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One of the toughest pieces of advice is to a well settled government officer who wants to leave his job and join private firm after crossing the age of thirty or thirty five. 

In the case given here, stage by stage he was guided and he is now a big officer in a multinational firm after having taken retirement from a very stable, attractive job which did not offer him such a big salary as he gets now. 

Between 2002 and 2007 he must have got astrological guidance ten times when his earlier career was to end and the risky looking plunge was to begin. This is now becoming a trend among government officers of India. 

From: d. p. <>

To: knrao@

Subject: No Subject

Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 00:16:10 IST 

Respected Sir, 

I am d. p. I was from Leh. Hope you would have recognized me .With your divine blessings I could reach Reims in France. Every inch of your prediction about me has come true. As per your prediction , I received scholarship for 2000 euros. Although you might be angry on me for disturbing you and you valuable time, yet I chant your name daily, and I visualize u like GOD.  

My reference is page 03, November 02 Lastly may I request you to tell me about getting job while studying in the Reims management school it self. As jobs status in France is absolutely low, I am distressed on this aspect. May I request you to kindly tell. 

with my head on your feet, 

D. P..

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