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Mid career crisis is not unknown in the west is my information. I keep getting inquiries from people abroad, Indians mainly and some westerners.

I can quote the acknowledgement here of the gentleman from Sweden because he has acknowledged even on jyotish list and is known and was read by many. It is a nine year old prediction.

It was a terrible case of mid career crisis, occuring at the age of fifty, but I saw some relief and thereafter not a very rosy picture. I ofcourse did not predict that as that was not the question then. I did not know then that after some years we in India would be faced with similar problems.

Remember, the astrologer is not offering any relief but only counselling patience and asking a person to wait for a more favourable turn of events. That alone is the true remedy in most cases.

From: “J.W.” To: Subject: Feed-back on your prediction two years ago Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:17:38 +0100 Dear Sri Rao, I trust that this mail finds you well and in good health. Two years ago you viewed my chart (reference P14 1998 April) and now I feel that it is my duty to inform you of how one of your predictions turned out to be 100% (!) correct.

My main concern then was my long unemployment period of 6 years and uncertainty of how to interpret my then upcoming Saturn mahadasa. In your response to me on April 1998 you predicted (I quote), “The turn of a favourable tide will come after some month, most clearly next year (1999) when you will earn very well” Your prediction turned to be exact in that soon after the beginning of Saturn/ Saturn period I received a request through a friend to take up a job designing and developing a computer system for a Swedish company in Israel.

Funny enough, this opportunity brought me back to my birth place – not only the country but also the town and within a very short distance from my actual birth place(!). The one month job was then prolonged several times and first after 17 month (!) it came to an end. I started on a ‘fixed price’ bases and as you predicted that sum was increased in the middle of 1999 (and so did the huge number of working hours ...).I believe that every astrologer will be pleased to have some feed back - especially when the prediction turned out so exact as in this case. “

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