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When I was writing for Rediff on the Net, India’s Internet Newspaper, I wrote this about Bill Gates in February 1997. Now the case that has gone against him has caused a crash in NY Stock exchange. Originally, a US astrologer had used the 20th October horoscope and later, he told me that 28 October which I got in a small book on Microsoft was correct. After knowing some more events, I adopted the degrees of his lagna as 26/57 vargottama. Will it change the birth time if the birth is Seattle, Washington which is what I have? K.N.Rao

The prediction in April 1997 was

Crystal Ball/K N Rao

Bill Gates will no longer be the richest man in the world

February 1997 was, astrologically, a good month for Deve Gowda’s government. Finance Minister P Chidambaram and his far-seeing Budget did wonders for the image of the ruling coalition.

With all the excitement, though, no one seems to remember the late ICS officer Bhoothalingam who has been recommending, for over two decades, many of the reforms that featured in Chidambaram’s Budget.

As far as communications, newspapers and journeys are concerned, we have entered a month of strange developments. Pakistan’s recent train disaster should awaken us to the need of being prepared for similar disasters in India. ......

But is Gates really interested in investing in India?

The question can be probed astrologically, but there is no fool-proof answer. A good American friend used 9.55 pm on October 20, 1955, as the correct time and date of birth for his astrological article on Gates. It did not appear correct to me. Later, I saw another date — October 28, 1955.

I worked on it and found two events: marriage between 1992 and 1995 and that his father is a lawyer. Both events (Gates married Melinda French, a former Microsoft product manager, on January 1, 1994) are confirmed.

Further, the present period cannot be favourable for his parents, particularly his father. That brings us to the effectiveness of his investment towards the growth of Indian computer culture. At the very least, it will give a boost to young Indians.

If the horoscope I am working on is correct, he is going to quarrel with governments both within his country and abroad. The suave, soft-spoken Gates will assert himself in no uncertain way. After October 1997, his huge investments in a foreign country will become a reality but he will be emotionally affected by a bout of sickness and family tragedy.

Gates will dominate the computer world for another four years. But, 1999 on, he will lose many battles, suffer losses for two years and lose his rating as the richest man in the world.

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