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An important part, in fact very important, of counseling these days is to warn a person of mid career crisis. Ever since private jobs have become more attractive, with more salary, high pressure work for ten to sixteen hours a day and quick jumps through fast job switching, one comes across many cases of those in their mid forties, losing their jobs and not getting the next job easily or of not adequate attractions in many ways. The frustration here is unbelievably depressing and leads to health complications. 

Some cases are being presented here. 

A long and acrimonious debate among Brahmins ( I am also one) has been whether astrology should be taught to non-Brahmins and women. I broke the tradition when we made the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan course open to all. I was abused and am abused for it even now. 

Some women who have been my students, with a good background of education and excellent samskaras take some predictions from me and it is sometimes very helpful to advise them properly, giving sometimes even astrological reasons which is not done normally. 

One such woman student married an Indian in USA who became a victim of the gloomy period following the pricking of the bloated balloon of dot com companies in the earlier years of the president of Bush. 

Her husband too suffered. The suffering was deeper because he was in his forties now and was getting squeezed out by the onrush of youngsters snatching away best jobs available. 

I counselled her through email, treating her like a daughter, told of the bad patch which could be seen astrologically and did some close timing to assure her that sometime in June or July 2006, her husband will see the gloom lift. 

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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 20:39:56 +0530 

Respected Sir, 

I am replying the mail with your you said my husband has procured a job in month of jun-july. And exactly as you said , its not what he would like but its a respectable position. 

He got a job as a IT head of a small bank and although as a small enterprise, his salary is quite mediocre, his position is titled as 'Vice President- Technology'. 

If all goes well, I intend to come to India in Jan 2007. Is there something I can bring you.

Thank you very much for your support and guidance. 


p s.


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Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 22:15:45 +0100


11 May 2006 


A job in June is likely though it will take sometime for you to tide over the present difficulties. Health should be taken care of.. 



Respected Sir,

Namaste ! 

I hope all is well at your end and you are keeping good health.

I was waiting for your email .... 

As a reminder.....sir. its very strange ,what's happening. people refuse after interviews( the process takes 2-3 mths and usually face to face interview is formality) , or jobs get suspended ( he interviewed with DHL and they verbally said they would sent the written confirmation and then next day some senior suspended those positions), one person a pvt company, agreed at 11:00am and refused at 11:20, these are few examples. 

i am wondering if it is stars or some other 'adchan'.please suggest. 

Also what other profession would suit him. his horoscope is on pg 15 , journal- march 2000. 


your student

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