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President Bush USA has repeatedly referred to Iran as the most dangerous terrorist state many times because it is said to be arming itself with nuclear weapons with the help of Russia, through an agreement. In the "axis of evil" speech of President Bush the countries mentioned were Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba But in recent statements he has given to Iran almost the first place as a terrorist state.

Our generation does not remember a single year since 1979 when USA had any word of praise for Iran one of the greatest of human civilizations like India, China, Iraq and Egypt and in a way, more glorious because of its famed empires. During the time of its great king, Darius, the Persian empire is said to have stretched from eastern Mediterranean, whole of Egypt, large parts of Greece, many parts of southern Russia, parts of modern Pakistan and northern India and the whole of Babylonian and Assyrian empires. It is said to have been the greatest empire in ancient human history.

Persia, now Iran, has been synonymous with culture, sophistication, valor and truthfulness. Her soldiers and civilians were taught to ride brilliantly, shoot accurately and speak the truth. Has anyone thought that if India and Persia and their contributions are removed from world history, there will be no civilization left in the world ?

Alexander the great had conquered Persia but while there behaved more like a Persian in his dress and deportment and mixed more with Persians than with his own courtiers and soldiers. But USA never had a word of praise for this glorious country. There are reasons. In Iran’s contempt for USA, there is visible in its attitude its pride in its great pre-Islamic past which almost makes one feel that USA is the most powerful and loud mouthed upstart ! Even when ancient Persia got Islamized, it became Shia and not Sunni.

1979 was the year when the famous Ayatollah Khomeini threw out Shah of Iran who had almost Americanized his country through what was termed as unIslamic acts and also "White Revolution". But Iranians thought that their country had more to teach to the world than America ever could.

Ancient Persia had the glory and splendor of great empires, dizzy materialistic success and the sublimity of the spiritual message of Ahuremazda. After it got Islamized, it retained those great ancient attitudes and felt proudly that it had much to teach to the world, particularly USA instead of getting Americanized as the Shah of Iran was doing at a fast pace.

It was with contempt and defiance that some Iranian students captured some staff members of the US embassy on 4 November 1979, on a Poornima day when Jupiter and Rahu were rapt in conjunction with Rahu at 12039 in Simha and Jupiter also in Simha at 12041 and in the horoscope of the Iran’s Islamic Republic it was the dasha of Moon- Rahu. And Rahu in the horoscope of Iran is in mrityubhaga.

Anglo-American interest in Iran was like their interest in Saudi Arabia, in its rich oil resources. When Mossadeq was Iran’s Prime Minister in the fifties of the twentieth century and threatened to nationalize oil, international conspiracy hatched by Anglo-American powers led to his overthrow. In 1953 the CIA had instigated students to revolt against Mossadeq.

The Shah continued to rule Iran for more than a decade after the overthrown of Mossadeq who was dubbed as a communist. But opposition to the Shah grew fast from the Shia religious leaders, particularly Ayatollah Khomeini. Against the fierce agitation growing the Shah knew that his days as Emperor were numbered. His apprehension was based on his own realistic assessment. In February 1979 he was out of Iran.

On 1 April 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed the birth of the Islamic Republic sometime after two in the afternoon and before three by many accounts. In any case the lagna rising was Karka. Within six months , on 4 November American embassy staff were taken hostage and the embassy ransacked. Iran got lot of material proving how the CIA operated in Iran. In some recently declassified documents of USA it has been revealed that:

Document 6

"As the Cold War wound down, President George Bush, in signing this directive, set in motion a hot war against the regime of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Unlike the draft 1985 directive (Document 5), there is no longer any reference to the Soviet Union and its threat to American interests, but the document does restate — indeed in its opening sentence — the overriding importance of oil to U.S. national security, an article of faith since World War II, and the principle reason for the United States’ involvement in the Persian Gulf throughout the Cold War. Ironically, during the early 1980s, Washington had secretly sided with Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran (1980-1988) in the belief that Ayatollah Khomeini’s attempts to export his Islamic revolution (and strong anti-Americanism) to the rest of the Persian Gulf represented the greater threat to U.S. interests."

In the last three decades the Iran-US relation got embittered. On November 4,1979, five hundred extremist students seized the US embassy in Tehran. They took hostage 66 members of the embassy and kept them confined for 444 days. It was said to have been sanctioned by Khomeini. Inevitably in created trade conflict between both conflicts.

The US opinion about Iran

The US opinion about Iran is well known and the Iranian retort is not often discussed which is as follows.

The Iranian Retort

Iran holds USA with much greater contempt.

"He added that the United States has behaved in the recent years as if it owns the world and follows a globalization policy through power, deception and hypocrisy.

The EC chairman further said that globalization within the framework of he ideology of the infallible household of the Prophet (S) of Islam is based on pure justice. Chairman , Hojjatoleslam Akabar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Teheran Times 23 May 2002)

Some features in the horoscope strike the eye:
(a) Moon, the lagna lord is in the eleventh house, giving to its prosperity through oil boom.

(b) Jupiter, the sixth and ninth lord exalted in navamsha has given it its unwavering religious image and continual conflicts with Sunni neighbors particularly with Wahhabi Islam of Sunni Saudi Arabia. As though to revive ancient pre-Islamic memories, the well known historical clashes between Persian and Babylonian empires, between Shias and Sunnis, between two great neighbors, the Iran and Iraq conflict is irresolvable.

(b) Saturn, the seventh and eighth lord is vargottama with Rahu in the second house which gives it rich oil wealth but the never vanishing conflicts between Shia and Sunni brands of Islam and between Islam and other religions, particularly Zionism of Israel in recent decades.

(c) Sun is advancing towards its point of exaltation.

(d) Venus, the fourth lord, in the eighth house reveals the stories of destruction of land through earthquakes, floods and wars.

(e) But the fifth lord, Mars with Mercury, the third and twelfth lord, in the ninth aspected by Jupiter is Iran’s efforts to get scientific knowhow and technology from former Soviet Republics particularly in equipping itself with latest missiles and nuclear warheads.

US Foreign policy

It is well known that the US foreign policy is based on three broad criteria:

(i) Countries with whom it has strong economic ties, particularly oil interests, are its friends like Saudi Arabia even if they have poor record in human rights and are not democracies.

(ii) Non-European countries which are not very friendly with USA and equip themselves with missiles and nuclear weapons are "rogue" nations.

(iii) Countries opposed to Israel are generally out of favor with this sole super power.

US -Iran relations can never be pleasant, will always be confrontational because one of the three well known criteria given above must come into play always. Iran has been equipping itself with nuclear weapons and is well known enemy of Israel. These two are the constant irritants in US-Iran relations. Then the third factors, occasional strain in economic ties have always been there.

Iran’s constitution

Iran adopted her constitution on 24 October 1979 which contrasted with the constitution of Saudi Arabia in that

(i) In Article 2 [Foundational Principles] there is no mention of Prophet Mohammad here as can be seen

"The Islamic Republic is a system based on belief in:
1) the One God (as stated in the phrase "There is no god except Allah"

(ii) In Article 12 [Official Religion]
The official religion of Iran is Islam and the Twelver Ja’fari school, and this principle will remain eternally immutable. Other Islamic schools are to be accorded full respect, and their followers are free to act in accordance with their own jurisprudence in performing their religious rites.

Here the Shia Islam is spelt out clearly.

(iii) In Article 13 [Recognized Religious Minorities] the recognized minorities are
Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian Iranians.

(iv) Under Article 14 all Muslims are duty-bound to treat non-Muslims in conformity with ethical norms and the principles of Islamic justice and equity, and to respect their human rights. This principle applies to all who refrain from engaging in conspiracy or activity against Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The article which offends Anglo-American interests clearly is

Article 153 [No Foreign Control]
Any form of agreement resulting in foreign control over the natural resources, economy, army, or culture of the country, as well as other aspects of the national life, is forbidden.

Before reverting back to Iran-US ties, a look at some recent events astrologically in the horoscope of Iran should be seen.

Dasha results Some events of Iran’s history can be seen in the dashas.

Moon-Jupiter Immediately after the take over of Iran and his declaration of Iran as world’s first Islamic Republic, Khomeini had to face a prolonged war with his old enemy, Saddam Hussain of Iraq. It was like the war of ancient days when Babylonia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran) fought many battles. It was the antardasha of Jupiter, the sixth lord of border fights. The cause of war was Iraq’s claim over Shat al Arab.

Oil producing countries had become very rich after the oil boom of 1973. It suited US ammunition industry and those of Europe to get this war prolonged and make huge profits by selling arms and ammunition both to Iraq by selling arms and ammunition both to Iraq and Iran clandestinely.

The war continued till 1988 when Khomeini gave to Irani boys in their sub teens keys (to heaven) which they hung round their necks to fight the war in which Iraq is said to have used chemical and biological weapons supplied by western countries, and even USA.

It was reminiscent of the Crusades of middle ages when Popes gave cross to boys in their sub teens to be hung round their necks to fight in a holy war, death in which assured them of their place in heaven. The dasha of Mars, the fifth lord, in the horoscope of Iran shows it all with all its macabre manifestations.

Ayatollah Khomeini’s death 3 June 1989 was in Mars-Jupiter-Mars period all connected to the ninth house. The father of the Islamic revolution was dead.

Soon, after some months, Jupiter in Mithuna (Gemini)  and Saturn in Dhanu (Sagittarius)  brought about many far reaching historical changes in the world. USSR collapsed, Berlin Wall vanished and both Germanys united, the Khomeini era ended in Iran and in India, V.P.Singh formed a non-Congress government at the centre.

Rahu-Jupiter The next important date in our historical-astrological narration is the antardasha of Jupiter in the mahadasha of Rahu in which Iran saw the election in 1997 of Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i in the election of May. An era of liberalism and reform had begun in Iran apparently.

US saw a chance of improving its relations with Iran now once again but the next antardasha of Saturn upset USA once again when two facts were discovered.

The first that Iran was capable of producing missiles which could attack USA sometime before 2010. In the development of missile technology obtained from North Korea and China, USA saw distinct threat. Appropriately it was the antardasha of Saturn, the seventh and eight lord with Rahu in the second.

The Indian Express (16 Jan 2002) reported it thus "In July 1998, a congressional commission headed by Donald H. Rumsfeld, now US defence secretary, predicted that Iran might be capable of causing ‘‘major destruction’’ to the United States ‘‘within five years.’’

Then came in the antardashas of Saturn and Mercury the seizure by Israeli navy of the Karine A, a Gaza bound freighter with 50 tons of sophisticated Iranian weaponry for which Palestinian Authority had paid fifteen million dollars. "There were 63 rockets with a 20-kilometer range, and 283 rockets with a 6.5-kilometer range."

In suited USA to describe it as Iran’s attempt to destabilize west Asian security instead of an anti-Israeli conspiracy about which Iran has been always talking openly.

Ever since, Iran has become a "rogue state" in the estimation of USA which is now planning to do something both against Iran after having destroyed Saddam of Iraq. Yet, it is clear that Iran is going to be a target of USA through some secretly planned intrigues in the coming anardasha of Ketu in the Mahadasha of Rahu. (September 2004 to September 2005).

By enlarging its list of "rogue states" which have mostly Islamic states like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, two communist states, North Korea and Cuba, USA finds itself in the enigmatic position of a more uncertain world even after the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the end of the cold war.

USA will never call it its war against Islam but it is what it is with Iran as one of its main targets now. And Iran has considerable trouble to face now in its present saadhe saati (Seven and one half years of Saturn).

The nature of this trouble can also be foreseen.

USA which had never hesitated in instigating the Shias of Iraq against Saddam Hussain, will similarly never hesitate in instigating the Sunni minorities of Iran against its Shia regime.

In the present Rahu-Mercury period (February 2002 to September 2004) US conspiracies against Iran will have taken final shape, possibly with the help of Israel which will have cause for worry from a nuclear Iran.

After the Iraq war and removal of Saddam, the American attention must now turn to Iran and Syria. The senior Bush would have wanted to see the destruction of Iran and the junior Bush may want to see the fulfillment of his father’s unfulfilled aim. That is the real and sinister politics of USA backed unhesitatingly as ever by UK.

It is not unlikely, if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear installations in a way similar to its attack on Iraq’s nuclear stations many years ago very successfully. Throughout the antardasha of Mercury, Iran has to face this danger.

In the next antardasha of Ketu (September 2004 to September 2005), there can even be some biological weapon used against it which may spread some epidemic disease.

The next antardasha of Venus (September 2005 to September 2008 will be its worst period with effective interference causing considerable destruction to Iran. In this period, during the stay of Saturn in Karka, the disruption to Iran caused may be quite heavy. All this will be in pursuance of USA undeclared war on Islam, which is has cloaked under the theory of "axis of evil". 

( Written on 1 May 2003)

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