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Manmohan Singh's Oath:Visible Trends so far after two years

Read this piece on this website together with the prediction about the Hindu New year and the eclipse of 29 March 2006 and review developments so far as the Manmohan Singh government completes 2years now on 22May 2006


Peace will be elusive, strikes are visible but worse, even violence which can affect the life of the nation and top men.

What has happened so far

I have not kept a list of the various strikes we have had. It started with airports.But the worst so far has been the ongoing strike of doctors and medical students ever since the reservation issue hit the nation and it is being described as Mandal II. Have they the welfare of the nation at heart or are merely aiming at enlarging their vote bank is a legitimate question everyone should ask.

Caste/ethnic strife

The same combination shows ethnic and caste strife which at the time of writing this piece( 19 May) is at its peak. The Hindu community is divided into forwards and backwards as usual-- our centuries old curse. Hindus as usual are divided among castes with the BSP taking away the lower caste votes. OBCs and caste Hindus are divided over reservations. Now united Muslims are reminding us of the pre partition days and the formation of Pakistan. The danger signals are too many.

It is what Saturn in Karka did sixty years ago and Jupiter then was in Tula.
That planetary pattern repeats now

And with USA in a hurry to attack Iran anytime this year (see my article on the website) there can be a conflagration also in India though aimed at USA. But such situations go out of control.


Communal harmony will be missing with such a heavily afflicted ninth house.

What has happened so far

a) There were riots in Baroda but that was a small event compared to what is happening. The visit of George Bush, the US president, created a tense communal situation in Lucknow in UP when there were demonstrations by Muslims leading even to deaths of some.

The possibility of attack on Iran, has united Muslims, Shias and Sunnis. The result has been revival of the days preceding the formation of Pakistan in 1940-47 period.
Read the new item.

b) New UP Muslim front is formed - By Amita Verma

Lucknow, May 15: Inspired by the success of the Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF), seven Muslim political organisations have joined hands in Uttar Pradesh to form a new political front called the People's Democratic Front (PDF).

The parties which have pooled in their resources to float the new front are the Muslim Majlis, Parcham Party of India, Momin Conference, Loktantrik Party, Indian National League, All India Muslim Forum and Jamaat-e- Islami.

The People's Democratic Front is backed by the Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, Maulana Ahmad Bukhari, who is the patron of the new organisation, and well-known Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, who has been named chairman of the front."

Possible Hindu backlash

c) It was UP which provided the brains for the agitation for the formation of Pakistan. The nation with bitter memories of the partition of the country in 1947 cannot afford to see another partition as will become inevitable with demands which will be made in future is what everyone fears. It is to be watched very closely. There are dangerous indications which had better been not spelt out. But Hindu backlash, this time armed backlash seems inevitable.


Naxalites now operating in fifteen states of India represent a caste war in actuality though they claim to be Marxists.

And Christians too

What we never witnessed before is happening. Roman Catholics are up in arms against the Da Vinci Code film.

3) Foreign Policy

.......afflicted seventh lord will show the difficulties in foreign policy. In the earlier years, India had come closer to USA and Israel. Is the change now towards Arab countries at the cost of Israel-India relations is the one question which will be uppermost in minds. Then the relations with USA may not be as cordial as in previous particularly in the uncertain year of US election.

What has happened so far

a) Volckert report

What is being uttered in hush hush silence about the Vokckert Report is much more and the sacrifice of Natwar Singh to protect some powerful people is being talked of secretly. In one stroke USA has succeeded in getting removed two anti US IFS officers turned politicians, Natwar Singh and Mani Shanker Iyer.

The television channels of India

In the present world of consumerism there is no moral code is what one must remind oneself when we discuss the print and electronic media these days. See the influence on the third house of the oath chart.

In India, we have journalists who are incapable of scoring scoops as happened during Watergate scandal in USA and even now we read about stories of Seymour Hersh. In India, the private electronic media in Hindi which claim to be news channels have become pitiable victims of tabloid culture covering sex, crime cricket and titillating items, paroxysm of sexual violence capable of provoking a recoil.

For instance, if there is intense heat in Delhi's summer, they will show a good looking buxom woman wearing sleeveless blouses with full make up, sitting in an air conditioned room and telling the television journalist about the "torture" of the intense heat ! India's private television channels are engaged in a fierce competition to be vulgar, more vulgar and most vulgar to be ahead of each other. The call themselves news channels but actually are sex and crime channels who squeeze out some time for news.

In western countries, it is said, there are some dignified, responsible private channels though many of them are vulgar. In India, we can hardly expect to see a dignified private television channel in Hindi now. The government controlled Doordarshan alone is worth viewing. But I have predicted on the basis of the New Year horoscope of 2006 that the government would control it through legislation this year.

Nuclear lap of USA

2) India has jumped into the nuclear of lap of USA, annoyed all Muslim countries and even China. In the meantime, USA has been chocking the nuclear programme of India

India was to have launched AGNI III missile in the second fortnight of May 2006 but under US pressure it was stopped under the pretext advanced by the Defense Minister, Pranab Mukherji that as "responsible members of international community" India must keep its international commitments on non proliferation. If that was so, why was it announced and the nation asked to watch India's spectacular progress in nuclear field ? What is the truth is what we will never know.

3) The relation with West Asian Muslim countries is now a trapeze trick for India's foreign policy makers.

4) The disastrous failure in our Nepal policy has been pointed out by Natwar Singh the former External Minister. The Maoist will grow in strength they may first join the government constitutionally and then wreck it and capture power and become a perennial menace for India in future is what the nation is failing to see.

Manmohan Singh's term has seen most violent and dangerously failing foreign policy of India in recent memory. Communists have been talking about but from their well known anti-American angle.

The Venezulian president, Hugo Chavez, in his aggressive anti American speeches has been talking of the last days of the US imperialism.

Bush bans arms sales to Chávez

Tuesday May 16, 2006 The Guardian The US was "an irrational empire" that "has a great capacity to do harm".

Six years ago, I wrote about the declining years of USA (see the website) and President Bush has become the chosen instrument of history to bring about the downfall of USA provoking Muslims to such extreme reactions that they will sooner or later starve USA of its oil and wreck its economy.

Can India stand in the international comity of nations as a strong, independent nation not kowtowing before USA so sheepishly as would make Pervez Musharraf look more dignified than Manmohan Singh ?

Economic progress

However, the euphoria of economic progress and booming stock exchange can divert the attention of the nation from these problems.

But the nation marches on and all these may be just the twinkles of contemporary history.

But on 17 and 18 May the Indian stock exchange witnessed historic crashes.

( Written on 19 May 2006 )

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