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Indian judiciary and the legal system including the reputation of lawyers is under severe strain now in the year 2007 not a happy year in many ways with Gujjars and Meenas fighting it out in Rajasthan, Sachha Sauda facing the hostility from Akalis and terrorism increasing everywhere.

For the first time, senior lawyers are required to defend their reputations which is in mire after the NDTV sting operation in the BMW case. Inevitably, the case will go to courts and sting operations can get regulated through some judicial pronouncements as has not happened so far after the famous Tehelka operation of 2001 which ruined the career of Bangaru Lakshman of BJP.

The fortunate part of it is that attention has got diverted from preachers whom some morally timid sting operators had victimized and no one knows if the tapes were morphed, edited and made to look so damaging for the preachers.

Now when lawyers, particularly, top lawyers challenge sting operators and it becomes a matter of judicial pronouncement, at some stage the Supreme Court too will have to give some guidelines. R.K.Anand who has a big reputation to defend now has already said BMW case: R K Anand says he will sue TV channel

NEW DELHI, MAY 31 (PTI) Senior advocate R K Anand, representing accused Sanjeev Nanda in the sensational BMW case, today rubbished allegations of  collusion with the prosecution and threatened to sue NDTV news channel that aired a sting operation purportedly showing him as trying to influence a key witness. "I am waiting for the whole tape to come. I am going to sue them. I am not going to leave them," Anand told PTI here. He said the sting operation was "thrust upon me" and alleged the tapes shown were "fabricated" and showed him speaking out of context. "They have no evidence of my collusion with the prosecution," Anand said.

From the point of view of preachers who have been victims of sting operation which the  court did not take up for immediate legal decision, this is an excellent development as the courts have now to lay down some guidelines about sting operations. The BMW sting operation has led to the Delhi High Court awaking at once. HC takes suo motu notice of BMW ''expose'' 

Many times in our astrology workshop, we have discussed how 2007 is going to be such an uncomfortable year with the reputation of Indian judiciary sinking low. Already the former Chief Justice of India, Y.K. Sabbarwal has been named in the NOIDA land scandal case, Justice Bhalla’s elevation was withheld for sometime.

Meenas of Rajasthan, who are in majority and powerful and have enjoyed the benefit of reservations are opposed to the demands of Gujjars demanding to be categorized as Scheduled Caste for the purpose of reservation. I was born in an India where to be born as a Brahmin was looked upon as a privileged birth and there was the famous well known phenomena known as Sanskritization with lower castes moving into the category of higher castes trickily. Now the process is reverse, deSanskritization.

Why is all this happening ?See the mutual opposition between Mars and Saturn along the four-ten axis in the Hindu New Year horoscope. See the ninth lord, Jupiter, the planet of judiciary in two ways, in the eighth house of disgrace. And finally, see the sixth lord Mercury of courts under Rahu-Ketu axis.

( 1 June 2007)

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