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I am writing this on 28 May 2007. A question worth examining and taking the risk of going wrong even in the context of the transit of Saturn, is for the Indian political scene. That is what is being attempted here. Saturn is transiting into Simha on 15 July 2007. As soon as Saturn transits into Simha, we will be in the midst of a presidential election which is bound to have major effect on the national political scene.

What can they be?

A fortnight after, on 6 August Jupiter will get into direct motion. Two major planets will influence the Indian nation, including the political situation in a very significant way. There will be a new President of India.

Can there also be a new prime minister ?

It is of course clear that the nation will be disturbed in many ways which is not being discussed here. There can be a new prime minister without the dissolution of the Lok Sabha. For this purpose only two horoscopes are being examined. Other horoscopes will be revealed later.


Who will be the next president ? Shekhawat ? An important person working with the vice president of India Shri Shekhawat passed on to me, long before Mayawati got elected in Uttar Pradesh as the Chief Minister, his birth details and put me under an oath not to reveal it. He asked me whether I saw any chances of Sri Shekhawat getting elected as president. I told him it appeared bleak to me.

So who will be the next president ?

It is anyone’s guess as we do not know who the contesting candidates are. It could be Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde or a dark horse like Narayan Dutt Tiwari. That seems to be the position at the moment. What appears to me is that after the transit of Saturn which will be joining Ketu in the fourth house of the Indian Independence horoscope, there will be a change also of the prime minister without much bitterness or acrimony.

Can Sonia Gandhi become the prime minister and fulfill her long suppressed ambition? On the basis of another horoscope of Sonia Gandhi given to me two years ago, I will say that she stands good chances of succeeding in this, third attempt, if she makes one. But it again becomes a doubtful approach as the horoscope I am using is unconfirmed.

I will reveal this horoscope after watching some events. I am not insisting that it is correct. It could be correct is all that I will say at the moment and on its basis, the ambition of Sonia Gandhi to become the prime minister appears to be strong. Therefore a president favorable to her and the willingness of Manmohan Singh, the present prime minister to step down will have to be taken for granted.

But do not forget the untold tragedies, Saturn in Simha will release for the nation particularly for Delhi.

( 28 May 2007)

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