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On March 19, the eclipse that took place should have interested us seriously for predictions and future researches. 

I must have given more than twenty predictions successfully, all published and given in my books and articles, and more than fifty about the effects of eclipses on nations, important men who are like the rajas of our world and political parties privately to some politicians. 

Instead of being interested in these aspects, television channels were interested in their effects in this order: 

1) The performance on the Indian cricket team. 

My answer

I had done no research and do not know how it will affect the cricket team. In any case, I was not interested in it as I like to enjoy cricket matches without wanting to know the results beforehand though the betting syndicates keep circulating rumours which disturbs so many cricket lovers in India who know nothing about the finer points of cricket. If you say that Muralitharan’s doosra spun on the middle stump and caught the outer edge of Sehwag’s bat, they do not know what you are talking about. They, being Indians, are sorry that Sehwag was out.

2) The Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai marriage.

I said that I did not have their horoscopes and even if I had, I would not examine it from this angle though eclipses do have some effect on each individual, say about one to five percent, barring some exceptions.  

3) Effect on the stock market.

It is my weak area I said.  I was the romance killer. I told them what to watch.  

4) On individuals

The damage done by these channels is much worse as they have taken some astrologers to give predictions for various rashis. None of the astrologers seem to know even how to interpret it. It was monstrous. One of them did not see its effect on his own horoscope. He predicted great time for his own rashi but suffered within six days. The reason for his missing was that he did not take the full horoscope into account.  

What I said

Political parties

1. BJP in India will improve and Congress party suffer.  

2. I do not have the horoscopes of other parties. But if seen from the Moon of CPI(M) of India, it is the beginning of greater danger to it.  

Political leaders 

I said that I will not mention it as I had the correct horoscope of some of the leaders and did not want it to become public, betraying some confidences. Yet, in two cases, it would prove fatal, I said.  


Before quitting the office, he will appear to be strong. It will create a war mood in him. Strange it appears but let us see.


Bush will not appear to be so weak, but his image will taking a terrible beating and his war mood will be almost maniacal. 



Very bad for Iran I insisted. Wait for the next six months. Since 2005, how many  surreptious attacks have been made on Iran or on Iranians in Iraq is mentioned here or there. No confirmed news comes. 2007 would prove bad. 


The war mania and mood can lead in into any time military action, desperately in West Asia. 


The menace of terrorism is more now than before. Inspite of rigid control during some elections, criminals will be more active. There is hint of something very fatal also. I will not elaborate it.

The television channel played it down, edited many parts from out if and showed it late in the night, very late.

The irrational daily Moon sign predictions and upayas continues to dominate.  

New channels of Indian, particularly, Hindi channels are entertainment channels, even the so called news channels which have nearly eighteen hours of entertainment and the rest of the time some snatches of news.  

There is talk in the air of some more full time news channels being launched by big or the biggest business houses of India. Hope it will give us a real news channel.And then see that in the month of April Mars will be in Kumbha and Jupiter will retrograde and Saturn will get into direct motion.

In 1999, Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf usurped power without any constitutional mandate. The twin eclipse of 2007, in view of its adverse impact on Pakistan’s horoscope, what will be his future ? It seems to weight against him this time.

( 27 March 2007)

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