war mood till the end of Moon dasha of full ten years as will also be clear from what President Bush said, "In his Sept. 20 address to Congress, Mr. Bush put it this way: "From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. He added that while the war on terror began with Al Qaeda, it did not end there. "It will not end," he said, "until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated."

A brief hint that can be from each antardasha in the mahadasha of Moon is:

The features of Moon mahadashas visible are: there will be something in the nature of a world war, not a continuous war but many wars in each of which USA will be participating.

(Moon-Moon beginning 13 August 2001)

There will be no end to the fight that has begun even after the Afghan war is over.

(Mars 14 March 2003

It will be a period of national agony and crashing stock exchanges.

Rahu 11 September 2004

A fearful stock market crash and terrible US losses can lead to a decision to use more dangerous weapons.

It will go on like this till the antardasha is over Saturn ending 13 August 2007).

Sometime towards the end of 2007, when Saturn will have crossed Magha nakshatra in Simha, the war will begin to show some visible abatement. But Rahu will take some more years to reach Dhanu to give to USA a breather. The final experience of it all for USA will be much worse than its Vietnamese misadventure (1956-74).

What will be the likely consequences of all this ? Drawable inferences are.

1) USA’s position as a super power in an unipolar world will have suffered its worst damage. China in the meantime will begin to rise to occupy position as the most dreaded world power. (will be discussed later)

2)World view of Islam as a religion will undergo a very unfavourable change as has been said by a US Senator thus" ‘There is no such thing as peaceful Islam,’’ Lind said. ‘‘Islamics cannot fit into an America in which the first loyalty is to the American Constitution"

3) What will be the assessment made of USA being described as world as world’s biggest terrorist state is left to the readers to judge. Read what Chomsky has to say.

Kolkata, Oct. 22. (PTI): Noted thinker Noam Chomsky today said India would gain "nothing" by supporting the US offensive in Afghanistan but get a "kick in the face" if it came in the way of America’s interests.

Describing the US as the "world’s biggest terrorist State", the self-confessed anarchist said following the September 11 attacks in his country, it was carrying on a "worse" kind of terrorism on Afghanistan."

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