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The nation should be grateful to the preacher who has brought scriptural lessons to householders and modern generations of Indians who have never read the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagwat Gita , the Bhagwatam etc. World’s greatest spiritual lessons contained in these books reaches your home without your reading these books. That gratitude should be acknowledged.

The preachers have their faults and failings as human beings have to have. I ignore that because I do not credit them with being jitendriyas or avadhoots or great mahatmas full of tyaga. These preachers are better then most of us because they have led a life of religious discipline and spent years in reading these scriptures and are now making them available through their preaching's. They preach well, tastefully, musically and with lot of entertainment. That is what is to be appreciated and their faults should be overlooked though the fault pointed out cannot stand if challenged in courts of law.

But why has this happened astrologically? Look at the terrible affliction to Venus, the seventh lord of the Hindu New Year horoscope and the presence of Jupiter, the ninth lord in the eighth house. The explanation is so simple.

Who is safe from sex scandals this year ? Is the judiciary safe ? But television channels will keep coming out with their so called sting operations because they have their lunatic race to reach higher and higher in TRP ratings. For this they must also have garishly dressed woman tarrot card reader rattling off her predictions daily garrulously, the sex symbols , the people from glamour world, crime stories, fashion world, occasional stories of fires and accidents and fake miracles, along with unconvincing sting operations. The only missing part in all these are the fake sting operator with his pusillanimity.

(27 May 2007)

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