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From: Renuka Prematillak 

To: KN Rao

Subject: cricket   Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 17:51:14 IST

Dear respected sir,

 It is really fascinating to see the interest you have in cricket sir, and the time you devote on that. The youngsters should indeed be thankful to you for your timely astrological pieces on cricket.

 Although you did not attempt to predict the result of the match, your forecast on Sehwag's prospective excellence was undoubtedly proven at the match. I am positive if you had the horoscopes of atleast the major players of the teams you would have done an accurate prediction, if you wanted to. I wish I could give you Murali's birth data, sir but unfortunately it is not available. was inviting suggestions regarding the future of cricket, the game tainted with corruption and murder. In that sense the whole world is tainted with corruption and the future of its exsistence is doubtful more than anything else.

 Sir, what planetary combination in Jayasuriya's horoscope explains he being the favorite of many cricket fans irrespective of country, race or religion?

 May the Noble Triple Gem guide and protect you sir!

Renuka     24 March 2004



I have not done much work on the horoscopes of cricketers except occasionally guiding parents about the career of their children. I discourage them from becoming professional sportsmen as India is not a place where many can survive long. Against one Tendulkar, we have thousands who have not even reached the regional or zonal level.

In some cases, from two decades, I have given guidance on the basis of horoscopes to people, anxious parents (as I did in your case also when you asked me about daughter) and tried some of my researches with a good percentage of success. Those boys have given up cricket and have made good careers, some in India and some in USA.

My interest in the horoscopes of cricketers is for this research only. But let me tell you that unless the player himself or his family members come to consult you , you can be sure of it being wrong . Some corrections have to be made. To make predictions on the basis of unverified birth time is risky. Besides, remember the love of doctors for the multiples of 15 (fifteen). Ask a doctor about the birth of a child and the usual answer is 8/15 or 8/30 or 8/45. In some cases, it can make a substantial difference and in some cases marginal.

I told the mother of an Indian test player that her son could not expect a big international career sometime last year though he is an international cricketer of India. His career has ended. The birth time was accurate. In the case of Sehwag aso, it had to be as I got his correct details.

 In the case of other cricketers, time correction will have to be and I have no time. These days, in fact for fifteen years now, I have not been making time correction as it takes lot of time. I cannot leave other work. Then I am not a full time astrologer when it comes to predictions. The experience of most of the astrologers doing free service is that we live not merely in a world of corruption but also total ingratitude. People come, consult and later show the samskaras of a dog and bark at you.  An excellent woman astrologer had a shocking experience recently. I asked her not to give time to so many as I had done for  many years. It must be very restricted, if the service is free otherwise they will come running to you many times. Gratitude is the quality of a noble people who do not bark at you.

India lost to your country yesterday. If cricket was treated as a game, not as a commercial product which is promoted by big corporate houses in India and has been corrupted by betting rackets since the days  when it was played in Dubai, one would have seen the brilliance of Murali, forgetting Indian defeat. But even here, one has to have refined taste and not irrational patriotism. Cricket binds a nation but makes many people blind. Which is better, binding or blinding ?

 I prefer research in other areas now, the areas not touched by most of the other astrologers.

To understand it see the following letter where I have edited out birth details and also the email address.

OmPrakashSingh  To knraoji  date 13 Mar 2007 15:03:23


Pujya K N Rao Sahab

 Pranaam !

I am indeed very grateful to you and Sri Subhashji for your kind guidance during the severe frustration of my son and actually of my entire family.

My son A [Birth data: ..... Jamshedpur, Bihar now Jharkhand 

As I was aware of you through all of your books and sometimes on TV also, I requested you on telephone for guiding me what to do with my son and which way he should go .You asked for his birth data and within seconds told me that my son should try for Media and within a year he will be established. I had asked this in around Nov-Dec2005.I was a bit surprised as my son’s Venus is debilitated in 6th house but I had a rocky faith in you .

Now the happenings—

Abhishek got admission in an advertising course in quite a dramatic way in the St.Xavier College ,Calcutta on 7th July 2006,in the mean time got a break to work in The Times Of India,Calcutta edition in the advertising section on 9th Oct.2006,as a convasser he did an excellent job and in Feb2007 he was offered a permanent placement which he joined on 1st March 2007.Many many thanks to you Sir !

 Om Prakash

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