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One young woman who heard me on television programs wrote to me repeatedly to help her brother who had got involved in a bad case of marriage. I wrote to her to meet me personally and I would squeeze out sometime to see her or her father.. But looking at the horoscope, I felt that her family was hungry for a fat dowry and got involved in a trouble which it had invited.

Her argument that they were all innocent did not appeal to me at all.

What can you do if you pretend to be an angel and do not speak out the truth?

An astrologer is an adviser, and if honest, is the best adviser who can help you prepare for a calamity. I have many cases which I will narrate slowly and show how an astrologer can help a person prepare for some unavoidable difficulties. Do not think that there is any magical remedy to put an end to all your troubles. The results of karmas have to be suffered. Read this piece first. The identity of the person is not being disclosed nor his horoscope or of the members of his family being given in this piece.

Remember that the astrologer is not God and he should refuse to play god. Times change, good to bad and bad to good. It is what I have seen in the horoscopes not disclosed here. What I saw was a brighter future after a spell of suffering. They said that would not be able to survive till December 2006 but it is March 2007 when they are writing this !!


From: c.>


Subject: Severe Problems

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 01:35:26 IST

Respected Sir,

We sent our horoscopes to you as per your instructions so as to reach to you after Diwali at the end of October. You were kind to find time then and help us out of our problems. After our papers reached to you on Oct.25, we tried to reach to you over telephone. At that time you asked us to contact you in December. Sir, we are facing here very severe financial problems which can end our lives if we do not find God’s help. In the current situation we do not know if we can survive till December to come back to you. Please have mercy for me, my wife, daughter and her kid. We beg your advice to come out of this situation. Sir, If you look into our horoscopes, we will know what we into. ...

S Chicago, USA

29 Oct 2006


I have seen your horoscopes and the reference in my records is pages 11.12 and 14 of OCTOBER 2006. Refer to this when you have a question though I do not promise that I will or can answer it quickly.

I am overloaded with work. You are passing through difficult time.

Your position deteriorated after July 2006 and the difficulties will last till the middle of next year. There seems to be a fear of your losing the property. But do not worry you will be able to make a recovery next year. But I advise people not to lose heart and pray to God as intensely as you can. I have seen God’s help pouring but the prayer has to be done by the suffering man and no one else. My invariable advice is VISHNU SAHASTRANAAM. Do it 108 times a week .

Acknowledge the receipt of the letter.




Subject: A Million Thanks

Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 01:02:43 IST

Respected Sir,

We all are thankful to you.... Immediately upon reading your first email, I printed out “Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra” from the internet. It is in Sanskrit. I have small questions.

1. Do I have to be absolute vegetarian in diet during the days I read this Stotra?

2. Where do I read it, at home or in our Store? Since this Stotra is in Sanskrit, it takes longer time for me to read it correctly. Your instruction says to read it 108 time a week. It means average 15-16 time a day. Initially I am not able to read it that fast. If it is needed in our case, I will do it. Sir, do the events in my letter match our horoscopes? I am following your instructions for our good. Anything else we need to do next? 

With Best Regards

S. & Family



Subject: Update

Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 23:31:39 IST

Pranam Gurudev,

Ref. In Your record # 11, 12 & 14 of 26th Oct.2006

It is long time that I have not written to you about us. As you predicted, we had to close our store by mid-December 2006. Rather the landlord forced us out as we were not able to pay the rent and other bills. We lost all the money that we put in and on the top of that we are in heavy debts since we have to pay other creditors and we don’t have money. When do we three will prosper in our life?

Now the time has come that we have to sell the house that we are living in. It is difficult to sell it because of it’s poor condition and above all the Winter season. ...As per your instructions, I do read “Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra” once every evening after taking bath and with Puja and Prasad. I started this from 1st Nov.2006 I am totally vegetarian since then...Awaitting your blessings.

With best regards

S. F.

Chicago, USA

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