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Journal of Astrology Newsletter July 2009

Rain or No Rain the Research Goes On
It was perhaps an over play of enthusiasm that resulted in the research classes being held even in the blistering heat. Researchers did not let Mr. Rao relax even after he dropped his visit to Russia this season. These were winding sessions focused on taking stock of the achievements gathered during the six months of looking beyond .

Meanwhile, activities for the new session- examinations-results-interviews- admissions are in full swing as we await the arrival of the fresh batch of 250 odd students. Not only for these who now enter the portals of Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, but for every one in the institution, this is the season of change. The time has come to bring some freshness and newness into whatever one is pursuing whether it is the new classrooms with changed teachers for the Alankar and the Acharya aspirants or a new research project for the researchers who are also now in the vicinity of a staggering 250. Should not such Manthan or churning be done ?.

We are heading towards Dakshinayana as per Nirayana system it is where we reach every year when the Sun enters Karka rashi (Cancer) (Karka Sankranti) . This day falls on 16th July this year. Dakshinayana lasts for six months till Makar Sankranti . As per Drika Siddhanta Dakshinayana starts when Sayana Sun enters Cancer on June , 21, 2009- the day of Summer Solstice .

Dakshinayana is also known as Pitrayana- the night time of Gods. The astrological text Muhurta Parijat recommends Pitra (ancestors) related and Shodas Sanskar (16 important ceremonies) besides acts of necessity during these six months. It is generally unfavorable period for starting auspicious acts as against Uttarayan which is generally favorable for all auspicious muhurtas .

Bhishma Pitamah wanted to die in Uttarayan. Both Ram - Ravana war and Mahabharat were fought in Dakshinayan.

A muhurta is defined as period of 48 minutes only and an ayana of 6 months. Ayana is therefore too long a period to divide the auspicious and inauspicious muhurtas into two when we have Ritu, Paksh, Tithi, Yoga, Karan and others also to consider .

Nevertheless, we follow the belief that Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on Devashayani - the 11th tithi of Shukla Paksh in the month of Asadh (Asadh Shukla Ekadashi ) which is on the 3rd July this year and wakes up on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi a period of four months know as Harishyan, when marriages are not held and beginnings to projects of importance not considered auspicious .

This is time to relax and rear . With plenty of water and food available it is seen as a good time for breeding. No movement is possible though, due to rivers overflowing. Even Lord Ram was convinced that it was pointless to search for Sita during this period and wiser to wait in spite of the urgency to confront Ravana and reclaim his beloved. More generally, even modern armies have transcended the need for full scale war or invasions . However present day battle technology with missiles and satellites have redefined war- it can now be fought at any time.

An auspicious event like Rakshabandhan is celebrated during Dakshinayana on Shravan Poornima which falls on 5th August this year. The caution as per the Panchangs is that we should avoid Bhadra during the ceremonies .

Nag Panchami is celebrated on the 5th tithi of Shukla Paksh of the month of Shravan (Shravan Shukla Panchami ).This is the time when snakes slither out and could fatally bite a young healthy tiller in the fields or a traveler in the best of health walking from village to village to earn a living. These are tragedies of the worst kind sudden and unexpected (akaal mrityu ).

Astrologers used the term Sarpa Dosha perhaps implying suffering for an inexcusable karma done in an earlier life . The unscrupulous among them misuse Kaal Sarpa Dosha, The fear of snakes percolated into cultural consciousness and remedies emerged.

Indians have been known for taming snakes. Snake charmers and Nagas (Nag-Cobra) have populated our religious and popular texts down the ages. Many believe that the game Snakes and ladders had its origins in India. The ladder seem to represent virtue and the snake, vices. Moksha Patam or Parama Padam or Mokshapat were also the names of snakes and ladders.

Snakes seem to naturally associate themselves with the divine. Shivji has snakes swirling around his neck and Vishnuji relaxes on throne (asana) of snakes. In Buddhism and Jainism the snake is seen as divine.

We have elements of astrology in our culture and festivals. An in-depth analysis of the combination of astrology and festivals can lead to better understanding of astrological terminology some of which is still hidden.

Astro Meteorology
In 1987, Girilal Jain , the editor of Times of India, editorially gave some advice to Rajiv Gandhi- divert attention from the Bofors scandal by focusing on the drought. V P Singh had made a big issue of the Bofors imbroglio that threatened Rajiv politically.

Even as Bofors and the drought hit the headlines , Mr. K.N. Rao wrote a letter to the editor of the Statesman that appeared on 4th August 1987. In this letter, he forecast some dates of rainfall and predicted that from 19th August, the weather cycle would undergo a change. On 26th August, 1987, it rained as much in 6 hours as it normally did in a month. Mr Rao then wrote a series of articles in the Statesman demonstrating the power of astrology . The Statesman commented that neglecting a dependable science out of prejudice is a sin.

“Gods or no gods, the rains, although mild, have been more than welcome and one can only hope that where the weathermen have disappointed, the astrologers are proved right for they have predicted that from August 24, the rains will be normal.

As early as in 1942, Venkateshwar Panchang had mentioned for the year 1987 that there would be scanty rainfall till August 1987.

Sawan mein aaye chale ravirath (Sun) se kujarai (Mars) ,
Bhadon Krishna paksh mein varsha swalp dikhaye .
(Mars ahead of Sun shows scanty rainfall )

This position lasted up till 28th August, 1987 after which only rainfall became normal . This means astrologically a prediction was given 45 years in advance which all super computers put together cannot. Mr.K.N.Rao quoted from the Venkateshwar Panchang extensively. All his predictions about rainfall came out absolutely correct. The Statesman published a series of articles . The Hindustan Times branded Mr. K.N. Rao the weather prophet. Rao continued writing till 1989.

In 1989, came a remarkable prediction when the meteorological department announced the withdrawal of the monsoon, he warned that the monsoon would resume after 24th August. Rain pelted the earth towards the end of August, causing flooding . BBMB (Bhakra Beas Management Board ) released water that caused widespread damage to crops . The Chairman BBMB was on a trip abroad and was killed on return by Punjab terrorists.

Predicting Rainfall
For predicting rainfall, the Adra Pravesh Chart based on the time of the entry of Sun in Adra nakshatra- is combined with Sapt Nadi Chakra. The ascendant of the Adra pravesh chart is Taurus which is under paapkartari with Mars on one side and the Sun on the other. In the current year, with the movement of Venus, rainfall is likely to improve in the first week of July so say the panchangs and would be near normal after the eclipse of 22nd July , 2009 .
The meteorological department initially predicted 94 % of normal rainfall, but with the delay initially in Kerala and Maharashtra , they revised their version and the percentage went down with their daily forecasts. Crores of rupees are spent on their forecasts that often go wrong . Even satellite use has not improved the success rate of these forecasts for the monsoon season, based on which agriculturists need to take strategic decisions.

In astrology there are clear principles for drought interpretation based on planetary positions and Adra Pravesh Kundli . Again in 2002 when Meteorological department predicted normal rain , Mr.K.N.Rao predicted drought . Late July or early August the Meteorological Department started talking about drought. With one successful prediction after the other on Astro Meteorology Mr Rao started getting a lot of phone calls particularly from Udaipur . He learnt there was Satta (speculation ) going on based on his predictions . He got disgusted and gave up Astro-Meteorology.

Some students , who learn't astro-meteorology in the classes of Mr.M.S.Mehta and A. Radhika gave clear predictions on drought like situation of 2009 based upon sound astrological principles.

On the basis of planetary movements, Ardra Pravesh Horoscope and Sapt Nadi Chakra Mr. Rao insists that around 22nd July, 2009 when there will eclipse in Karka (Cancer) Rashi with Sun , Moon Ketu and Mercury there in Neer and Amrit nadis , there will be a lot of relief from the drought like situation . One can wait and watch.

Dasha Chiddra
We always work carefully on Dasha Chiddra or change of dashas . At the time of writing it is Venus- Ketu Saturn for India . On 8th September after Venus Ketu Mercury the Sun dasha would commence for the Indian Independence Horoscope which has been consistently giving accurate results .

Change over from one dasha to another is a period of change and depending on the planetary position ,it could be painful for India .

Indian Airlines is in a near collapse situation . The higher staff has been asked to forego their salaries. Naxalites movement is taking menacing proportions in five states- Bihar Jharkhand , Orissa Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. As a result, the Central Government had to ban it . Even Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had to accept this ban.. Ketu in the 7th house has unleashed intense terrorist activities and the Government was caught unawares.

In any case a delay in monsoon will bring down agricultural production and affect the growth rate of the economy. The combined effect of recession all over the world has caused serious problems. This is well reflected in the Shukla Paksh Pratipada horoscope of this year where there is concentration of planets in the sixth house

Once again we will be doing deep researches in Mundane astrology , part of which has been covered in the book of MS Mehta and A Radhika and there will be more . Some indications would come in News Letter of August,2009.

Astrologers have to work and develop Mundane Astrology because the nation comes first . Collective happiness is primary for a healthy society . So clearly ,the dasha chiddra is affecting India enormously .

Let us wait for things to improve from Sun mahadasha from September, 2009

With the ongoing process of elimination the fear creators in astrology -Saadhe Sati, Ashtam Shani and Kaal Sarpa Yoga have been shown their right place and for many more astro controversies a treatment like this is planned.

A new perspective has been developed and slowly but steadily research after research is improving the rate of success of astrological predictions. We want Bharitya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) to be known for benchmarking in astrology through collective statistical research and standardization . Even Journal of Astrology is being deployed and some changes are on the cards . The changes in the website have already been made and the process is on.

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