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On 9 June after I returned from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan after teaching my classes, I got a telephonic call from the AAJ TAK television channel in Hindi asking me to comment on sun spots.

I could have refused as I have not worked on sun spots in the last fifteen years though I had got interested in it keenly like two Moons about which I had given a prediction nearly twenty years ago for China where these two Moons were seen. Both two Moons and sun spots are mentioned in the Brihata Samhita of Varahimira and the results attributed to them are dealt with.

As I said predicting who will become the prime minister or the president is an escapist approach of the modern astrologer doing the so called mundane astrology and getting himself publicised. 

The real mundane astrology given in the the Brihata Samhita deals with man and his universe in which a political event is just a speck in a vast ocean of mundane astrology.

Tamas Kilakas are Sun Spots 

The Brihata Samhita refers to sun spots as TAMAS KILAKAS. It must be remembered by us that Varahamihira belonged to sixth century AD and the Brihat Samhita came to be written in 505 AD according to historical evidences though the late B.Suryanarayan Rao gives to Varahimira a date in BC. At any rate, not going into any controversy, it should be clear that sun spots were known to Hindu astrologers by 505 AD and it was not in the seventeenth century after the discovery of the telescope that man came to know of sun spots for the first time.

It is well established that it was Arya Bhatta ( 498 AD) who had established that the earth went round the sun and not Copernicus (1473).

The well known father of heliocentric theory is Arya Bhatta to whom the slavish Indian astronomers do not even make a reference even these days when it is a historically undisputed fact. I was therefore not surprised to hear on two television channels Indian astronomers talking of sun spot and not referring to Varahamihira.

In these days, when we clearly know of haldi (turmeric) yoga asanas, even yagyas etc. patented in western countries, it is not difficult to surmise that it must have happened in the middle ages also without being detected till recent centuries.

But Indian astronomers are a de-nationalised lot, uprooted from their tradition, their ancient knowledge, even that knowledge which can be tested now.

It was Einstein who thanked India for inventing zero without which no advanced mathematics would ever have been a subject known to man. And a country which gave it to the world along with more and more scientific knowledge taught it to Arabs who came to India (Al Baruni for instance)  who in turn inspired Renaissance in Europe.

How many Indians will have the courage even now to say that the scientific knowledge in the west since the renaissance is an inspiration of the Hindus? I have not come across ten great mundane predictions of western astrologers even after three decades of attempt.

I was desperately collecting them to fight the case of astrology in the Supreme Court of India in 2003 single handed ( when other astrologers ran away from the battle like mice) to show that even in the west the astrologers had some successful predictions. But I had drawn a blank yet on the basis of Indian history and great examples, I won the case for astrology.

It is therefore safe to conclude that west could not even have known the results of sun spots in mundane astrology.

Yet, the writers of encyclopedias in the west must refer to Galileo and Copernicus and not the great Hindu astronomers whose books reached them via Arabia and from where they must have plagiarized, as the west has done in so many fields.

Therefore I agreed to give an interview to AAJ TAK only because it gives me an occasion to refer to the Brihata Samhita of Varahimira and his unparalleled genius.

I am proud of our great scientific heritage along with world’s greatest spiritual traditions unlike many de-nationalised English educated Indians.

And I am on such solid grounds as an astrologer to believe it all inspite of the superstitious astrology (kaal sarpa yoga and all that nonsense) doled out in the Indian television channels along with daily Moon sign predictions and the unavoidable physical scientist criticising astrology without studying it and yet describing himself as a scientist. These scientists are superstitious and so are the Indian astronomers is the message that has to be conveyed effectively.

( Written on the night of 9/10 June 2007)

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