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The question which astrologers will be required to address themselves to is: will there be a big war in the next few years. The answer is an absolute yes. It will not be the destruction of the world, but will reduce this globe we inhabit into a war-ravaged planet before 2002 A.D." (Journal of Astrology April 1997) This was the prediction made in 1997.

Historical background

Human history is a chronicle of rapacious conquest and capture of heere (diamonds) and hooren (angels). For Anglo-American power axis the oil wealth of west Asia are the heere while hooren is what they get in their own lands.

It is that well-known economic imperialism of powerful Anglo-American cousins which irritates those fundamentalist Muslims who divide the world into two groups, the faithful who believe in the absolute and unquestionable supremacy of Allah and Prophet Mohammad and the 'infidels' or kafirs who do not accept Allah plus the Prophet.

Anglo-American strategy in west Asia changed radically since 1936 when Standard Oil of California discovered oil under the Saudi desert. The discovery made Saudi Arabia a very rich nation. Gradually the American stranglehold on oil rich nations became stronger as oil was discovered in other countries like Iran,Iraq,Kuwait,Venezuela,Qatar,Indonesia, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Nigeria.

The CEO of a Texan oil company became the president of USA in the year 2001.

The world we inhabit then must get submerged in a bout of insanity caused by oil politics. Saturn in Rohini must enjoy his divine guffaw now.

Contemporary history may show it all as issuing out of the fanaticism of Osama bin Laden countered by George Bush of USA forgetting that it is all the result of the collective karmas of all from the cold war days when preparation for germ and chemical warfare along with nuclear preparations did not stop even after two devastating world wars.

What next is the question.

A glance at the Hindu New Year horoscope shows the following for Afghanistan.

1. The change of government is certain. It can mean violent end, perhaps, through death of the present Afghanistan rulers.

2. Afghanistan seems to be growing prosperous suddenly which can mean massive financial aid.

3. I had already predicted on my website that there was nothing resembling the Afghan resistance of 1979 which USSR remembered with bitterness. This time it is a resistance all right but not of heroic dimensions. (As I write this 22 October, there has been no heroic resistance by Taliban forces so far.)

USA: The current Hindu New Year horoscope of USA does not show it to be a year of glory at all. It is one of disgrace, of fear psychosis as the horoscope given here shows and on the basis of which many Hindu astrologers have given brilliant predictions which the CIA of USA was not prepared for.

1. Notice the fourth and fifth lord, Saturn in the eighth aspected by Mars showing destruction to land, property and sane thinking which when accompanied with all symptoms of mental dementia shows extreme fear psychosis.

2. Then see the third lord Jupiter again in the eighth house in a similar misplaced position and with a similar affliction. The anthraxed USA fearing chemical warfare and even some nuclear misadventure from Osama bin Laden's men and co-terrorists is an inevitable manifestation of it. In what way will communications be affected in the USA will also have to be watched.

3. The question then is how safe are children in the remaining months of the Hindu New Year. CIA with its super sophisticated espionage systems can never see this. The joke is that the real CIA is India's jyotisha technique which is Cosmological Intelligence Agency. It is why so many panchangas in India made prediction about it being disastrous year for USA.

USA can console itself from next year's horoscope which will be a year of real achievement for USA with its aggression undiminished.

Bush: But then the question is how will the US President, George Bush fare in this turmoil after his rhetoric about the impossible promise of eradicating terrorism from this globe of ours.

Bush has vargottama Mars his fifth and tenth lord to help him carry out his threat and Gajakesari yoga in the third house of valour to help seek his reelection in the antardasha of Jupiter in the mahadasha of Saturn during the next presidential election in USA. It assures him some glory and some historical achievement.

To fulfill his promise of eradicating terrorists from the face of the world, George Bush will have to ask his army to shoot mosquitoes with their pistols.

Tony Blair: Tony Blair of England has vargottama tenth lord, Saturn, in the fifth house which is his sense of determination. He entered Saturn's dasha recently.

Israel: Predictions have already been made in an earlier issue of the Starteller (July 2001). There is no respite for Israel and intermittent secret plots and its counter offensive will continue.

See the comparative table of planetary positions in 1914.1938 and 2001 in the month of April.

December 2001

In December 2001 when Mars enters Kumbha and forms mutual aspects with Saturn another violent turn in world events affecting many nations is what can be seen and predicted. The government of India's Atal Behari Vajpai will be caught in some big controversy leading to agitations and fierce action by opposition parties.

The eclipse of 14 December 2001

How this eclipse will affect USA can be seen

1) The strain of war expenditure will be felt though USA as a very rich nation can afford it.

2) Some plots which may have been hatched months before, will cause disturbance. It will add to panic created already in various ways in the USA.

3) If it is not the time for vacations, schools and colleges may be closed for some days in some unforeseen circumstances.

4) Some religious head will be in the midst of a big national controversy.

5) US judiciary will be required to deliver a momentous judgement.

Some inevitable conclusions

It is not a war between two civilizations because all religions and civilizations were born east of Suez Canal when they in the west lived in caves as primitive men. It is a clash between Islamic fundamentalism and America's economic imperialism. The west cannot maintain its high standard of living unless it gets oil from west Asia at discriminatingly cheap prices.

Before 1936, west Asia for India (Middle East for America) had historical strategic importance only as a trade route. Now oil rich but falling in areas where Muslims have their sacred Mecca and Medina, the stationing of US troops there aroused the wrath of Osama bin Laden who moved to Afghanistan and got the support of Taliban rulers. The Taliban, the trained products of CIA of USA (and ISI of Pakistan) then turned against its master.

Shakespeare's Tempest has Caliban who turns against Prospero and retorts that it was he that taught him the use of language which he was using against him abusively. Taliban, much like Caliban of Shakespeare, is using its military skill against its trainers now.

This world conflagration started with Kandahar which reminds us of Shakuni of Mahabharata the master gambler, also of Kandhahar, who trapped Yuddhistira into gambling away his kingdom and even Draupadi.

Another reason is that in the month of April of 1914, 1938 and 2001 preceded by eclipses, the planetary positions indicated disturbance to world peace. Out of these three, 1938 was the worst. In 1914, it started as a small European war which finally engulfed the entire world later. In 2001, it is worse than 1914 but relatively less dangerous than 1938.

It is then is a modern Mahabharata in which Pandavas are not participating.


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